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Websites Brisbane

Websites are our specialty. We don’t just build them and hand them over though. Our websites are specially engineered to target and smash your business goals.

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Web Design Brisbane

The websites we design look amazing. Design isn’t just about looking good though. It’s all about marrying the elements of visual art with elements of practicality and usability. So, web design is about creating a website that looks really good but works even better. That’s what we do. Our web designers are the best in UX/UI design, web app design, online stores, informational websites, all the good shit. We’ll design a website for you that makes everyone you know go, “omg that’s so you” and works to get you more business.

Our web designers think of every detail. From the placement of your logo to the little icons they use to break up the content on the page — nothing is a ‘nothing thing’ to them. We’ll work with you to place the perfect imagery, next to perfect copy, on a page that leads your visitors to do what you want. Whether it’s calling your office, requesting a free consultation, or heading to the next page… the one that’ll really sell ‘em.

Web Development Brisbane

Once we’ve designed your new website, we’ll have a web developer build it out. They always develop websites “by the book”. That means they don’t cut corners and they set your website up correctly — instead of using dodgy tricks to get it done quicker (if you’re considering a $500 website, here’s your heads-up). It’s hella important your developer does it this way so your business and website are set up to grow. Rather than your business growing and your website gaining more and more visitors and then crashing and breaking.

Our developers will build you a website that loads quickly and properly, and works just as it should. No jagged or slow loading. No jumpy or lagging pages. No links pointing to the wrong, or non-existent pages. Our websites are always responsive too. That means it’ll load on any device… whether it’s your Mum’s weird smartphone from Woolies, or the latest iPad.

We’ll develop your website on the platform that suits you best too. WordPress, Magento, Shopify, your web developer will make it work. We can even custom develop integrations for your website to make your life easier. If you’re lost, you can get an idea over here.

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Website Content Creation

People are regularly confused about what content is. Is it words? Photos? Content can refer to a bunch of different things — in this case, it’s about the contents of your website. So, the copy, photos, illustrations, blog posts, that sort of thing. Websites with real and original content get more traffic, rank higher, and just ~work better~ than those without. We’ll work with you to get the content you need, so on your website’s launch day, you look legit AF.

We’ll hook you up with our photographer. If photos don’t work for your industry, we’ll create illustrations. If you’re planning on running a blog, we’ll prep up three posts to get you started. We’ll write the copy, insert the graphics, and work with you so your new website is everything you want it to be by launch day.

Give us a call or request one back.

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Give us a call or request one back.

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We’ll chat with you about:

  • The enquiries you’re chasing
  • What kinds of marketing you’ve tried (What worked? What didn’t?)
  • Whether or not Carole Baskin did it…

Copywriting for Websites Brisbane

The most amazingly designed website in the world wouldn’t really get anywhere without copy. Copy is what guides your website visitor to where they need to go. Whether it’s a menu item or a button. And the better the copy? The better the results. Our writers create the kind of website copy that’ll engage and amaze your dream client or customer. They’ll work with you to work out how you want to come across. Maybe you want to be a big, authoritative voice in your industry. Maybe you want to sound hip and down with the kids. We’ll make sure your copy represents you and your business. Then, we’ll even drizzle those renowned keywords in there, so you show up on Google.

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Website SEO Brisbane

What does a website that doesn’t show up on Google have in common with a glass hammer? They’re both purely decorative. You could have the most stunning website in the world, but if you’re not making any SEO efforts, it’s honestly useless. Our SEOs and content marketers will work together to develop content and brilliant digital PR campaigns to help boost your SEO and get you showing up on Google.

Website Hosting Brisbane

We’re the host with most… reliable hosting services. Once you send your website live (or if you have an existing live website) you can host that bad boy with us. We have a legit, quality server. It means you’ll get quick loading times, reliability for your website, and a secure backend. We’ll constantly “save” or “back up” your website too. It means that if something goes wrong, like your website is hacked into, we can revert it back to its normal state ASAP.

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Why work with Sonder?

We’re a small team with a bunch of knowledge and experience in digital marketing. When you team up with us, you’re basically teaming up with a range of experts who work together to create what you need. Whether that’s a website, some content, or a full-blown campaign. We’ve worked across a range of industries too. So a website we create for a construction company will be just as effective as one we create for a beauty brand. It also means that we can borrow trends and techniques from alternative industries and tailor them in a fresh and exciting way for you.

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