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Want your business to look cooler or fancier or more profesh? You’ve come to the right place. We help brands lift their game through graphic design, branding, and logo design services.

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Logo Design Brisbane

Branding and logo creation aren’t the same thing. A brand is an identity system that’s made up of each individual visual element you use to communicate your brand to your customers. So inside of your brand is your brand’s message, your brand colours, your brand type, your logo, and all these other little assets. Your logo? It’s the biggest chunk of that identity system. It’s the first thing your target audience really sees and gets to judge, kind of like your first impression. We’ll make you a logo your dream client will fall in love with.

Brand Design

Your brand is basically how people judge you based on how you’ve defined yourself (or haven’t). So it’s not just making up a logo and picking a font from Google. We’ll get to know you and your business, kind of like a first date except in the meeting room — but we will shout you a coffee. We’ll dig in and ask the right kind of questions to learn about you and your business and what separates you from your competitors. Maybe you have a hectic customer support system, maybe your after-sales care is off the charts. Anyway, we’ll ask you about your goals too, we’ll find out who your dream client is and where you’d love to see your business.

Then, our magic graphic designers will translate all of that information into something visual. They’ll create a brand that ticks all of the boxes your target audience have drawn. We’ll design your whole brand: your logo, your type, brand colours, brand messaging — we’ll make sure every single thing plays a part in working towards your goal. Whether you’re in need of a rebrand or need a brand created from scratch, we can’t wait to work with you.

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Brand Strategy

When we develop a brand strategy for your business, we’re basically framing how people will see you. So it’s all about working out who we’re trying to reach and finding out if what you’re currently doing is enough for them. How would your brand fit into their lives? What would they tell their friends and family about you? What can we do together to make sure you and your business seem like the most appealing option to them?

Your brand strategy is a long-term plan for how you’ll continue to develop your brand. We’ll help you work out where you’ll start, how you’ll build up your brand, and which direction you’ll take it in. Along with the individual steps you’ll need to take to get it done.

Brand Implementation

It starts with the brand rollout. We’ll work with you to choose a day for your brand rollout. We’ll make sure absolutely everywhere is ready to go. So you’ll have all of your print collateral: sales brochures, business cards, what-have-you with your new branding ready to go. Your website will be redesigned with your new branding. We’ll even update your Facebook and LinkedIn cover photos. Your logo will be absolutely everywhere and if you hassled your graphic designer enough — it might even be as big as you want it.

Basically, we’ll prepare everything and have a rock solid plan so on rollout day you look professional as heck. We’ll line up a bunch of social graphics and captions for the big reveal and everything. Plus, you’ll get a style guide to take away so you and any designers you leave us for use in the future, will make sure you stay right on brand.

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Style Guide

Staying on brand is important. It makes you more identifiable. Always using your brand the right way means you’ll be consistent which means there’s a better chance of better brand recognition. So you’ll get a little booklet called a style guide. The style guide is basically filled with all the rules for how to use your brand elements.

Graphic designers love rules. They’ll tell you how to use your fonts, which fonts you’re allowed to use in your emails, the font to use in your social graphics. They’ll even specify which of your brand colours can go with which other colours, along with the scenarios you should be using them in. Your graphic designer has thought of everything, seriously.

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Graphic Design Brisbane

We offer a whole bunch of graphic design services to Brisbane. Professional graphic design makes you look way more legit. There’s a little bit more to it, but the idea alone that you contacted a graphic design agency instead of opening up Paint should mean a lot to potential customers. We’ll create basically any design you need. From fun social media graphics to serious document design and anything in between. Lookbooks, presentations, postcards, EDM templates, icons for your website — seriously anything graphic design.

Our graphic design team is obsessed with creating designs that serve a purpose. So, you won’t just get something pretty. You’ll get something pretty that’s full of thought and strategy. Something that represents you and resonates with your target audience.

Social Media Graphics

There’s no shortage of brands on social media. So to stop their scrolling and even get a like, or better yet a comment with a tag, you need to stand out. Amazing brand photos are a really good way to stand out online. Buuuut, you can’t always perfect your Instagram grid with photos. A photo isn’t always perfect for your blog and some social posts are just better suited to a graphic. Our graphic designers can create custom social media graphics tailored to your posts. Or, we can give you a bunch of sweet social media graphics with customisable elements. Either way, our graphic design services will make you look super cool.

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Business Stationery

Leave a lasting impression with a fancy business card, or pen, or your own personalised merch. Business stationery or promotional materials like business cards, notebooks, letterheads, that kind of thing makes your business look like the cool guy in your industry. We make people want to work with you through our fancy graphic design services.

Business Cards

A lot of things in business chop and change, but business cards are forever (probably). Business cards are basically your handshake in business, your graphic designer will make sure it’s a strong one.

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Flyers & Sales Brochures

Sales brochures may be a little old school but they still sell. Arm your sales team with the perfect sales tool. Our graphic design team works closely with our copy team to create something that sells your business. When it comes to flyers there are two kinds that leave a lasting impression: terribly designed flyers and amazingly designed flyers. You should be going for the second one.

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