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Increasing local SEO and improving brand recognition for LeMans Motors

LeMans has been servicing Brisbane cars for the past 47 years and have no plans on stopping, thanks to their new website and increased traffic value.

LeMans Motors is a mechanic with five workshops across Brisbane, 2.9K monthly organic website visitors, and an $8k+ traffic value. However, they weren’t always getting this large traffic flow. When we first met with LeMans Motors, they had two workshops and their website was generating minimal organic traffic. They were heavily dependent on Google Ads to generate their traffic and their content wasn’t optimised for search engines.


Increase in monthly organic traffic


Increase in Monthly traffic value

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LeMans came to Sonder with a completely clean slate, we needed to find the right visuals to represent their brand and the right tone for their website. Luckily for us, LeMans had a vibrant culture and a community that had been built around their brand. It wasn’t hard to find content with their consistently glowing reviews and food humoured mechanics.

“Sonder are incredibly efficient, deliver high-end results and were transparent and honest throughout the entire process.”

Marcus Newton - General Manager

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We created LeMans, an entirely new website that was full of content about their services, their values and how to book in. Every page was optimised to include relevant keywords that would see LeMans appearing in relevant local SEO searches in Brisbane. The website design took on best practice UX/UI principles to increase the usability of the site. When search engines look to prioritise certain pages, they often search for websites that have excellent design and a sitemap that’s easy to navigate.

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The results for LeMans speak for themselves. There was a massive increase in organic traffic which meant that more people were finding LeMans from local SEO searches in Brisbane. This led the monthly value of LeMans to skyrocket. So, what are the tangible outcomes of this traffic? Due to the huge value increase in traffic, LeMans were able to open two new locations and continue to supply the greater Brisbane region with their brilliant servicing.

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