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We help businesses create a perfect online presence. We take real businesses, real people, real brands (see our clients) and create, quite literally – an intangible asset.

Kelsie, Tom, James & Indy
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A business, its people and its presence. It all starts with a brand. Our obsession is to outperform, to activate what lies dormant – to open doors and ideas. Powered by a belief that success and ambition are compatible with honesty and integrity. We’re constantly striving for ways to create stronger digital presences – to bolster a renewed sense of confidence, online.

The Sonder Way


Trusty techniques over the trendy.


Know what you’re good at. Stick to it.


No bullshit, never wishy washy.


Be honest even when it’s hard.


Don’t use contracts to trap, create work that keeps them coming back.


Remain calm, get it fixed.


Lay the foundations before building. Take care of the small before tackling the large.


Create work that adds value and gets results.


Create crystal clear expectations, shatter them.


Stagnant is boring, keep improving.


Tom’s uncompromising quest for digital perfection means he determines the right solution for the individual client. Tom is driven by the outcome of projects – and by the relationship that’s built along the way. If you’re looking for honest advice, you’ll find it in Tom.

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James’ determination for problem solving is what makes our projects bullet-proof. This, as well as his high level of technical knowledge and critical thinking means he’s constantly finding ways to innovate. If there’s a better way to do it, James will find it.


Indy’s appetite for rejuvenating brands is what gives our projects direction. Her creative ideation is followed up by a strategic output that brings brands to life – with a purpose. Whether it’s crafting the right voice or tailoring the perfect design, Indy can create it.

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Kelsie’s strong technical and strategic background complement both the creative and technological disciplines in our digital marketing team. She has a keen eye for finding new growth opportunities and creating seriously fun, innovative experiences for our clients. When you need someone who sees not just the particulars, but also the bigger picture of your brand, you’ll want Kelsie on your team.

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