We build really good websites

Web Development

We build really good websites

We’re pretty obsessed with websites. Especially good ones. More importantly though, we know what makes a good website.

What makes a good website?

It’s a brilliant design that’s supported by best practice web development. Content and the server your website is hosted on plays a part too… We can talk about that later though.

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Your go-to Brisbane web developers

Our team of front end web developers and back end web developers always use best practice coding. That means they write the code for your website properly so that, in the future you can get a different web developer to edit or change something on your website. You could do this if they didn’t use best practice coding too — it’s just that your website would probably break and fall apart. WordPress development, Magento development, even Shopify and WooCommerce development — we’ll crack the code. Get it? Code. Anyway.

Our websites do exactly what they should

When we build you a website, it’s important to us that it works well. That means: loading fast, loading properly, and functioning as it should. Our web developers make sure your website loads quickly by minimising and condensing their code. This earns you brownie points from Google and your website visitors. By coding carefully and never cutting corners, we give you a highly functional website that does everything we said it would in the initial meeting.

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WordPress Developer

WordPress supports informational websites really well, as well as online stores (with the help of WooCommerce). WordPress backends are easy to edit and easy to update, think company news, blogs, special offers. Plus, it’s a strong and secure backend — meaning less can go wrong so you can stress less. WordPress is the biggest open source platform too. Open source is a fancy way of saying that everyone contributes to it. So, WordPress developers develop plugins for free and then everyone who uses WordPress can use these too. Plugins give the website extra features and make it do more. WordPress being the biggest platform means that it has the most WordPress developers providing these plugins.

Building your website on a WordPress backend is guaranteeing you convenience. It’s so easy to integrate your analytics, your SEO plugins, your social media. Say you write a blog post and you want to share it to Twitter and Facebook. You can find yourself a plugin that’ll post your blog there automatically when it’s published.

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eCommerce Web Development

eCommerce web development is kind of our thing. It starts with choosing the perfect platform for you. How many products do you have? Do you post your own content too? What do your customers need from you? We’ll work with you to decide which platform is best: Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify. Our online store developers will build in all the coolest features too. Product filters, search capabilities, don’t even get us started on API integrations. You can get all the other services that make an online store what it is from us too. Copywriting to sell, product photography to make you look fancy, SEO so you show up, you get the idea. Basically, we’ll make you something that makes your life easier, rakes in sales, and also makes you look very legit (the goal).

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Magento Developer

Magento is kind of the supreme of eCommerce platforms. It’ll support online stores with tens of thousands of products, easy. It’s super simple to optimise loading times on Magento, it’s more secure than, I don’t know, an Armaguard van or something? There’s a heap of neato integrations for third party apps too. Which basically means we’ll integrate your email marketing, your shipping gateway software, your analytics into the backend of your online store. Our developers can integrate and customise an Algolia search engine on your store too. It means that your business is a little bit more streamlined and your life is a lot easier. Magento is legit packed full of eCommerce goodies.

Our Magento developers can build you a new online store from scratch. But, we can also migrate Magento 1 online stores to Magento 2 or WooCommerce stores to Magento.

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WooCommerce Developer

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that turns your website into an online store. Okay, it’s a little bit more complicated than that — but that’s why you’re here right? WooCommerce is really good for when you offer services and products. So, maybe you sell your products on your own but you also sell the installation and set up as a service. Using WooCommerce, you can have your WordPress website do both. It’s got all those good features like inventory control (you can even assign inventories to store managers), built-in analytics, and integrations designed for selling online. There’s hundreds of extensions and plugins available so you can customise it to be just as you need it to be.

Plus, because it’s on a WordPress backend you can edit products and update your blog by yourself. Our WooCommerce developers will even show you how to do it when we send your website live.

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Shopify Developer

Shopify was originally created to be a super simple platform for online store owners to create something for themselves. It kind of levels the playing field for business owners. So you no longer need to produce $10k straight up just to get your business off of the ground. A DIY Shopify store won’t last you forever though. As your business grows, so should your website. Our Shopify developers customise Shopify websites to make them better suit your needs and support your eCommerce goals. These websites are super stable and secure — especially when you get our Shopify development team on the task. Shopify has built-in payment and shipping features and supports blogging and SERP functions.

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Magento Integrations

Our Magento developers can create custom Magento integrations for your online store, or customise existing integrations for you. You’ve got the integrations that make your business work. Payment systems, shipping gateways, POS, inventory management, order fulfillment. Then there’s all your marketing integrations — which are just as important. You’ve got analytics, email marketing, SEO, social media. Our Magento development team make your life way easier with these customised Magento integrations.

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