It’s like Afterpay but for digital marketing

Payment Plans

If you hadn’t noticed yet, Sonder’s made up of a bunch of millennials and if there’s one thing millennials love, it’s Buy Now, Pay Later models. Afterpay has been making Christmas that much better for at least half a decade and now we’re making your marketing budget easier.

Monthly payments, no interest

We offer payment plans for websites and all our website ‘add-ons’. Website add-ons are the things you can add onto your website to make it even better: copywriting, photography, SEO, that kind of thing. So there are three different ways you can pay. You can pay upfront, which ends up being three instalments or you can put it on a payment plan. You can choose between a 12 month or a 24 month payment plan. They’re interest free too, so you just pay however much your website and add-ons cost but by the month.

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Do you like getting paid? Same here

Most digital marketing agencies take payments in three instalments. The problem with this model is that they don’t have constant cash flow. This means they run out of budget, cut corners, and deliver crap work. We offer interest free payment plans over 12 or 24 months. This gives our clients an easier, less stressful way to pay and it gives us steady cash flow — so we have the money we need to deliver the work you’re paying for. The definition of a win win really.

Our payment plans run for 12 or 24 months and we don’t chuck any sneaky interest or fees in there. We build you a website, then you pay us monthly — easy peasy.

You can pay off any platform


An outdated website will turn visitors away, no matter what sent them there. A new, well designed website will continue to bring in more business even after you’ve paid us back.


We’ve seen a lot of clients who have amazing products and sweet business models but their website doesn’t show that. They don’t have the budget, but the business from their current website shows it’ll work even better if it’s refreshed and renewed.

Web App

We make your customers like you more by giving them easier ways to order or book in with you from their phone. The easier your system, the more customers you’ll get — it’ll almost pay for itself.

Payment Plans Cover All Upfront Costs

Our payment plans aren’t just for websites. We have a bunch of extra services like copywriting, photography and videography, and print media campaigns to name a few. You can add any service we offer with an upfront cost to your payment plan — plus you don’t have to decide right now. You can add stuff onto your payment plan as you go.

Have a look at how our payment plans work


$ 5000


$ 1200


$ 2500

Social Media

$ 2500


$ 2500


$ 2500
12 Months
/per month
24 Months
/per month



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put anything on a payment plan?

Almost! You can add any of our services that have an upfront cost to your payment plan. We don’t put services like PPC, SEO, or content marketing on payment plans because they’re paid monthly anyway, so it wouldn’t really make sense. You can put the following on your payment plan:

  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Social media setup
  • Landing pages

  • Content writing
  • Email marketing

How do payment plans work?

You tell Tom and James you’d like to put your website or services on a payment plan. They’ll ask if you’d prefer to pay it over 12 months or 24 months — then they set it up for you. Tom will send you invoices each month at a fixed price. We can set up direct debit for you too so you don’t need to worry about paying another bill, we’re pretty good with technology tbh.

How do payment plans work?

Professional copywriting uses lots of fancy techniques to make your website do what you want it to. They make neat messaging and a tone of voice that’s all yours, so the people you want to like you definitely will. Copywriters are across all that consumer psychology stuff, they know a lot of words, and they can organise them to sound really nice. We also include the right keywords and the terminology to help the right people find you on Google.

How much can I borrow?

As much as you need to do what you need. We’ll check out your business and work out what you need to do to achieve what you want. So we’ll work out whether you just need a website, or if you need social media as well. We’ll work out what kind of website you need and how much you’re looking at. We’ve never had a client we couldn’t help out with our payment plans.

Who finances the payment plan?

The Bank of Tom and James. We don’t ‘finance’ your website. We do the work and say, “hey, pay it off monthly”. So it’s not through Latitude or Visa or anything.

Why do I need photography on my website?

Using high quality content on your website makes people trust you. The only way that photos on your website can look high quality is if they’re taken professionally. Unless you have a fancy pants camera and can also edit the raw files to be as pretty as you want them, a phone pic won’t cut it. Also, our photography team know how to keep a style, so all your photos will look like they’re from a set — which keeps your website consistent.

Yeah, I’ve had interest free plans before but then there was interest, will you do that too?

Nah. Our payment plans are legit interest free. If you have a 12 month payment plan, it’s interest free for the whole 12 months. If your website costs $7,000 and you choose a 12 month plan, after the 12 months you will have only paid us back $7,000.

Can I pay off my website sooner than 12 months?

Yes! You can pay it off as soon as you want — we don’t charge you for paying it out quicker either.

What happens if I can’t pay back my payment plan?

We’ll either take the website back or we’ll renegotiate your payment plan.