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Are you looking for more business? Do you want to make more sales but not work quite as hard for them? That’s where a digital marketing agency comes in. We’ll keep you consistent and more importantly, popular across all the different digital channels.
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What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency is an agency that takes care of all of your digital marketing channels, or just one, or just a few digital marketing services. So what is digital marketing? Basically, anything that markets your business and is also a digital platform. So a website, an online store, SEO, content marketing, and Google Ads are some examples of digital marketing. When it comes to partnering with a digital marketing agency, you don’t have to get involved in every single service they offer. Agencies are really good at working with you to find out where your business is thriving, where you need a bit of help, and customising a digital marketing strategy (a very good plan) to you and your needs.

Our digital marketing agency will help your business...

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Why digital marketing is important

Marketing is important because it’s how you get noticed by the masses. Digital marketing is especially important because it’s where most of your customers are now. There was a time where marketers would say, “if you’re hoping anyone under 30 will buy your products, you need to be online.” And they were correct. Nowadays though, if you want anyone at all to buy your products, you need to be online. Digital marketing is cost effective, measurable, and it reaches a wider audience. It also gets you more sales than sending a magnet out to random houses near your business…

Digital marketing services

We’re a digital marketing agency with a knack for getting our clients better results. We have a team full of experts in their fields who know exactly how to help you grow your business through their expertise. Our digital marketing services extend to web design and development, copywriting, SEO, content creation, and Google Ads and PPC services.

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Websites are your #1 sales tool and we’re not just saying that because we make them. Your website is your “next step”, so when you’re working hard to rank on Google, when you’re advertising on social media, when you hand out your business card — it all leads to your website. It’s that final step that sells your customer or client. We know how to design websites to get sales.

💡 Fun Fact

Google received nearly 2.3 trillion searches in 2020

Online Stores

We can design and develop online stores to not only get you way more sales but also, to make your life easier. It’s automation station baby. We’ll keep the need for your input low and make your ROI way higher. We’re also pretty nifty when it comes to getting the actual traffic to your online store.


Whether it’s on your website, in your Google Ad, or a different digital marketing material, our copywriters don’t just make words sound good. We carefully consider the benefit of you and your product or service and package up some nice words that also convince people to choose you.

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Content Marketing

Our digital marketing agency knows how to develop quality content that works to both educate and offer value to your target market while seriously growing their interest in you and your business. We’ll create videos, how-to guides, industry analysis pieces, that kind of thing. It’ll help you rank on Google, boost traffic to your website, and hopefully, inspire a bunch of confidence in your business.

🧠 Pro Tip

Users spend 88% more time on web pages with videos

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Things we’ll talk about

SEO & Local SEO

SEO is an important part of digital marketing and one that we’re quite good at, no biggie. Showing up on Google will seriously boost your inbound traffic and enquiries and help you get more business, without lifting a finger. We’ll audit and optimise your website, rewrite your copy, and do a bunch of other nerdy things so Google will grant you a better spot on that results page.

Google Ads & PPC

Google Ads and Pay Per Click are super duper lucrative strategies — but only when they’re done properly. We know how to utilise the heck out of a PPC or Google Ads campaign, plus our team are experts at Click Through Rate optimisation (CTR). So, we won’t just help you appear at the top, or in the right spot, we’ll increase the likelihood your ad will get clicked. Then our copywriting team will help you seal the deal 😉

Our digital marketing campaigns

We know how to craft the perfect digital marketing campaign to get you the sales you need. The best bit? It’s all customisable. We don’t want to stick you with services you don’t want. Our digital marketing team will work together to create a campaign that ticks all the boxes for your business. We’ll focus on firstly getting you in front of your target audience, through SEO, Google Ads, and content marketing before using your website and website copy to communicate the clear benefits of choosing you and your products or services. 

How our digital marketing helps Brisbane businesses

We’re lucky to have been trusted by a range of Brisbane businesses. When you partner with us you’ll get a team full of experts in their individual domains. So, you won’t get one expert in digital marketing, who has limited capabilities in each sub service. You’ll have one person committed to SEO, a very committed web designer, a copywriter obsessed with copy — you get the idea. It means we all work together to create the most amazing outcome for you.

Tailored Digital Marketing Campaigns

When you engage a digital marketing agency, you’re going to come along with your own set of goals and ideas. We’ll work with you to workshop those ideas and target your goals through a tailored digital marketing campaign. Our team will research your industry and your business to mimic and create the absolute best materials we can for you. It means it’ll resonate with you and your business but engage and woo your potential clients. The dream.

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Take The Digital Marketing Services You Need

You won’t need every service we offer. If you’re in the beauty industry, LinkedIn probably isn’t your bag, if you’re a psychologist, Instagram is probably not where you’ll be seeking enquiries. We have a whole bunch of experience across a whole range of industries and with unique businesses too. So, we know what works and what doesn’t. It also means we have a pretty good idea of which digital marketing avenues you’ll want to build shop on.

How the right content boosts your digital marketing campaign

From copywriting to video to photography, and even your website icons (little illustrations) — your content matters. We can’t stress this enough. Your digital marketing campaign relies on quality content. By quality content, we mean well-written copy that serves a purpose. Your copy needs to follow the AIDA format, or get pretty close to it. AIDA means: Attract, Interest, Desire, Action.


So, your copy should engage your audience in that order. Attract them with a bold statement, spark interest in what you have to say (maybe by asking a question), encourage desire for your business or service or product, and then make them take action. By action, we mean enquire or just click that ‘Buy’ button. 


You’ll need professional photography too, or at least images shot on a real camera. No your iPhone is not a real camera. Stock photos don’t sell your business like real images of your team, your office, and your work will.

Digital Marketing Supports Your Inbound Model

Converting to an inbound sales model is digital marketing’s specialty. A good digital marketing campaign can set you up to support inbound enquiries through SEO, Google Ads, content marketing, and social media. These services set you up to show up on Google, answer key questions from your audience, and drive traffic through to your website — which will support your sales process too. It means you can eventually leave cold calling, telemarketing, and elevator pitches behind you.

Our Approach To Digital Marketing

A quality digital marketing campaign that targets your goals and ticks all the right boxes is built on the right approach. We’ve worked out the best approach to setting up your online presence and driving inbound enquiries through digital marketing.


Audit your existing materials

We’ll kick things off by looking at what you’re currently doing. What does your online presence look like? Which digital marketing channels are you on? And most importantly, what’s working and what isn’t? We’ll look at the tactics that seem to be working and which ones we need to abandon or fix immediately. From here we can scale the most-effective, enquiry-attracting bits and bobs from your existing campaigns.


Research your industry & competitors

What works for our digital marketing agency might not totally work for a mechanic, and what’s working for a mechanic will be different to a hairdresser — duh. We’ll make it our mission to find your competitors and work out what it exactly is they’re doing. From this, we’ll take all the best bits from their strategies and see how we can inject a bit more strategy, a bit of creativity, and whatever else we need to make you, waaaay better than them. 


We’ll take a looksie at your industry. What’s the norm? What do people expect from businesses like yours? And how can we maybe shake that up a little? 


Then, we’ll use all this research to create a benchmark. We’ll define everything we need to, everywhere we want to be, and what’s expected from each channel to beat out your competitors.


Create new marketing materials

An essential step, we’ll make sure you have the materials to head into this new campaign all guns blazing. That means, making sure your brand is all set up and looks as professional or cool or individualistic as you want to be. 


This might mean we book you in with our photographer to get some new brand images or a video or it might mean we start development on a new logo and brand assets for you.


Set up your online presence

This is where things start to get exciting. Your online presence is established. This step might include creating a brand new website for you, fit with fancy brand images, engaging copywriting, and a design that lures customers to buy. We’ll set up your Google My Business — so you’re completely optimised for local SEO. This will mean writing a bit about you and your services, setting it up to look professional, and uploading all your branding, photos, videos, and making it easy peasy for clients to either buy your products or book an appointment with you. 


Our team of digital marketing nerds will set your social media channels up for you too. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram — we’ll make sure these are ready to start upping your website traffic and enquiries.


Web Design & Development

Your website is a huge part of your marketing materials and it’s usually the spot where your sales go down. So, it’s pretty important we get this bit right. Our web design is packed full of strategy and full of design smarts. Plus, it’s functional. Our digital marketing agency knows how to create a design that leads and guides the user where you want them to go. 


Our digital marketing agency’s web developers will then bring it to life. We’ll usually build on a WordPress CMS but we can develop on Shopify and Magento too, for our eCommerce friends. Our developers will make sure your website works as perfectly as you need it to, to support your sales. Plus, they’ll make sure it loads quickly and ticks all those boxes specified by Google.



Copywriting is how your online presence comes to life. It helps you connect with your customers, share your brand’s values, your selling point, your story. Then it sells them. It gives them all the reasons your product or service is just what they’ve been looking for. Copywriting is  show you attract and ignite interest in your brand, connect with the customer, and then convince them to buy.


Google My Business

We’ll set up and optimise your Google My Business listing for you. Our digital marketing agency’s designers will create amazing branding assets to use to market your services or your products on Google. Our digital marketing agency’s copywriters will create captions, descriptions, and posts for your listing to give it the ultimate optimisation. We’ll optimise these to show up in Google Shopping where relevant, and we’ll optimise your listing to rank. Your Google My Business seriously drives your local SEO efforts, which we’ll get to in a moment. It’s responsible for helping you show up on Google Maps and other relevant Google listings.


Local SEO

Your Google My Business is a pretty big part of your local SEO campaign, but aside from that, we’re huge on location-based landing pages to help you show up in your local customers’ worlds. We can optimise these by city, suburb, or even states and countries — depending on your industry. Our digital marketing agency’s local SEOs absolutely love working with Brisbane businesses to earn better rankings and more local enquiries.


Ready your website and content for SEO

SEO isn’t something we can just do in a document and send through to you. How good if we could though. But, we do have to make sure you have a well-designed blog ready to host all your content and we’ll need to make sure your website’s developed for all those best-practice SEO items. Obviously, we want your website to be as ready and prepared as it possibly can be to start ranking. This means we’ll make sure you have an amazing internal linking structure, it means your photos are named appropriately with the right alt texts, and it means all your URLs are best practice too.


If our copywriter didn’t work with you to create your website copy — we might need to refresh this too. Making sure there’s plenty of it and it’s all keyword optimised — and that it’s actually working to convert those customers who land on the page.


Target high volume key search terms

Through the creation of new landing pages and blog content, we’ll target those high volume key search terms that you’re dreaming of. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of the keyword research and benchmarking what we need to do for you to rank too. 


Our landing pages will target those “transactional” terms. “Transactional” terms are the terms people Google when they want to buy something. So, if I wanted to buy a pizza, I’d Google “order pizza online”. But, if I wanted to know about the history of the glorious slice, I might Google “history of pizza”. That Google search? That’s called an “informational query”. We’ll get to these shortly. 


So, your landing pages might be suburb-based — as in, targeting key search terms around your service or product that are location-based. For example, “Digital Marketing Agency Brisbane”. 


Then we’ll target those high volume key search terms through blogs. That’s where those informational queries we mentioned come into play. By creating clever, keyword optimised blog content that educates users, answers commonly searched queries, and works to get you more website traffic — we’ll slowly but surely boost your rankings.


Target low volume key search terms

The high volume key search terms are the dream, obviously. But your low volume key search terms? They come with money. That’s because there’s way less competition. Everyone’s off fighting for the transactional query with 400 monthly searches without realising that that lower volume search term that still gets 100 monthly searches… still get 100 monthly searches. 


Low volume key search terms are the low hanging fruit, but the fruit is just as sweet, we promise.


So, again we’ll target these key search terms using cleverly-crafted landing pages and blog posts. Ranking for these terms and raking in more website traffic through them will boost your rankings for the high volume search terms too. We love a win-win.


Scale up!

This step is pretty simple. Everything we’ve been doing? It gets bigger and better. We make more landing pages until you’re completely set up with strong ranking tools for all of your core services and all of your sub services. Then we’ll continue boosting these efforts and in turn, your rankings through clever blog posts. 


Once we’re in the scaling stage we can get more serious about your SEO efforts. We’ve given you everything you need to have a really strong on-page SEO foundation. Now is the time to go hard on off-page techniques.


Here, we’ll want to build relevant links to your website, your service pages, your landing pages, your blog posts — honestly, whatever we want to rank. See, links have a whole bunch of juice in them and they tell Google how authoritative you are. The better the pages linking to your pages? The better your pages rank. 


We’ll utilise a bunch of link building techniques. From whitehat guest blogging, to clever content marketing, and maybe even a digital public relations campaign.

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Why work with Sonder?

We’re a tight-knit team with a bunch of knowledge and experience in digital marketing. It starts by matching strong strategy with our creativity and ends in seriously good results for your business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a chance it’s answered here, but if not, email or call Tom.
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Have a question about websites, marketing, or why Tom’s dressed like a cat? Take a look.

Basically, digital marketing is marketing that takes place digitally. So if the marketing materials can be found on the internet, on social media, or any digital platform, it’s digital marketing. This is opposed to other marketing that might be via post, billboards, brochures, door knocking, you get the idea. So, when we talk about digital marketing we’re talking about:


  • Websites 
  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • SEO, SEM
  • Google Ads & PPC

Content marketing is where you create value-packed content with the purpose of marketing yourself. When we say content, we’re talking about blog posts, PDF guides, marketing emails, podcasts, videos, and in some cases, social media posts. Content marketing is where you take that aforementioned content and share it with your audience to build trust and credibility. The idea is that as soon as they’re ready to go ahead and make a purchase — you’ll be their first choice.

SEO is search engine optimisation. It’s where we optimise your website, your Google My Business listing, and the content hosted on your website, and make sure it’s all written and built perfectly for Google. There’s much more to it, including who’s linking to you, who you’re linking to, and the creation of content. SEO is how we optimise your website to show up on Google — ideally on the first page.

A marketing strategy is where a marketer sits down and identifies the very best things you can do in your industry to smash your marketing goals. Your typical marketing goals are generating more enquiries, boosting brand awareness, and obviously, getting more sales. So, in a marketing strategy we’d look at you, your industry, and who you’re targeting, and identify the best tactics we can employ to get you that business you’re after. 

Where a marketing strategy is laying out all the best tactics your business could use to smash your marketing goals, a marketing campaign is the plan. It’s where we lay out all of your strategy into an actual plan. It might be month by month, week by week, even day by day. But basically it lays out a plan for how we’ll roll out your marketing, when we’ll post what, and it’ll detail which goals we’re specifically targeting.

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy where we set up your business, your marketing materials, and your online presence to acquire inbound leads. This is opposed to outbound marketing tactics like door knocking, telemarketing, and direct marketing. It sets up your website, social media, and content to attract visitors on its own accord and direct them to make an enquiry.

Marketing sets your business up for long term success. Businesses who rely on word of mouth or referrals are obviously decent businesses, but they aren’t set up for the long run. Marketing boosts brand awareness, it creates and nurtures client relationships, and it brings in more business than word of mouth can. Marketing works most effectively when it’s up to date and works on an ongoing basis, rather than employing a marketing agency for just a month or two.

B2B refers to a business that relies on sales and purchases from other businesses. If your products or services only (or mostly) apply to businesses, then you’re a B2B business. Examples of B2B businesses are digital marketing agencies — because individuals don’t market themselves, or manufacturers — because they sell on to a retail business. If a majority of your client or customer base are individuals and not so much for business, then you’re a B2C company.

Email marketing is where you market your products or services to your audience via email. You can do this by sending out collections of clickable products in an email. Or by offering updates and value-packed newsletters that give your audience an easy way to get in touch with you and make a purchase.

A content marketing strategy is a plan for how your business will use content marketing to increase your Google rankings, increase website traffic, and increase sales. To create a content marketing strategy you need to have a good idea of your key search terms, your content marketing goals, and which content marketing techniques you’ll be using. We wrote a whole blog post on how to create a content marketing strategy.

Marketing metrics are how we work out if your marketing campaign is actually working. Your marketing metrics are the definable numbers we can measure your success by. Examples of marketing metrics are: the number of monthly visitors to your website, your Google rankings, and your conversion rate.

A market in marketing is your audience or the collection of people you’re selling your product or services to. So our digital marketing agency’s market is predominantly business owners, a veterinary clinic’s market is pet owners.

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