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Pay Per Click Brisbane

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Pay Per Click Brisbane

PPC can refer to pay per click for Google Ads (Adwords), or for Facebook, Amazon, Bing, ahh, other search engines. Mostly Google Ads though. The idea is that you bid to the Google or Bing gods for that coveted top position on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), then if you get your link clicked, you pay for the click.

Make the click count

This means it’s important to make the click count, because you’re paying for it. Don’t worry, we’ll help with that too. It’s all about the keywords, who they target, and grouping them cleverly in the early stages of your campaign. Click through rates are really important too. We can help you optimise for them as well.

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Adwords Brisbane or… Google Ads

Look, Google rebranded their PPC platform to Google Ads but everyone seems to still be going strong on Adwords so. No matter what you call it, it’s still the most popular form of PPC. We know, we know, you were SURE it was going to be Bing. But no, really, Adwords is where it’s at. There’s more where that insight came from too, we’re full of them. Trust our SEO and Adwords experts to help you with your PPC campaign.

Bidding optimisation, account structures, strategies for targeting multiple locations, we got you. We’ll rake more business in for you via Adwords. Plus, did you know if your ads and landing pages are actually useful and satisfying to users, Google will charge you less per click. That means higher profits for your business.

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Google Shopping

If you’re in commerce, eCommerce especially, Google Shopping should be a go-to in your PPC strategy. Google Shopping is like another section of SERP. Similar to the images or news section, shopping is another results section in the search engine. Google Shopping lets searchers Google a term like ‘shoes’ and then provides them with a results page with links to shoes pulled from online stores. So, if your eCommerce site is optimised for Google Shopping, your products will get listed too.

It lets users see shoe products from all different brands like they’re on a neutral online store. It’s really handy for comparing different brands quickly. Shoppers can see the price, the star rating, and the brand the shoe is from, all at a glance.

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Running a glorious PPC campaign and Adwords campaign is great. But, to get the best results, you’ve got to back up these campaigns with good foundations. What are good foundations for a pay per click campaign? Decent organic rankings. A slow and steady SEO campaign. We’ll help you get your website’s authority in check. We’ll rewrite your website content, develop landing pages, create a content marketing campaign — whatever you need to get those nice results on Google, naturally.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the starting point for your pay per click campaign. It’s where we work out what your target audience is searching to find your product or services. We’ll cleverly group up your keywords for your PPC or Adwords campaign. Your keyword groups will inform the keywords and audiences we’ll be bidding for in your campaign. We’ll create content around these keywords too, to help your organic rankings. We’ll make sure to use both, the keywords with lots of searches, and the keywords with fewer searches. This way, we know we’ve covered enough ground.

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Landing Pages

Landing pages are your PPC campaign’s best friend. There’s a higher chance of ranking for something niche, usually a higher CTR (click through rate), and a lower bounce rate. Oh yeah, and the biggie: a higher ROI. We used a lot of marketing jargon there but basically, with your PPC campaign, you’re targeting keywords relevant to your products or services. So, why send traffic to your homepage and trust them to work it out?

Leaving your website visitors to work it out on their own can be disastrous. People are lazy, they don’t want to read or search for the button with the word they initially searched for. Work with us to create landing pages so what your customers are searching for, will be the first thing they see after clicking your link.

Ad Copywriting

Our copywriting team knows how to entice a click. We’ll work with you to create clever and strategic ad copy that your target audience will love. From title tags and meta descriptions, to long-form Instagram captions, and even to an amazing intro for your landing page, you know, to seal the deal. Our copywriters can help.

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CTR Optimisation

CTR stands for Click Through Rate. So, CTR optimisation is maximising the clicks on your ads. Yeah, ranking or winning the top spot on Google is only half the job. You still need to
get clicked on, then have them buy your product. Our copywriters help you get more bang for your buck in the form of clicks for your ads. We’ll use clever title tags and meta
descriptions and engaging ad copy that gets searchers really interested in you.

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