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Email Signature Design: How To Make A Good One

Email signatures: they’re worth more than just making sure your email doesn’t look bland or spammy. Your email signature can make or break your professional image, give credibility to your emails, and help you differentiate yourself from your competitors or other service providers.

Web Design: Design With Statistics

Even with all that we know about User Experience, digital marketing, and how our client base interacts online, it can be hard to know exactly what’s working in your website’s design.

How to get the most out of your Web Design Agency

Redesigning and building a website can be time consuming and expensive, so when you’re enlisting the help of a web design agency, you want them to get it perfect. Finding the right web design agency for you is important, along with asking them the right questions.

Typography and Design

Typography is a massively important aspect of any design. Fonts, typefaces, and typography don’t all mean the same thing. Typefaces are a part of fonts, fonts are a part of typography, but there’s more to it.

Sustainability in Digital Design

We’ve all heard about ways to be more sustainable in how we buy groceries, how we live, and considerations we make when we’re out; carpooling and skipping a straw. But there are considerations we can make at work too, especially in digital marketing and as designers.

How to land a job in Web Design

As an agency built and run by young people, at Sonder we’re always excited to give 'up and coming' creatives a chance. One of the most common things we see are fresh university graduates, who’ve studied Graphic Design or Web Design but aren’t familiar with the programs we use.

Website Redesign Checklist: Step by Step

Deciding to completely redesign your website is huge. Website redesigns cost money and take a long time – so they’re a commitment. Redesigning your company’s website is a big decision, but it’s one that’s rarely regretted.

Design an eCommerce Website For Conversions

Design doesn’t just inform what a website looks like. It informs how users will interact with it, how long users will stay on the page, and whether the user will enjoy it. Whether an eCommerce site converts or not depends on a range of details but a big part of it is the web design.

2018 Website Design & Marketing Statistics

In the digital marketing and website design world, it can be hard to know exactly what’s working and what’s not. Luckily, in 2018 we can measure growth, track clicks and engagement, and we have access to statistics.

Web Design & Web Development: Sonder’s Glossary

Designers and developers can make web design and web development sound crazy confusing. It can sound like they have their own language and they kind of do. We’ve collated the terms we use most and defined them so we can share our web design & web development glossary with you.

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