Meet Your New Digital Marketing Team

A Clever Team Making Clever Marketing

We’re a clever team with all that digital agency ~culture~. We don’t have a ping pong table, any bean bags, or a retro game corner in our office but our staff actually like each other which makes work kind of neat.

It means our content creators work with our web designers and our web designers work with our web developers and well, web developers kind of just get the job done. Point is, your project runs smoothly and we don’t waste time with dumb decisions and then bill you for it — what a dream.

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marketing agency director

Co Founder and Project Manager

Tom Holliday

Tom’s our Sales Director and he’s all about that CEO lifestyle. Some say his AirPods never leave his ears, but it makes sense because he’s always on those big boi phone calls. Tom’s hobbies include: collecting shitty decor, collecting the same hat in different colours, and trying to convince James to put more colours on literally everything.

Co Founder and Technical Director

James Roberts

James is our Technical Director, he loves a vague brief and telling us our designs are “just a bit off”. James’ hobbies include: arguing with Tom, pretending to reply to emails, and posing hypothetical questions like what if you could wear your Invisalign upside down?

marketing agency director
web designer

Design Lead and Seinfeld obsessive

Alex Litzow

If you haven’t heard yet, Alex is our Design Lead. He only namedrops that position occasionally, when he needs to flex. On the bright side it makes more sense now…. Now that there are other designers for him to lead.

Copywriter and resident emo

Laura English

Laura’s our copywriter, she spent four years studying journalism at QUT because she wanted to be a foreign correspondent but then she couldn’t get a job. But she’s stoked to be here, promise.

web developer

Web Developer and Massari lover

Fadi Asharma

Our web developer, Fadi is the web developiest web developer, he knows all of the languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript. He loves coffee, Hayley’s designs, and huffing from his desk occasionally.

Graphic Designer and border collie queen.

Hayley Robinson

Hayley’s one of our designers and the queen of illustrations. She reckons the secret to working out if a design is good or not is showing Fadi and seeing if he still likes her afterwards. Filled to the brim with talent, Hayley doubles begrudgingly as a receptionist.

web designer
graphic designer

Graphic Designer and ibis adorer

Kia Are

Kia’s one of our designers and our branding genius. Pro tip: if you’re ever having trouble finding a mockup, just sift through all of Kia’s unsaved XD files — it’s probably in there.

Web Developer and office grouch

Bart Wyrwich

Bart’s one of our web developers. He loves when website designs get changed midway through development, even after development’s complete. He just loves them. Send through as many as you can.

web developer
google ads manager

PPC and asker of the real questions

Benjamin Croll

Ben’s our PPC, Google Analytics, Google Ads guy. As he’s the newest member of the team, we don’t want to be too savage but also the other day he asked what constituted a salad, Googled the definition, and then pondered about what he could call a salad. It was a very weird lunchtime flex.

Content Creation
Search and SEO
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