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Ipswich Family Law is a Brisbane based law firm with a sister firm based in Kenmore. They came to us wanting better Google rankings, more enquiries, and to stand out online. Ipswich Family Law had pretty decent rankings when it came to those broad-intent search queries.
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Melrose Keys Lawyers is a Brisbane based law firm with a sister firm based in Ipswich. They came to us wanting better Google rankings, more enquiries, and to stand out online with their new Ipswich business. Ipswich Family Law had pretty decent rankings when it came to those broad-intent search queries. So: lawyer Ipswich, Ipswich lawyer, lawyers Ipswich. But they needed to rank higher for those more specific search queries like: divorce lawyer Ipswich, property settlement lawyer Brisbane. 


These key search terms have fewer monthly searches but that’s not a bad thing. Ranking for these terms boosts your click through rate, boosts your convertibility, and the searcher is usually closer to buying — rather than just “having a look”. 


Create a strong online presence

There’s no point in ranking on Google if your website isn’t set up to convert your visitors into customers… or at least enquirers. So, we always kick off our digital marketing projects by upping your online presence.


Web Design

Ipswich Family Law already had a website but it was a little bit outdated. All the right ideas were there. We just needed to redesign the website so it had a better flow and guided users to the right spot. 



Rewriting the website copy, we made this more user-focused. So, rather than offering heaps and heaps of information around property law and the finer details, we addressed the pain points. It’s stressful, you don’t know what to do first, and what does conveyancing even mean?



Finding and partnering with a lawyer can feel intimidating to most. So, it was essential to send a photographer out to snap some friendly team photos and images of the office. It gives the website more credibility and it gives the clients a better idea of what they can expect. 


Google My Business

Google My Business is the driver of local SEO. So, we optimised Ipswich Family Law’s Google Listings so it’s full of all those high-value local search terms. From the business description, the selection of photos and through to the curation of products and services. We made sure their Google My Business was ready to rank and sell. 


Family lawyers google my business optimisation


google my business local search optimisation


Google Reviews are an amazing way to boost your local search rankings, particularly your Google Listings. We used a special schema mark up on Ipswich Family Law’s website pages so when they show up on Google, their impressive 5-star rating displays too. 


Get seen.


Google Ads

Google Ads is perfect for getting yourself more traffic and more enquiries. Obviously, ranking organically is the goal, but Google Ads gets the ball rolling for you. The better the traffic heading to your website, the better your organic search results. Google Ads and SEO go hand-in-hand.



Obviously, SEO is in mind from the start. So, we’ve got a well-developed, cleverly designed website with keyword optimised website copy. Yasss. Next, we went hard on the SEO. This means we made sure all the URLs were formatted correctly, we made sure there was a strong internal linking profile, as well as:


  • On-page speed
  • Image alt texts
  • Mobile Optimisation
  • Click-through rate optimisation


Then, with the help of our trusty keyword list, we put together a content tree. This is where we brainstorm a whole heap of landing page ideas and blog ideas that’ll help you rank. We don’t always know what’s worth it though. So, we’ll hand the content tree over to you to tell us what you’re into and what’s not worth it. Maybe you’d love a landing page for one of your core services, but that more niche, sub-service doesn’t make money anyway — we’ll leave that out.


Landing Pages

With the website in check and Ipswich Family Law’s local SEO on its way up, it was time to start scaling our efforts. That’s where landing pages come in. We start by creating landing pages around those high volume, high value search terms. Then, we’ll target the lower volume, but still pretty valuable keywords. For Ipswich Family Law, we’re still in the ~high volume~ phase. 


The landing pages we’ve created so far are:


  • Children Matters: Custody Lawyers
  • Family Lawyers Ipswich
  • Property Settlement Lawyers
  • Will Lawyers Ipswich


The Proof is in the Pudding

It’s been just under four months since we kicked things off with Ipswich Family Law.


digital marketing for lawyers



They now rank #1 for Family Law Ipswich and Ipswich Family Lawyers. They’ve slotted into #2 for family lawyers Ipswich, a keyword with 50 searches per month. And really super duper excitingly, they’re creeping up the first page for those broader search terms like law firms Ipswich, Ipswich solicitors, and Ipswich lawyers.


It gets better though. Those slightly more niche terms that offer fewer monthly searches but higher click-throughs and a higher conversion rate are soaring.


Ipswich Family Law are on the top half of the first page results for terms like: property settlement Ipswich, divorce lawyers Ipswich, and prenup lawyers Ipswich. While terms like will lawyer Ipswich, divorce lawyers Brisbane West, and Ipswich solicitors are all on the rise as we speak.



SEO for lawyers

SEO for lawyers







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