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Word Count & SEO: Quality Vs. Quantity

If you’ve worked with us on an SEO campaign, you’d probably have heard us talk about how important content is. If you’ve landed on a search-optimised landing page or blog post, you’ve probably wondered why someone felt like they needed to write 5,000 words on digital marketing. 

Google’s Getting Serious About UX Now

The Google Experience Update is a new brain baby from Google. It’s a new algorithm update that’s coming our way in 2021. Basically, it’s yet another advancement in Google’s obsession with User Experience (UX).

Google Trips: What It Is & What It Means For The Industry

Admittedly, we realise it’s probably a little harsh talking about travel, given the state of things. Trust us, we’re pining for an overseas trip we weren’t even planning too.

Google Reviews: Why They’re So Important

Google Reviews are seriously so important. It’s not just because a bad Google Rating makes you look bad either. That is a really good reason though. Google Reviews actually contribute to how you show up on Google Maps, Google Local Listings, and even in the SERP.

How to do Competitive Analysis for SEO

Competitive analysis is essential for businesses who want to rank higher, sell more, and generally do better than their competitors — so, pretty much every business ever.

How to do Keyword Research

So, we’ve introduced you to SEO and creating your own content marketing strategy. Buuut, one huge component of those is the keyword research. We’ve touched...

Ecommerce SEO Guide: Tips & Tricks For Your Online Store

Most successful eCommerce brands generate a whole bunch of business and traffic from their social media channels other marketing strategies like email marketing and influencer marketing. But, most of those avenues are kind of useless unless you’re ranking decently on Google.

Introduction to SEO

SEO is a digital marketing service that has this big reputation for being complex, confusing, and way too difficult to DIY. The truth is, when you get deep down into the nitty gritty of SEO and SEM…

How You Can Make Use of Google My Business for Local Search

When I was doing keyword research for this blog, some of the most googled questions about Google My Business were: What is google my business? How do i get my business on Google Maps? And how to get my business on Google? 

What the BERT Update means for your 2020 Content Strategy

You might’ve heard there was a Google algorithm update last month. You also might’ve seen an influx of digital marketers and content producers tweeting frantically about it.

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