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Marketing is our middle name! Actually it’s our last name…anyway. Here are our marketing blogs.

Small Business Marketing: Have Some Tips

The thing about small business marketing is that a big chunk of it is usually DIY. As marketers, we’re big on the whole ~you gotta spend money to make money~ thing. We also know that you gotta earn money to spend it. So, there’ll be things you might want to do yourself to save yourself some dosh. 

Sonder Named In Top 10 Agencies: Here’s Why It’s Bullshit

Recently, Sonder was named #9 out of 10 of Australia’s top marketing agencies to watch by Yahoo. Huge right? Yeah look, it’s not. Tom got a call from a guy who offered to chuck us in the write up if we paid $200 and the website had a Domain Rating of 91 so we were like hell yeah. 

Marketing to Generation Z & Why They Don’t Care For Content

Marketing to Gen Z, Generation Z, Zoomers, whatever you like to call them, can feel tricky. Gen Z is the next generation, following millennials. In case you’ve missed it, Gen Z is on the rise and they’re seriously rinsing the rest of us. We should all be scared.

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

Are you on the lookout for a new agency, but don’t quite know where to start or even how to choose a digital marketing agency? Digital marketing agencies can be intimidating.

Taking a look at Corona & Coronavirus

An unfortunate name correlation, a share price drop, and a poorly-timed social campaign — what should Corona be doing?

Branding: Building a Brilliant Brand

Some marketing blogs say branding is your ‘visual representation’. They say it’s the combination of a logo, a website, and a schmick name. Others disagree, they say it is all of those, but a colour palette and a fancy tagline too.

Digital Marketing: Content, Video & Voice Optimisation

As we move into 2019 more and more content is coming out; predicting the trends, pitting one strategy against another, not to mention the wild claims ‘SEO is dead’.

2018 Website Design & Marketing Statistics

In the digital marketing and website design world, it can be hard to know exactly what’s working and what’s not. Luckily, in 2018 we can measure growth, track clicks and engagement, and we have access to statistics.

Digital Marketing Agencies: Are they worth it?

If you’re here, we'd have a guess that you’ve received a proposal from a digital marketing agency, seen the cost and wondered, "is hiring an agency worth it" or "why should I hire them".

Creating Target Audience Personas

Any digital agency getting to know your business will ask you about your target audience personas or your buyer personas. It’s common that smaller businesses won’t have them, which makes sense, you don't have the same resources as an agency.

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