Photography & Video Production

We’re really confident in the websites we build and the copy we furnish them with. Amazing photo and video content sends all the messages we can’t though. Professional visual content is the secret ingredient in our recipe for business success.

video of sonder office and staff

We’ll find the right angle to tell your story

We know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, buuuut when it comes to your business, that’s exactly what we do. When people come face to face with your website, do they see a boring generic screen with options, or are they met with the lovely, smiling faces of the team that can help? Here lies the difference professional photos and videos can make for your business.


Professional photo content gives you what you need to offer up a polished version of your business online. Photo content of your team, your work, and your headquarters on your website creates better legitimacy and authority for you. Oh, and it makes your website look really, really good too.

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Video Production

Working video into your web design makes your business look modern and your website look fancy. There’s actually a huge list of benefits that come from using video on your website. Websites with video get better SEO points from Google (they’re more than 50x more likely to rank) and they get longer visits (2.6x longer than those without).

💡 Fun Fact

Google favours websites with video

We have the right connections with the best in the biz

At Sonder, we’re really good at all things websites and search marketing and we’re all about staying in our lane. So, we partner with the best in the business to get our clients the photo and video content they deserve. ShareStory is our go-to agency to get you the materials your website needs.

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ShareStory packages your business into a brand story you can’t put down

You’ll hear about stories a lot in digital marketing. It’s because stories are the #1 way people connect, resonate, and ultimately, end up loving a brand. Your brand story is all about condensing what it is people love about your brand and recreating it in easy-to-get, bite size pieces. ShareStory captures brand stories that capture your audience.

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Video is the secret to keeping your visitors engaged

Attention spans are getting shorter so digital marketing materials need to get their message across quicker. Video is one of the only media types that asks nothing of your website visitors while serving everything you want to say up on a silver platter.

🧠 Pro Tip

Quality content and link building are the two most important signals used by Google when ranking your website

Photo powers up your website’s design & authority

The saying “trust is earned” is especially true in the digital world. Your website visitors are looking for clues that tell them you’re legitimate, you have authority, and you’re a business they should trust. By placing professional photos across your website, we’re sprinkling these clues around for your visitors.

Photography & Video Production FAQs

We usually like to have all photo and video content shot and edited ahead of your website design. It gives your designer a better idea of what they have to work with, allowing us to create a stronger design that’s complemented by your content.

This part is tricky! What kind of content do you need? What specific shots do you need to get? Don’t stress, we’ll never leave you in the dark here. After introducing you to our partner agency ShareStory, we’ll workshop content ideas with you, so we can package all the best parts about your business into amazing content that powers up your website.

You’d be surprised by what kind of jobs, businesses, and landscapes ShareStory can make look dreamy. In the very worst case though? We’ll work with you to find an alternative solution.

We’re looking for really high quality photo and video content. That means it’s shot on professional equipment, it’s professionally edited, and it’s done well. If your son, niece, or friend’s brother has the ability to do it, that’s great. 


A big reason we partner with ShareStory specifically is because of the standard of the content they deliver, but the strategy behind the content too. They have an intimate understanding of how the content they create translates on a website and how to send subtle messages to your visitors that frame you as a go-to and a business they can’t live without.

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