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Brisbane, link building is your ticket to more traffic, higher rankings, and better enquiries. Our SEO team is full of genius link builders.

What is Link Building?

Link building is a service where we build backlinks to your website. A backlink is a link from another website to yours. This usually happens if they’re quoting you or referencing somewhere on your website. So, link building is where we try and push this process along. It’s not quite as simple as emailing webmasters and asking them to please link to you though… despite that being a strategy not so long ago.

How does Link Building work?

Good link building helps you rank on Google by giving your website authority. Imagine a link has juice. So, linking from one website to another “transfers” that juice over. But the quality of the juice matters too. A link from a bad website, with low authority, useless content, bad design, all those boldly red flags — that link will give you bad link juice. A link from an okay website —it’s not spammy or poorly designed— but it’s a small business with minimal SEO efforts, that’ll give you okay juice. A link from a good website though (think news publications, huge popular blogs, or a huge company with a well-established website and lots of content), that’ll give you really good link juice.

It’s quality over quantity for sure. Like you could probably guess… Bad link juice is bad, so it’s not really worth it. Okay link juice? It’s okay. Good link juice though, that’s what we want. When you get a good link, it tells google that this good, authoritative website trusts you and what you say. So Google warrants you a little bit more authority. Link building works by building your website’s link profile and therefore building your authority in the eyes of Google.

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Link Building Content Creation

Any good link building company will tell you that you need good content to build good backlinks. Google cares about the quality of the website linking to you, but it also cares about why they’re linking to you. What are they linking to? It’s a really bad look if you’re a beauty salon with a backlink from a lawyer’s niche blog post and there’s no context or relevance.

We create content that gets links

We’ll create content for you that deserves links. That isn’t rewriting a hot take on the latest trend in your industry unfortunately. It’s usually not a how-to either. We’re not dissing those content pieces, to be clear. They have their place in the content world but it’s not in the link building corner. The link building corner is all about shareable, linkable content. So, if you’re a shoe company and you write a blog on how to tie your shoelaces, that’s nice and it might be a helpful resource for parents… But no one will link to it because that’s widely accepted as general knowledge. So, they don’t need to quote you or pay any credit to you because you didn’t work out how to tie the shoelaces. It’s about unique, original content.

Shareable, Linkable Content

We’ll run huge surveys, collect data and create useful infographics or content on topics or niche issues in your industry. Our team will interview experts and professionals to find a solid answer on those divisive questions in your industry. We’ll find unique or rare opportunities in your field and create fresh content that attracts links. With a bunch of SEO, PR, and content marketing experts, we know what’s newsworthy and how to create content that generates conversation and more importantly, links.

Digital PR

Once we’ve developed this highly shareable, linkable, and snazzy piece of content, we’ll need to get it links. That’s where outreach comes in. We’ll work out where your content fits in on the internet. We might be targeting serious new publications, health publications, or nicher recreational publications. It depends on your industry and your content.

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Our PR Specialists know outreach

Our PR team knows how to craft the perfect media release, and how to set up and frame your content piece as a super duper, quote-worthy story. We also know how to pick the “right” publications. We get this done by taking the time to put together a quality email list instead of thinking of PR as a “numbers game”. Hint: the numbers game usually just gets your email blocked ;). It’s all about the quality of the content, the relevance of the publications, and the pitch. We know outreach and we know how to make it a success. We’ll tackle all of the outreach and PR side of things to get you the very best backlinks (ideally).

Link Building Strategies

Using a variety of other link building strategies, we can find other unique opportunities to build links too. Local directories, everyday media opportunities, replacing broken links. We’ll keep an eye out for good opportunities for you to earn a link and jump on them. We really like getting to produce quality work for quality clients. So, we’ll always use whitehat link building strategies — never dodgy techniques or deals behind your back.

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Setting you up for Link Building Success


A good SEO strategy uses a variety of strategies and techniques. Setting you up for sustainable success doesn’t start with link building. It starts with a quality website. We’re talking a nice, simple to use design on a well-developed backend with good, human-optimised copy that offers a beautiful experience to the user. The copy should be optimised for SEO too, there should be lots of images and lots of content. We really know websites — we’ll create the perfect one for you.

General SEO

We’ll make sure your website is optimised properly. Our SEOs will take a look at your internal linking profile and fix anything up. We’ll check out the keywords you’re targeting and optimise your pages for the best keywords. We’ll optimise your URLs, your SERP display, your site structure — all of it. We might even set up a PPC or Adwords campaign to get traffic moving to your website.

Content Marketing

Like we said earlier, content marketing on its own isn’t the be all and end all. But it does count for a whole bunch and a sweet content marketing campaign can get you started and create a really nice foundation for your website, so link building will just sweeten the deal. Our content marketers will create a solid base foundation of content to position your website as an authoritative source in your industry.

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