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Google actually rebranded their PPC advertising platform to Google Ads. But, we all seem to be continuing with Adwords so. Whatever you call it, it’s a really good way to get more business. Just pay Google to be #1 on their results page — easy peasy. Okay, that’s a lie. There’s a lot more to Adwords management than that. There’s bidding optimisation, your account structure, implementing location-based strategies. The good news is, we know what we’re doing and we’ll rake in way more business for you via Adwords.

Plus, did you know if your ads and landing pages are useful and satisfy searchers’ info-hunger, then Google actually charges you less per click. So, the better the job, the higher the profits.

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Google Shopping

Google shopping should be your go-to in your Adwords strategy if you’re in eCommerce. Google Shopping is another section of SERP (search engine results page), similar to the images or news tab. It means searchers can google a term like ‘shoes’ and then online stores who’ve optimised for Shopping will have their products listed. It looks like its own online store, only neutral and Google-branded. Google Shopping is really good for shoppers because they can compare products so easily. They can see the product, the price, the brand, and the star-rating all at a glance.

It’s good for online stores too. If you’re just starting your online store and don’t have the rankings to keep up with the big boys like VANS, Platypus, or Ruby, then Shopping is an opportunity to get noticed on Google. It’s easier to optimise for because the nature of the platform is less competitive than the traditional SERP. Not to mention: traffic to your website, brand awareness, all that good stuff.

Pay Per Click Brisbane

PPC or Pay Per Click can refer to paid advertising, by the click for Google Ads, or Facebook, Amazon, Bing, and all the other search engines, if you’re keeping up with them. The idea is that you bid to Google, or Facebook or whoever for the top positions. For Google’s Adwords the top position is obviously being the first link on the SERP. For Facebook, the bidding works a little differently, but the point still stands. You’re paying per click for your ideal outcome. Our PPC team knows their way around a PPC campaign. Using CTR optimisation, clever keyword research and grouping, precision targeting, and all that good stuff, we’ll make sure the clicks count for you. So you’re not just paying for people to land on your website and leave.

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The best SEO campaign in the world would still be supported by a juicy PPC campaign. The same should apply vice versa. Support your glorious PPC campaign with strong and stable foundations, in the form of SEO. Having decent organic rankings and a good base level of content is ideal to get the very most you can from your PPC campaign.

We’ll help you with your SEO strategy. We’ll get your website authority in check, we’ll rewrite your content, develop landing pages to support your strategy, and create a clever content marketing campaign for you. Whatever you need to do to get those nice and natural Google results, we can help.

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Keyword Research

Keyword research is where we work out what your target audience is searching for to find your product or your services. We’ll look at the volume of searches, the difficulty, and decide which high volume and which low volume keywords will be best to target. Then, we’ll group them up for your Adwords campaign. Your keyword groups inform the keywords and audiences we bid for, as well as the content we create to support the campaign. We’ll use these keywords for your traditional SEO strategy too.

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Landing Pages

Your Adwords campaign’s best friend should be landing pages. Landing pages are pages designed as a singular website page, to support an SEO strategy or an Adwords or PPC campaign. In fact, you’re on a landing page right now. Why are these so good? There’s a higher chance to rank for niche terms. There’s a higher click through rate (CTR), a lower bounce rate, and higher ROI. There’s no downside honestly.

Basically, you’re targeting keywords in your Adwords campaign right? So, why send them to your homepage and trust them to work their way through to the right page? Leaving your website visitors to find their own way is a dangerous game that usually skyrockets that dreaded bounce rate. Creating landing pages means that what they’re searching for is the first thing they see when they click your link.

Ad Copywriting

Copywriters know to use words to get you the click. Work with our copywriting team to create clever, strategic ad copy that your target audience will love. They can optimise your title tags and meta descriptions, but more than that, think Facebook posts, Instagram captions, or that introductory paragraph on your landing page. Our copywriters can help you get the business you want through quality ad copy.

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CTR Optimisation

CTR optimisation or click through rate optimisation is the maximisation of the clicks on your ads. Ranking on Google or winning the top spot through Adwords is only half the task at hand. Next, you need your links to get clicked on, then ideally, have them buy your product. Our copywriters will help you get more clicks, and more of the right kind of clicks on your Google Ads. Using clever ad copy in your title tags and meta descriptions, we’ll get searchers interested in you.

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