A decade or so ago, creating a website involved a lot of back and forth between developers, copywriters and project managers. It took months just to get a few simple changes updated on your website. 

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then, where crafting code from scratch isn’t necessary to build engaging websites. Page builders like Elementor make it easy for businesses to create any WordPress website they want.

Here at Sonder, we’re an Elementor web design agency. We exclusively design and build websites for our clients (and ourselves) using Elementor. Our business joins more than five million WordPress sites using Elementor to create content and designs with a visual, drag-and-drop editor. 

After using Elementor for over a year now, we can safely say that it is the right choice for us and, most importantly, for our clients. Read more below to learn about the benefits we’ve discovered after building exclusively with Elementor Website Builder.

1. Quick and easy to build

The first reason we use Elementor to design and build websites is simply that it is incredibly efficient to use. From our experience, we have been able to meet with new clients, create a prototype website design, tweak and complete the website in just four weeks

Clients who need a first website or are desperate for a change to their existing website don’t need to enter into a long, drawn-out process. By working with such a powerful, intuitive page builder it makes getting a new website as efficiently as possible.

2. Incredibly easy to edit content

By using Elementor to build our websites, we hand over a website that can be effortlessly edited by anyone. Elementor offers an intuitive design for users. So, you can learn the basics of the editor in a couple of minutes. 

We offer 1:1 training and extensive support videos, but the feedback from our clients has been that Elementor is beginner friendly and making small edits such as text changes or uploading a new blog post is simple. 

3. Complete theme control

By saying that Elementor is quick and easy to use, one could assume that means it’s a bit basic. But while some page builders in WordPress come with limitations, Elementor has developed a perfect solution for almost all types of websites. As it’s part of the open-source environment of WordPress, there are hundreds of incredible addons to Elementor that allows us to build anything from dynamic content to e-Commerce integrations.

Elementor allows us to custom-design our client’s websites and build them out visually using the drag-and-drop widget features. Occasionally, we will need to create custom code to add specific features, if required. Having the freedom to customise our build means that we have complete control over our website design.

4. Responsive mobile editor

Elementor makes it a point to help you customise the way your website looks on a desktop, tablet and a mobile device, so you are catering to all your website visitors. When you edit a page using Elementor, you can view it in mobile-mode and tablet-mode, as well as PC/laptop mode. 

In each responsive mode, you can make changes to all parts of the pages to fit on that type of device. Such a tool, offered in this visual way, is part of what makes Elementor’s Website Builder one of the best in the world.

5. WooCommerce builder

Elementor has a great WooCommerce Builder in their pro package. Together with Elementor, we can create custom product pages to boost online sales thanks to a greater shopping experience. Advanced WooCommerce widgets options are another powerful way to display interactive content and get more conversions. 

It’s easy for our e-Commerce clients to make changes and updates to their Elementor website without having to know how to code. With Elementor WooCommerce Builder, we can build your store the way you see it.

6. Great for SEO

First off, Elementor allows for all of the same basic on-page SEO that you’d get with the default WordPress editor, so there’s no difference when it comes to the basic SEO tactics. But beyond basic details like SEO titles and meta descriptions, Elementor can have a positive impact on your site’s SEO by helping you create more user-friendly, engaging designs. 

By helping to create a beautiful, responsive website, this page builder allows you to keep users on your page. As visitors engage with your content, search engine algorithms will understand that your website is valuable, boosting your rankings and improving your SEO.

In summary

There are a lot of website builders out there. However, if you’re aiming for a WordPress website, there’s really only one perfect choice. Elementor empowers you to create the exact website you envisioned. Its user-friendly interface makes it an effective platform for non-coders. 

On top of all of this, Elementor’s team is always working to stay ahead of the curve by pushing out new features often. The unanimous verdict from the team Sonder is that Elementor is here to stay. From entire websites to specific landing pages, it’s a top-choice platform for WordPress websites.

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