Meet The Team

We’re a team of digital marketers fixated on making things that matter. Not in a deep, meaningful, or emotive way. Just in the way that gets results and gets you business.

5 star rated Team
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We just want to earn you more business through really good digital marketing materials and campaigns. Okay well, we actually want to earn you the freedom that comes with an inbound marketing model, the business value that comes from those steady leads, and the comfort that comes with teaming up with an agency who has your back.

The Sonder Way


Trusty techniques over the trendy.


Know what you’re good at. Stick to it.


No bullshit, never wishy washy.


Be honest even when it’s hard.


Don’t use contracts to trap, create work that keeps them coming back.


Remain calm, get it fixed.


Lay the foundations before building. Take care of the small before tackling the large.


Create work that adds value and gets results.


Create crystal clear expectations, shatter them.


Stagnant is boring, keep improving.


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Tom spends lots of time on the phone to make sure we all have an income. You’ll find Tom either in his activewear or suited up with a cravat, there’s no in between. 

No matter how much we call him out on his attire, he never gets dialled up. Are you a qualified lead? Only Tom could say.
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James is in charge of all things creative and technical. He gives vague briefs and doesn’t believe in the compliment sandwich.


James has no “short”age of ideas… it’s funny because he’s very tall. He usually wears shorts and Birks in the office, but we don’t hold it against him.


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Connoisseur of fine foods, Laura loves a Maccas feed, specifically a medium Big Mac meal with a Fanta. 


She’s a little bit emo and clearly missed the corporate dress memo for photo day. Laura is harbouring an ongoing feud with Tom but no one’s sure why.

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Indy is our copywriter and web developer extraordinaire. Is there anything she can’t do? Yes — read an analogue clock. She keeps a stash of protein bars in her drawer, some say it’s how she powers websites.

Consistently the happiest person anywhere she goes, Indy truly believes Christmas is the best time of the year.

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