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Website Copywriting

We work out what language your target audience is speaking and then craft website copywriting that lets them know why you’re their new best friend

Need some words for your website?

You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got heaps of words. Okay, that probably doesn’t bode well… With a team of professional copywriters who know all there is to know about SEO copywriting, the perfect website copy formula, not to mention… how to sell — we’re your new go-to for website copywriting. We’re absolutely stoked to get to work with Brisbane brands to echo their personalities, sell their services or products, and create copy that represents them but also resonates with their target audiences.

What is website copywriting?

Copy is the text you see on websites, online stores, brochures, billboards, pretty much anywhere, unless it’s an article… Then it’s content. No, we can’t imagine why that’d be confusing. So, copywriting is the writing of the copy and thus, website copywriting is the writing or creation of your website copy. Website copy or website copywriting, usually serves a purpose. Words are more important than you might realise. They tell users where to go next, where clicking that button will take them, or provides much needed information to the user. But, it can also make you show up on Google, make more visitors come to your website, and get you more sales.

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Why do I need professional website copywriting?

The truth is, you know your industry and you know what your customers want. Technically, you could write your own website. The thing is, that copywriters know how to subtly relate to your website visitors and mention the things that get to them, without them noticing we’ve planted it there.

Copywriters know exactly how to place keywords to make you rank on Google. They know how to place headings for your visitors who hate reading, and how to make the body copy perfect for those who don’t. Website copywriters know how to make copy flow, make it educational but relatable, and most importantly, they know how to make the copy turn into real sales.

Informational Website Copywriting

We’ll create content for you that deserves links. That isn’t rewriting a hot take on the latest trend in your industry unfortunately. It’s usually not a how-to either. We’re not dissing those content pieces, to be clear. They have their place in the content world but it’s not in the link building corner. The link building corner is all about shareable, linkable content. So, if you’re a shoe company and you write a blog on how to tie your shoelaces, that’s nice and it might be a helpful resource for parents… But no one will link to it because that’s widely accepted as general knowledge. So, they don’t need to quote you or pay any credit to you because you didn’t work out how to tie the shoelaces. It’s about unique, original content.

eCommerce Copywriting

When most people think of online stores, they don’t think of copy. But, you can’t sell your products with photos alone. We’ll write keyword-optimised category and product descriptions for your online store and create small but punch-packing snippets of copy around your website. Everything we write for your online store is written with the intention of making you show up on Google or getting your visitors to click ‘Add to Basket’. And they will, trust us.

Landing Page Copywriting

Landing pages are crazy useful and can help you invigorate your marketing strategy. Whether they’re informational or eCommerce landing pages, they’re more targeted and more direct. They’re better for ranking on Google and better for selling specific products or services. But a landing page is only as good as its copy. Our website copywriting team will create landing page copy that flows perfectly with the design while screaming the core benefits of your business, and making your landing page visitors take action. We can craft the perfect landing page for your business’ goals.

SEO Copywriting

What would even be the point of writing your brand new copy for your website, but not optimising it for search? Pretty much none. Our SEO copywriting team will write you copy that’s optimised for search but still sounds really good. We know how to reach that ideal keyword density without sounding spammy, and we can make your copy still read in a fun, creative way while still ticking all the boxes to show up on Google. We’ll do SEO copywriting for informational websites, for online stores, or for landing pages.

Brand Messaging & Tone of Voice

Spilling all the right information, showing up on Google, and shouting about the benefits of your business is all well and good. But if the website copy doesn’t sound like you or your brand, will it attract the right customers? Will you feel proud of it? Will you still love handing out your business card and eagerly telling them to check out your website? Maybe not… and that’s more important than you think. We’ll work with you to work out your brand’s personality, what message you want your brand to tell and the tone of voice in your copy. Then, we’ll create copy that imitates you and your brand, so your website copy just sounds like if you were to have a chat with a prospective customer

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