From no leads to “Too many leads” for Simple Skips

What began as a struggle for leads evolved into a triumph of abundance — a transition from “No Leads” to “Too Many Leads.” Our partnership...

Helping Small Buisness Like Online Tile Grow

At Sonder, we take pride in empowering small businesses to reach new heights, and Online Tile stands as a shining example of our commitment to...

6 reasons why we build websites with Elementor

Learn all about the benefits we’ve discovered after building exclusively with Elementor Website Builder.

Fake reviews: in strangers we trust

The growing power of consumers  In an environment empowered by digital devices and social networks, consumers are increasingly dictating when, where and how they engage...

The new $15,000 small business grant is opening soon

With key information about the Business Boost Grant having been released, we are now offering to help small businesses prepare applications in readiness for the program's opening on 30th July at 9am.

We used an AI robot to write this website (and you won’t be able to tell the difference)

Yes, a robot can write your marketing copy – are you scared yet, human?  If you said to us a year ago that we’d be...

The Ultimate SEO Strategy for 2021

The be-all-and-end-all guide to SEO in 2021. This 8 step, in-depth guide will help you on your way to getting your site ranked.

Word Count & SEO: Quality Vs. Quantity

If you’ve worked with us on an SEO campaign, you’d probably have heard us talk about how important content is. If you’ve landed on a search-optimised landing page or blog post, you’ve probably wondered why someone felt like they needed to write 5,000 words on digital marketing. 

Australia’s Tiff With Google & Facebook Explained

So, back in July, the ACCC announced they’d developed a new code of conduct, which would see Google and Facebook have to pay Australian publications for news.

Content Marketing Survey: Who Cares About Your Content?

Content marketing: we know all the benefits. It seriously boosts your SEO efforts, encourages trust in your brand, and the payoff is spectacular. Content marketing has become really, really popular over the last few years though, so how do consumers feel about it now? 

5 Steps to Make a Great Email Signature

Email signatures: they’re worth more than just making sure your email doesn’t look bland or spammy. Your email signature can make or break your professional image, give credibility to your emails, and help you differentiate yourself from your competitors or other service providers.

Finding A New Digital Marketing Agency: 6 Direct Questions To Ask

Are you on the lookout for a new agency, but don’t quite know where to start or even how to choose a digital marketing agency? Digital marketing agencies can be intimidating.

New to working from home? It’s not so bad.

It feels like a decade ago, but it must be like a month(?) since the globe converted to a work from home model to combat the spread of coronavirus. There’s been some really positive consequences from it...

Copywriting Tips for Business Owners

We all know your marketing materials need to look good and grab attention to be successful, but the words in these materials play an even bigger role in getting you sales and business. These are our top copywriting tips for business owners.

Content Marketing: Our 6 Step Guide To Creating A Winning Strategy

So, you’ve heard all the buzz around content marketing and now you’re hearing you need a content marketing strategy. Well, the buzz is true and, to create quality, performing content, you do need a content marketing strategy. Don’t just open a spreadsheet and stare at it blankly — we’ve got you.

Content Marketing For SEO: Why You Should Be Doing It Now

Content marketing has been around for years and years, in fact, centuries. Things like advertorials, packaged brand information, video content, and even webinars, are all forms of content marketing. We’ve only actually been calling it content marketing for a few years though.

Instagram trials ‘hidden likes’ in Australia

It’s an interesting day for anyone in social media marketing. As of 8am this morning, Instagram has removed likes from its app. Well, not totally. They’ve removed the little number you see: “Sonder and 7,065 people like this”.

Responsive Web Design – A Complete History from 2010 to 2020

Responsive web design has been around for a while but now it’s more important than ever. The ‘mobile first’ notion has become a reality with smartphones taking the lead ahead of desktop computers, laptops, and tablets.

Digital Marketing Agencies: Are they really worth it?

If you’re here, we'd have a guess that you’ve received a proposal from a digital marketing agency, seen the cost and wondered, "is hiring an agency worth it" or "why should I hire them".

Does Keyword Stuffing Work in 2021?

Like most things in the digital marketing sphere, SEO is constantly changing, developing, and being refined. As digital marketing professionals, we’d like to think our SEO ranking isn’t everything… and it isn’t.

UX Design in Web Design

UX has kind of become a buzzword in web design recently — but if it's working, then that isn't a bad thing. UX Design is User Experience Design. It's all about designing an experience for the user... if that wasn't obvious.

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