Logo Inspiration: Digital Marketing Logos We Love

Digital marketing logos have a lot riding on them. Digital marketers constantly talk about marketing materials and just how important they are. Marketers always talk about maintaining quality and consistent marketing materials to maintain a totally cohesive brand in every aspect. 

Google’s December 2020 Update: Another Content-Focused Refresher

Google is ruining SEOs’ Christmases everywhere with a December Core Update. In the 10 days since the announcement, results have been all over the place, with Google rankings fluctuating up to 10 spots on the SERP and back. 

Why Taking The Piss In Your Marketing Is More Effective

An alarming number of Tinder profiles call for a partner who, “doesn’t take themselves too seriously” and you should follow suit. After all, your business pursuing customers isn’t so different to swiping online. Your customers have loads of choices and brands who are all saying the same thing.

Accessible Design: Making Your Website Accessible

Websites are quickly becoming the equivalent of your shopfront. It’s where you get noticed, where you make sales, and sometimes, it’s even where the entire transaction goes down. So, imagine if you had a shopfront but a select portion of the population just couldn’t enter it.

Word Count & SEO: Quality Vs. Quantity

If you’ve worked with us on an SEO campaign, you’d probably have heard us talk about how important content is. If you’ve landed on a search-optimised landing page or blog post, you’ve probably wondered why someone felt like they needed to write 5,000 words on digital marketing. 

Australia’s Tiff With Google & Facebook Explained

So, back in July, the ACCC announced they’d developed a new code of conduct, which would see Google and Facebook have to pay Australian publications for news.

Google’s Getting Serious About UX Now

The Google Experience Update is a new brain baby from Google. It’s a new algorithm update that’s coming our way in 2021. Basically, it’s yet another advancement in Google’s obsession with User Experience (UX).

Google Trips: What It Is & What It Means For The Industry

Admittedly, we realise it’s probably a little harsh talking about travel, given the state of things. Trust us, we’re pining for an overseas trip we weren’t even planning too.

Small Business Marketing: Have Some Tips

The thing about small business marketing is that a big chunk of it is usually DIY. As marketers, we’re big on the whole ~you gotta spend money to make money~ thing. We also know that you gotta earn money to spend it. So, there’ll be things you might want to do yourself to save yourself some dosh. 

Sonder Named In Top 10 Agencies: Here’s Why It’s Bullshit

Recently, Sonder was named #9 out of 10 of Australia’s top marketing agencies to watch by Yahoo. Huge right? Yeah look, it’s not. Tom got a call from a guy who offered to chuck us in the write up if we paid $200 and the website had a Domain Rating of 91 so we were like hell yeah. 

Google Reviews: Why They’re So Important

Google Reviews are seriously so important. It’s not just because a bad Google Rating makes you look bad either. That is a really good reason though. Google Reviews actually contribute to how you show up on Google Maps, Google Local Listings, and even in the SERP.

Marketing to Generation Z & Why They Don’t Care For Content

Marketing to Gen Z, Generation Z, Zoomers, whatever you like to call them, can feel tricky. Gen Z is the next generation, following millennials. In case you’ve missed it, Gen Z is on the rise and they’re seriously rinsing the rest of us. We should all be scared.

Content Marketing Statistics: What they mean for your campaign

Content marketing: we know all the benefits. It seriously boosts your SEO efforts, encourages trust in your brand, and the payoff is spectacular. Content marketing has become really, really popular over the last few years though, so how do consumers feel about it now? 

Email Signature Design: How To Make A Good One

Email signatures: they’re worth more than just making sure your email doesn’t look bland or spammy. Your email signature can make or break your professional image, give credibility to your emails, and help you differentiate yourself from your competitors or other service providers.

The Queensland Government Are Slinging COVID-19 Adaption Grants

ICYMI: The Queensland Government has announced a new grant for small businesses struggling through COVID-19. They're slinging $10k grants to small businesses who need to make changes or adaptations to open and rebuild on the other side of the pandemic. 

How to do Competitive Analysis for SEO

Competitive analysis is essential for businesses who want to rank higher, sell more, and generally do better than their competitors — so, pretty much every business ever.

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

Are you on the lookout for a new agency, but don’t quite know where to start or even how to choose a digital marketing agency? Digital marketing agencies can be intimidating.

New to working from home? It’s not so bad.

It feels like a decade ago, but it must be like a month(?) since the globe converted to a work from home model to combat the spread of coronavirus. There’s been some really positive consequences from it...

How businesses are adapting through COVID-19

The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has had some pretty dire consequences on almost every industry (aside from supermarkets, really). We’ve seen massive events get canned and a slew of businesses closing their doors, but we’ve also seen some really insane innovation. 

Brand Messaging & Tone of Voice

Having trouble defining your brand's tone of voice or brand message? Wonder what tf they even are? We've got you. Making your target audience like you usually comes down to your brand and its personality… In other words, the brand’s message and its tone of voice

Copywriting Tips for Business Owners

We all know your marketing materials need to look good and grab attention to be successful, but the words in these materials play an even bigger role in getting you sales and business. These are our top copywriting tips for business owners.

How to do Keyword Research

So, we’ve introduced you to SEO and creating your own content marketing strategy. Buuut, one huge component of those is the keyword research. We’ve touched...

Ecommerce SEO Guide: Tips & Tricks For Your Online Store

Most successful eCommerce brands generate a whole bunch of business and traffic from their social media channels other marketing strategies like email marketing and influencer marketing. But, most of those avenues are kind of useless unless you’re ranking decently on Google.

Taking a look at Corona & Coronavirus

An unfortunate name correlation, a share price drop, and a poorly-timed social campaign — what should Corona be doing?

Introduction to SEO

SEO is a digital marketing service that has this big reputation for being complex, confusing, and way too difficult to DIY. The truth is, when you get deep down into the nitty gritty of SEO and SEM…

Introduction to Email marketing

A lot of people are starting to think email marketing is dying out. In fact, people seem to think email itself is dying out. With the rise of Slack, Zoom, Drift, and alllll of their counterparts, email’s on its way out. But, it’s not.

How to create a content marketing strategy

So, you’ve heard all the buzz around content marketing and now you’re hearing you need a content marketing strategy. Well, the buzz is true and, to create quality, performing content, you do need a content marketing strategy. Don’t just open a spreadsheet and stare at it blankly — we’ve got you.

How To Write A Blog

Learning how to write a blog is an amazing idea, both for you and your business. You’ve probably heard how good blogs are for SEO, credibility, and implementing a cracking content strategy, and it’s all true.

Introduction to Content Marketing

By now, you’ve probably heard heaps about how good content marketing is for… pretty much everything. But, much like TikTok, it’s one of those things where a lot of people are aware that it exists, but aren’t super fussed to learn why everyone keeps talking about it.

How You Can Make Use of Google My Business for Local Search

When I was doing keyword research for this blog, some of the most googled questions about Google My Business were: What is google my business? How do i get my business on Google Maps? And how to get my business on Google? 

What the BERT Update means for your 2020 Content Strategy

You might’ve heard there was a Google algorithm update last month. You also might’ve seen an influx of digital marketers and content producers tweeting frantically about it.

The Best Integrations & Software for eCommerce Websites

There’s a lot that goes into running an eCommerce set up. Especially, a successful one. From inventory management to managing customer relationships, and then the payment processing, order fulfilment, and shipping logistics.

Podcasts, Voice Search & Getting Your Business Noticed

Voice search and podcasts: the new(ish) kid on the marketing block. Voice search’s popularity has soared with Google Homes and virtual assistants becoming the norm in the home. Podcasts have too.

Content Marketing For SEO: Why You Should Be Doing It Now

Content marketing has been around for years and years, in fact, centuries. Things like advertorials, packaged brand information, video content, and even webinars, are all forms of content marketing. We’ve only actually been calling it content marketing for a few years though.

Happy Sonder Launch Day: Peep Our Website Redesign

Hey and welcome to our brand new website — are you excited? We are! There’s a heap that goes into a website redesign and we...

How Visual Builders Fit Into The Web Design Industry

A couple of weeks ago I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram when I saw an ad for Webflow. As someone working in the web design industry who’s constantly on the lookout for content ideas, I was like, “ooooooooh”.

Instagram trials ‘hidden likes’ in Australia

It’s an interesting day for anyone in social media marketing. As of 8am this morning, Instagram has removed likes from its app. Well, not totally. They’ve removed the little number you see: “Sonder and 7,065 people like this”.

Small Business: What’s Going On

Small business owners are connected by one thing: they’re busy. As a small business or SME owner, making sure everything’s running right can take up a huge chunk of your time. It can be hard to keep on top of what’s current in your own industry…

Instagram Checkout: What Does It Mean?

A couple of weeks ago Instagram introduced Instagram Checkout to us. Basically, Instagram has gone ahead and just whacked a checkout process in-app. So where brands can tag their items for shopping, users can now click through to buy the product without leaving the app.

Is Word Of Mouth Enough?

Word of mouth is one of the oldest and safest ways of filling up your books with clients. Our Client Onboarding team visit a tonne of small business owners each month to chat about getting their businesses noticed. What they hear most is: “we don’t need marketing, we have word of mouth”.

Web Design: Design With Statistics

Even with all that we know about User Experience, digital marketing, and how our client base interacts online, it can be hard to know exactly what’s working in your website’s design.

How to get the most out of your Web Design Agency

Redesigning and building a website can be time consuming and expensive, so when you’re enlisting the help of a web design agency, you want them to get it perfect. Finding the right web design agency for you is important, along with asking them the right questions.

Branding: Building a Brilliant Brand

Some marketing blogs say branding is your ‘visual representation’. They say it’s the combination of a logo, a website, and a schmick name. Others disagree, they say it is all of those, but a colour palette and a fancy tagline too.

Typography and Design

Typography is a massively important aspect of any design. Fonts, typefaces, and typography don’t all mean the same thing. Typefaces are a part of fonts, fonts are a part of typography, but there’s more to it.

Everything Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has been around for a while but now it’s more important than ever. The ‘mobile first’ notion has become a reality with smartphones taking the lead ahead of desktop computers, laptops, and tablets.

Custom Website Design: Is it worth investing in?

Websites are a necessity for any business. Whether custom website designs are a necessity for any business is debatable. What actually defines a custom website is debatable too.

Website Design for Small Businesses

Small businesses have historically relied on visibility and word of mouth for business. As we’ve progressed we’ve moved towards business cards, phone book listings, and traditional PR.

Content Marketing: Why is content king?

Content marketing is a marketing technique that sees companies create and distribute quality, insightful content to consumers. The most common form of content marketing is through blogs but it can extend to video content and social media posts as well.

Sustainability in Digital Design

We’ve all heard about ways to be more sustainable in how we buy groceries, how we live, and considerations we make when we’re out; carpooling and skipping a straw. But there are considerations we can make at work too, especially in digital marketing and as designers.

How to land a job in Web Design

As an agency built and run by young people, at Sonder we’re always excited to give 'up and coming' creatives a chance. One of the most common things we see are fresh university graduates, who’ve studied Graphic Design or Web Design but aren’t familiar with the programs we use.

Web Design 2019: Minimalism, Shapes, and Mobile

Last year we saw a heap of innovation and creativity in web design as designers steered away from the generic. There was a fine line to toe, as we placed more importance on UX Design, designers (and users) noted that there was a perfect formula for web design.

Website Redesign Checklist: Step by Step

Deciding to completely redesign your website is huge. Website redesigns cost money and take a long time – so they’re a commitment. Redesigning your company’s website is a big decision, but it’s one that’s rarely regretted.

Digital Marketing: Content, Video & Voice Optimisation

As we move into 2019 more and more content is coming out; predicting the trends, pitting one strategy against another, not to mention the wild claims ‘SEO is dead’.

Design an eCommerce Website For Conversions

Design doesn’t just inform what a website looks like. It informs how users will interact with it, how long users will stay on the page, and whether the user will enjoy it. Whether an eCommerce site converts or not depends on a range of details but a big part of it is the web design.

2018 Website Design & Marketing Statistics

In the digital marketing and website design world, it can be hard to know exactly what’s working and what’s not. Luckily, in 2018 we can measure growth, track clicks and engagement, and we have access to statistics.

Digital Marketing Agencies: Are they worth it?

If you’re here, we'd have a guess that you’ve received a proposal from a digital marketing agency, seen the cost and wondered, "is hiring an agency worth it" or "why should I hire them".

Creating Target Audience Personas

Any digital agency getting to know your business will ask you about your target audience personas or your buyer personas. It’s common that smaller businesses won’t have them, which makes sense, you don't have the same resources as an agency.

Marketing at Christmas: Increase Your eCommerce Sales

It's that time of year again. The shopping centres are flooded with Christmas trees and unnecessarily large baubles, and your Afterpays are stacking up. Whether you love Christmas or you hate it, it’s full of amazing marketing opportunities. 

AI in Web Design: The Good and The Bad

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used in almost every industry now. In fact, according to Towards Data Science, the share of jobs that require AI has increased by 450% since 2013. Now there are some designers talking about AI coming into web design.

Web Design & Web Development: Sonder’s Glossary

Designers and developers can make web design and web development sound crazy confusing. It can sound like they have their own language and they kind of do. We’ve collated the terms we use most and defined them so we can share our web design & web development glossary with you.

Why Websites Cost So Much

Have you looked into getting yourself a new website and been left shocked and confused about the price? We see it a lot, clients who are seeking a well-designed, fully functional website with a budget of roughly $1,000.

Do You Have A Branding Style Guide?

Branding is what customers or clients know you and your brand by. Everything matters from the colour of your website to your staff’s email signatures. How you portray your brand matters and it needs to be uniform or consistent.

Web Development in 2018: What were the trends?

Web development is one of the most frequently updating and changing industries. The trends come and go. Some are heavily heavily based on design, others depend on technology and complex coding. No matter the reason, they change a lot.

Voice Search: How To Optimise Your Website

There’s this joke among marketing professionals that the rules of SEO change about 10,000 times a year, but we all know it’s only actually around five to six hundred. We’re here to tell you it’s about to get a bit harder with voice search on the rise.

Your 2019 Marketing Plan — What Are The Trends?

The end of the year is fast approaching and with how quickly the industry can move, now is a pretty good time to start putting together your 2019 marketing plan. 2018 was the year of chatbots, conscious capitalism, and video content.

Halloween Marketing For Social Media and E-Commerce

Halloween marketing has a bunch more opportunity in Australia than you probably think. Halloween’s popularity is on the rise here and it's only going up.

Design Landing Pages That Convert

Landing pages are a ‘landing’ spot for your potential clients. They’re like the front door to your website and if they’re done well, the user will knock*.

Why Your Website Isn’t Making Money & What To Do About It

Online is where it's at. The most lucrative marketing avenues are all online and most of them rely on your website. Your website is the most crucial aspect of your business. But just owning a website isn't enough.

Stop Keyword Stuffing – It Hurts Your SEO Ranking

Like most things in the digital marketing sphere, SEO is constantly changing, developing, and being refined. As digital marketing professionals, we’d like to think our SEO ranking isn’t everything… and it isn’t.

UX Design in Web Design

UX has kind of become a buzzword in web design recently — but if it's working, then that isn't a bad thing. UX Design is User Experience Design. It's all about designing an experience for the user... if that wasn't obvious.

Five Things Copywriting Shouldn’t Have… Please

Copywriting, like most things in the digital marketing world, you can do it on your own. A good rule for life though, and also marketing is: just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Sonder’s Top Five Social Media Marketing Tools

If your company’s strategy is heavily based on social media marketing or even if it isn’t — social media management tools will change your life. Social media has had a steady rise in prominence in the marketing industry and marketers were hesitant at first.

Questions to Ask When Picking a Web Design Agency

Your website is so important. It's a massive investment... So the web design agency you choose is too. Your website is the first impression of your business that your customers will see. It's also your most important marketing tool.

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