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Content Marketing

Content marketing is about getting you the attention you deserve, while serving up content that’s actually valuable. We’re really into content marketing. We work out who you’re trying to reach, where they are, and deliver content directly to them.

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Content marketing gets you noticed

Content marketing is about getting you the attention you deserve, while serving up content that’s actually valuable. We’re really into content marketing. We work out who you’re trying to reach, where they are, and deliver content directly to them. The content is valuable, it’s useful, and it supports their buying experience.

We get your target audience to trust you. We get them to consider you as an authority in your industry. This way, when they’re ready to buy your product or purchase your services, they go to you. Not your competitor down the road.

Content Marketing Campaigns

Content marketing is diverse. There’s so many different kinds of content and there’s different ways to market it. Our content marketing campaigns are designed with this in mind. We work with you to work out: what your target audience wants and needs, where they are, and how we can reach them. Then, we package up those ideas into your new content campaign. So, if you’re a B2C company, we’re going to be writing blogs, making How To videos, and kicking off a brilliant email marketing campaign. If you’re a B2B company though, we might target SEO a bit more, maybe create a podcast, and launch into a PR campaign. We’ll craft content for every single stage of your dream customer’s decision process, guiding them to buy along the way.

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Blog Writing

Industry news, How To pieces, analysis pieces, case studies, educational articles, and even thought leadership posts. Whatever it is, content is king. Every single piece of content we develop is written with a purpose. Whether it’s to encourage conversation and better your social media engagement, or to educate your customer on your industry, so when they’re ready to buy, they can do it with confidence.

Blog Writing for Search (SEO)

Blogs are one of the best tools for boosting your SEO. Everything we write is optimised for search, but blogs are our specialty. They’re a neat way to naturally sprinkle extra keywords into your website plus Google just loves content (we have that in common). Through interconnected blog topics and topic clusters, we create a really strong internal and external linking profile for your website. We up the authority of your website (ultimate SEO juice) through blogs too. By getting your blog posts quoted and shared we get your website backlinks and skyrocket traffic to it as well.

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Email Marketing (EDMs)

Most of us agree, emails can suck. Ours don’t though. Email marketing is most commonly mistaken for an “eCommerce only” content marketing avenue. There’s a point to that idea: abandoned cart emails, running out of [product] emails, welcome emails, “it’s on its way” emails. There’s so many different ways eCommerce can benefit and profit off of email marketing. But that doesn’t mean that B2B can’t as well. Think newsletters and monthly round ups, even better though, think thoughtful lead nurturing campaigns.

Landing Pages

Landing pages get you more sales. Think holiday product pages: Gifts for Dad this Father’s Day, Gifts for Mum this Christmas, Costumes for Halloween. Think seasonal product pages: your Summer clothes line, your inflatable animal range for Summer, your Winter accessories page. Service landing pages for B2B, targeting specific services like ‘Toyota car services Brisbane’ instead of your usual ‘car services’ page. We design and write landing pages, use SEO best practices, and our clever content marketing skills to help you smash your business goals.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing works wonders on its own, but when it’s paired with one of our content marketing campaigns? It’s so bloody good. We’ll support blogs with social posts and direct your followers to view your products. But we’ll make them like you too. Think: relatable, funny, or humanising posts on Instagram alongside stories with offers, deals, or product showcases. We get social media. Whether it’s video ads for Facebook, thought leadership posts for LinkedIn, or a geofilter for Snapchat — we’ve got you.

Chatbot Development

If you haven’t heard, conversational marketing- Very in right now. What is it? Basically it’s communicating with your customers and it’s your content marketing campaign’s best friend. Whether that’s through social conversations or through a chatbot on your website. The fact is: no one wants to call your office and they don’t want to wait for your customer service team to email them back either. Let them talk to your directly. Set up a chatbot. Chatbots are boosting sales left, right and centre. They help people ask brands the questions they need to know, and get answers in real time… Not three days later when they’ve already bought it from someone else. We know how to talk the talk, we’ll help.

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Public Relations (PR)

Trying to boost your brand recognition? Want to rank higher on Google? We can help with our PR services. We’ll create all the content you need, we’ll write the press releases, develop the email marketing campaign, and hit up the relevant publications to get your business featured. By creating unique and useful content and developing it into a landing page of specialised, researched content, we’ll make sure the right publications see it. Ideally, we’ll get them to reference it and quote you too.

Video Marketing

Are you trying to reach anyone under the age of 30? Are you trying to explain how to do something kind of complex? Let us introduce you to video content in content marketing. Some industries will thrive off of video. Do your products require assembling or installation? Videos will help your customers, make them trust you, and they make it so much easier to explain complex subjects. Even entertaining videos or tutorial videos will engage potential customers if they’re executed well. We’ll work with you to concept, script, and distribute your videos.

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Podcast Marketing

Podcasts are soaring in popularity for people of all ages. It kind of seems like everyone’s starting one — but that isn’t a bad thing. Poddies are especially good for B2B. It’s because everyone, but especially business owners, don’t have time — podcasts overcome that. Also — podcasts are one of the only marketing materials you can provide to your customers, and maintain their attention for an entire hour. It’s actually crazy. You couldn’t get them to read your entire website, read an hour of blogs, or watch an hour-long video — but a podcast? Sure. Another perk of podcasts? Google’s now ranking them for voice search. It means: by answering commonly asked questions and sprinkling long tail keywords into your episodes, podcasts can help you rank.

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