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Happy Sonder Launch Day: Peep Our Website Redesign

Hey and welcome to our brand new website — are you excited? We are! There’s a heap that goes into a website redesign and we...

How Visual Builders Fit Into The Web Design Industry

A couple of weeks ago I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram when I saw an ad for Webflow. As someone working in the web design industry who’s constantly on the lookout for content ideas, I was like, “ooooooooh”.

Why Websites Cost So Much

Have you looked into getting yourself a new website and been left shocked and confused about the price? We see it a lot, clients who are seeking a well-designed, fully functional website with a budget of roughly $1,000.

Web Development in 2018: What were the trends?

Web development is one of the most frequently updating and changing industries. The trends come and go. Some are heavily heavily based on design, others depend on technology and complex coding. No matter the reason, they change a lot.

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