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So, you’re on the lookout for a new web design agency… Good news, we’re chockers with web designers, web developers, copywriters, and fancy content creators who are all really, really clever when it comes to websites. Our web design is so good it’ll have your visitors thinking you’re kind of a big deal.

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What is Web Design?

Are you looking for a website, but wondering what web design even is? No worries. Web design is the beginning stage of making a website. You probably could’ve guessed; it’s the design of the website. It’s the first step that needs to happen before a web developer can start ‘building’ it.

How does Web Design work?

The web design process starts with us getting to know you. Kind of like a date, except on this one, it’ll be us talking about your job too much, not vice versa. We’ll ask about who your clients are, who you want them to be, and what your business is going for. Maybe you want to look super duper professional and corporate, maybe you’re going for that cool guy brand. Whatever it is, we’ll make it work.

Once we’ve worked that out, we’ll put together a wireframe — that’s like a really boring picture of a website. No colours, no images, not even a logo, it’s just a blueprint really. This is where our web designers work out how the website will work, where your visitors will naturally go and what we want them to see first.

Then, your web designer gets to the looks of your website. They’ll pick the right colours, the right fonts, position your photos perfectly, and pop the words in the most impactful position they can. Before we hand it over to the web developers, the designers work out how it’ll look on different devices. They’ll make sure your website looks as nice on a laptop as it does a huge desktop computer — as well as phones and tablets. In the biz, we call this responsive web design.

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UX Design

We’ll make you a really pretty website, but we’ll make sure it’s functional too. UX design (User Experience Design) is all about the experience the user has. So when we’re considering the UX of your website, your web designer will seriously think about how your visitors will use and interact with your website. They’ll make sure to place everything exactly where your visitors expect it to be. Menus in the top right corner, logos in the top left, that kind of thing. It’s all about making your website as easy as possible to use so that you get the very best results possible — instead of losing business because your visitors gave up on your website.

Web Development Brisbane

This is where the web designers hand over their mockup of your website to a web developer. Your web developer will build the mockup into something real. They’ll use a bunch of fancy code to customise your website to the design. Then, they’ll make sure the website’s responsive. So it’ll load properly on any device: smartphone, laptop, tablet, iMac. Web developers want your website to work perfectly. So they’ll play around with your code to make sure your website loads quickly, works exactly as it should, and that it scrolls and flicks between pages seamlessly. We’ll make your website work like a bloody dream.

Our developers can create integrations for your website too. So you can hook up your other marketing programs or analytics software to the backend of your website and streamline your processes. Integrations can make your life way easier, from chatbots to booking systems, to payment and shipping integrations for eCommerce.

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Web Design for Web Apps

You don’t always need an app. A web app is a website that acts and works like an app, except it’s found on your web browser and through Google. So, users will just google your name and find your web app on their browser. It saves them the time of downloading an actual app — which can pretty often be the step that loses you a sale. Yeah, people are THAT lazy. Web apps are also just a lot cheaper, quicker, and easier to develop than real apps. These are a really cool option for brands who could benefit from an app but aren’t quite there yet.

Website Copywriting

So we’ve nailed the web design for you but the mockup is still full of filler text. It’s around this point that your project might slide around some other desks too. Our copywriter will write some words for your website — usually persuasive, compelling, engaging kind of words. The kind of words that work hard to turn visitors into customers, the words help with showing up on Google too (bonus).

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Content Creation for your Website

Our web design really is brilliant. But that doesn’t mean you should send your brand new website live bare. We’ll work with you to create a nice, solid foundation of content for you to build on with your new website. Whether it’s a few blog posts, a photo series, or production for a few How-To videos, we’ve got you.

Website SEO Brisbane

There’s no point in splurging for amazing web design if your website doesn’t show up on Google. We’ll optimise the crap out of your website so you can start smashing your business goals. Through our Search Marketing services like technical SEO and content marketing, we’ll create a super solid base for your website’s future SEO efforts.

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Your New Web Design Agency Brisbane

Meet your new agency for web design Brisbane. We’re a small team of creative experts who are totally stoked to get to help Brisbane businesses get noticed. You can trust our web design services to make you and your business look super flash and fancy.

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