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Google’s December 2020 Update: Another Content-Focused Refresher

Google is ruining SEOs’ Christmases everywhere with a December Core Update. In the 10 days since the announcement, results have been all over the place, with Google rankings fluctuating up to 10 spots on the SERP and back. 

Content Marketing Statistics: What they mean for your campaign

Content marketing: we know all the benefits. It seriously boosts your SEO efforts, encourages trust in your brand, and the payoff is spectacular. Content marketing has become really, really popular over the last few years though, so how do consumers feel about it now? 

Introduction to Email marketing

A lot of people are starting to think email marketing is dying out. In fact, people seem to think email itself is dying out. With the rise of Slack, Zoom, Drift, and alllll of their counterparts, email’s on its way out. But, it’s not.

How to create a content marketing strategy

So, you’ve heard all the buzz around content marketing and now you’re hearing you need a content marketing strategy. Well, the buzz is true and, to create quality, performing content, you do need a content marketing strategy. Don’t just open a spreadsheet and stare at it blankly — we’ve got you.

How To Write A Blog

Learning how to write a blog is an amazing idea, both for you and your business. You’ve probably heard how good blogs are for SEO, credibility, and implementing a cracking content strategy, and it’s all true.

Introduction to Content Marketing

By now, you’ve probably heard heaps about how good content marketing is for… pretty much everything. But, much like TikTok, it’s one of those things where a lot of people are aware that it exists, but aren’t super fussed to learn why everyone keeps talking about it.

Podcasts, Voice Search & Getting Your Business Noticed

Voice search and podcasts: the new(ish) kid on the marketing block. Voice search’s popularity has soared with Google Homes and virtual assistants becoming the norm in the home. Podcasts have too.

Content Marketing For SEO: Why You Should Be Doing It Now

Content marketing has been around for years and years, in fact, centuries. Things like advertorials, packaged brand information, video content, and even webinars, are all forms of content marketing. We’ve only actually been calling it content marketing for a few years though.

Content Marketing: Why is content king?

Content marketing is a marketing technique that sees companies create and distribute quality, insightful content to consumers. The most common form of content marketing is through blogs but it can extend to video content and social media posts as well.

Five Things Copywriting Shouldn’t Have… Please

Copywriting, like most things in the digital marketing world, you can do it on your own. A good rule for life though, and also marketing is: just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

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