Marketing is how businesses create and maintain good relationships with their customers. It’s the (not very) secret to growing your business and seeing more success. Marketing allows you to earn more customers and work a little less hard for them.

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Marketing agency services, moulded to your business

We’re not in the business of sticking you with things you don’t need, so we’ll only suggest the services we know will get you thriving. Our main marketing agency services include: web design and development, copywriting, SEO, PPC, and content marketing. But with a clever team and some pretty fancy connections we can be pretty flexible.

Google Ads

Google Ads is Google’s PPC (pay per click) platform. Google Ads is one of the most reliable ways to send a steady stream of traffic to your website. To be honest though, it’s not the most sustainable. We always recommend winding down your Google Ads campaign as SEO results pick up — we’ll chat about it more later on though.


Fixated on delivering top notch SEO results (more on that here), we team smaller services up that give your website the power to rank on Google. Our SEOs only use white hat tactics — meaning we do things by the book. It sets you up for long-term success, rather than a bandaid fix.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of those crazy beneficial services that positions you really positively, seriously supports your SEO campaign, but also works on its own to boost your brand. Our team has a special knack for creating engaging and strategic content that milks all those benefits for everything they have.


Copywriting is more than just writing fancy prose. It’s what sells you. Whether it’s on your website, landing page, social media, or something in print — copywriting communicates all the best bits about your business, services, and offering. It frames you as whatever you want to be: edgy, corporate, highly professional. Copywriting makes sure your personality shows up on the page while putting the advantage of your partnership front and centre.

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Marketing keeps your business in their head

Brand awareness isn’t just about becoming a household name. That would be nice though. It’s about showing up in the relevant people’s lives and subtly letting them know that whenever they need your service, you’re ready. Marketing has two core sides. The first being the brand awareness side — making sure the right people know who you are. The second is convincing and converting.

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Boost sales sustainably and organically

One of our favourite things about marketing is that the materials we create continue building up your brand. Each marketing material acts like a block in the brick wall that is your digital authority and charm. Marketing sustainably and organically builds your materials to keep you showing up where you need to.

💡 Fun Fact

The first 5 organic spots on Google get nearly 70% of the clicks.

Marketing establishes your business and its reputation

Quality marketing materials are everything, but so is your reputation. Marketing supports your reputation by subtly telling potential customers what to think of you. You’re then backed up by your photos, copy, work, and website. Marketing gets that ball rolling when it comes to establishing your business as a go-to, the absolute bees knees of your industry.

Marketing FAQs

Have a question about marketing? How it grows your business? Where all of those big charts come from? (We think it’s probably Officeworks.)

Advertising, in most cases, is like generally promoting your business. It gets your business in front of a really large audience and the effectiveness comes from the numbers game. Marketing doesn’t play the numbers game as much. It targets a specific group of people who are significantly more likely to need (or want) your product or service. 


Then, it sells it in an empathetic way. It pinpoints the reasons they need what you’re selling and explains how the audience is going to benefit from it. 


Marketing combines a bunch of sub-services like copywriting, SEO, content marketing, social media, PR, and even those annoying postcards that end up in your letterbox all the time. No, that’s not us. Promise.

It really depends on your business, the industry, and which marketing services you’ve signed up for. 

When it comes to SEO and content marketing results, we usually tell our clients they’ll be looking at a three month wait for rankings to start coming through. 

Google Ads campaigns and copywriting services may see quicker success but again, it seriously depends on your budget and how much competition we’re dealing with.

What we will say, is that if you’re concerned with how soon results will be coming through, it’s pretty important to jump on the marketing train now. 

The sooner we start chipping away at your marketing, the sooner the results come through.

It depends on your business! We have a tried and trusted approach we use to make sure your online presence is thriving, but it’ll depend on who you are, what you do, and where we’ll find your customers.

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