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Ranking locally and gaining more business in your area is the ideal. Using a bunch of different local SEO techniques, we’ll get you ranking where you want to be.

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What is Local SEO?

SEO is optimising your website and your content for search engines. So, local SEO is optimising your website and content to show up locally in search engines. Locally might be in your city, or in a cluster of suburbs. Local SEO is utilising a range of different SEM, content marketing, and SEO strategies to help you rank locally in your area.

How Local SEO helps your business

Pretty simply, local SEO helps your business by getting you local traffic, and therefore local business. By implementing a range of local SEO strategies, we up local keywords in your website. Then, we optimise your Google My Business to increase your chances of showing up in local listings like Google Maps, Local Packs, and Local Finders. We’ll help you get more, quality traffic and more, quality business.

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Google My Business Optimisation for Local SEO

Listing your business on Google My Business greatly increases your chances of showing up in local listings, as well as your Local Pack, Google Maps, and Local Finders. We’ll make the best use of your Google My Business listing too. By verifying your location and optimising your listing, we’ll help your chances of showing up organically in local listings.

We’ll do a whole bunch of research on your industry and a whole bunch of keyword research for your location, industry, and services or products. Then, we’ll optimise your Google My Business listing to incorporate the right information and the keywords you need to give you an amazing foundation to rank from. Benchmarking your GMB listing against your competitors’, we’ll find unique opportunities to better optimise your listing and, ideally, outrank your competitors.

From there, we’ll work on regular content for your Google My Business listing in the form of posts, offers, and services or product optimisation, as well as managing your customer relationships in the reviews.

Posts & Offers

Another opportunity to optimise for your local and general keywords is the ‘Posts’ section on Google My Business. You can share posts that offer little nuggets of wisdom, your blog posts, or use a post to explain a new service you’re offering. OR, you can share offers like “buy one, get one free” or “10% off when you show this offer”. Both are good ways to offer up your products or services and what your business is about in a short and sweet kinda way.

We’ll create the copy and images for these to make you look professional AF.

Customer Relationship Management

Google prioritises Google My Business listings who engage with and respond to their reviews. From thanking your positive reviewers to engaging with bad reviews and offering to find a solution. We’ll take care of your customer relationship management for you in your Google Reviews.

Services & Products

You can list your products or services on Google My Business too. Listing your services will again, help optimise for those local keywords but it also helps out your potential customers. It gives them a quick and easy way to find a service local to them. A good ol’ win-win. You can list your products too. These can be optimised for Google Shopping and for local SEO — both of which are surefire ways to get your business more attention. Again, we’ll put together the engaging copy and attention grabbing designs you need to pull off a fancy GMB listing.

Content Marketing for Local SEO

Content marketing is so good for SEO generally, but you can use content marketing to rank locally too. We can use content and digital PR to build local links to your website. We might do this by creating guest posts for local websites in your area. We might offer a quote on a local issue as a business owner in the area. A more common strategy is to pitch local directories or publications — targeting write ups like “Things to do in Brisbane This Weekend”. But there are a range of other strategies too — not to mention, endless opportunities for unique and creative content tailored to your industry and knowledge base.

However we achieve it, building local links is an amazing technique because it shows Google you’re a trusted, authoritative business in your area, it shows other locals trust you too. Plus, it can help drive that same local traffic to your website. And we love that.

Our content creators can create original content for your website too. It’s all about making content with a local focus. So, we might write about which of your services suit the Summer months in your area or things to do around your business if you’re there for the day. It’s an opportunity to use those local keywords in your website, but it’s also a chance to add-on and share value with your local target audience. We’ll work with you to create amazing content that ranks locally but still serves a solid purpose.


Of course, general SEO can help boost your local rankings too. We’ll optimise your website and your website copy to include more, or better local keywords — and ideally, get you more traffic close to home. We’ll integrate maps into your website, shuffle your copy, and implement local link building strategies to help you rank locally. We have a bunch of nerds SEOs who are happy to jump into the backend of your website and take a look around… and make an intimidatingly long list of recommendations for your site. Plus, our content creators will work with you to find endless opportunities in your industry, but we’ll get there in a sec.

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Landing Pages for Local SEO

Landing pages are a really amazing way to rank for something specific. Where service pages will talk about a lot of different services and touch on different ideas, a landing page can focus on one service… and maybe touch on the other services you provide that’ll benefit that service. Better yet, landing pages can focus on a location. You might want a landing page that sells a specific service in a specific city, like “Landing Pages Brisbane”. Or, you might want to get more granular than that and break it down by suburbs or areas.

You can integrate a map that identifies your location and sends that local data to Google, not to mention integrating those local keywords. We’ll build local links to your specialised landing pages as well, boosting both their rankings and their traffic.

PPC & Adwords

It’s easier to rank locally if you already have a really good foundation to start with. That foundation is built on your existing SEO efforts, your existing content, and your existing traffic. So, if you’re trying to rank locally, then local traffic will help you. To get the ball rolling, we can pair up our services with PPC or Adwords/Google Ads campaigns that target local keywords. Once you’ve paid your way to that local traffic, the organic rankings should come too.

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