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Tone of Voice Development & Brand Identity Brisbane

We’ll work with you to find all the best bits about your business and package them up into a developed brand message and voice that sounds just like you.

Tone of Voice Development & Brand Identity Brisbane

If you’re already here, on this page, we’re guessing we don’t really need to tell you about the importance of your brand sounding just right. But, let us do it anyway?

Your tone of voice and your brand identity are your keys to earning your dream clients or customers, and matching your products or services with the person who’ll appreciate them the most. 

Run of the mill copy that sounds like ~someone~ in your industry will cut it, don’t get us wrong. But, with serious tone of voice development and a strong brand identity, you’ll be attracting the clients who need you, who’ll love you, and who you’ll love back. They’ll be as excited about your business as you are and they’ll champion your brand for you. A strong brand is the difference between having a relatively strong client base and having a devowed fan club.

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What is tone of voice?

Your tone of voice is how the character or the personality behind your brand is portrayed through your written words. It’s how formal or enthusiastic or silly you are. It’s not necessarily the content of what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it. 

You know when you get a new phone and you haven’t updated your contacts? But you get a few texts and you can kind of guess who they are despite the random numbers? The way you can work out which friend messaged you because of the greeting or that stupid slang word they use? That’s an example of tone of voice. 

Tone of voice is showing off who you are and displaying your personality through the words you choose to use. It all sounds pretty vague, huh? How could we possibly package up and sell your tone of voice to you? We’ll get to that soon.

What is brand message & brand identity?

When people think of a brand, they usually think of a logo, a set of colours, and a font. They’re not wrong, that’s branding and that definitely does come into your brand identity. Brand identity includes a bunch of elements: your values, your brand message, your tone of voice, and how you make your customers feel. 

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Defining your brand identity is all about picking a brand message, defining your values, and what sort of emotion you’re trying to make your customers feel. “Good” isn’t the right answer, unfortunately. Your brand message is a huge part of this. A good brand message communicates your value or the benefit of choosing you. We’ll work with you to develop a clear message that’s true to your brand and its values and shapes you in the light you deserve to be seen in.

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Why It Matters

Tone of voice and your brand message are what tells people who you are and affects how these people view you. Do you want potential customers to think you’re highly professional and crazily qualified for the job? Or do you want people to think you’re cool, young, and fresh? Maybe you want to position your brand as a support, a pillar to help your target audience achieve… whatever it is you do. 

Your tone of voice and your brand message aaand your brand identity will each inform all of your marketing materials as well as how you communicate with your target audience generally. Your tone of voice and brand identity are what draws in customers and gets you the business you want, it’s what positions you in your industry. These tell other people how they should interpret you and your brand. So, spending the time to get it just right means you’ll be interpreted exactly how you want to be.

Tone of Voice Development

Tone of voice development isn’t you coming to us and letting us know you want to sound kind of like thankyou the hand soap brand before we dash off and give you a piece of paper with your tone of voice on it. It’s more of a collaborative workshop, because, unfortunately only you can tell us what your tone of voice is — we’re kind of just here to help you get it out.

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Who are you talking to?

We’ll work together to pick different words out of pairs and workshop ideas of what we might like the first impression of your brand to be. Together, we’ll pick apart your target audience and work out what they’d like to hear, who they want to “meet” in a brand, and how they’d talk to their friends. No matter how you view yourself or your business — there’ll always be a difference in how we communicate with 20-somethings and 40-somethings. There’ll always be a difference in how we speak to B2C customers and B2B clients.

The actual tone of voice

You’ll leave with a serious idea of how to craft a sentence in your tone of voice. Together, we’ll work out which positive adjectives suit your brand and which don’t, which negative words suit and which don’t. The must-nevers will be considered too — the words your brand should never use. 

Your writing structures will be templated for you too. We’ll define your sentence lengths — maybe your tone of voice is really wordy like ours, to imply excitement, simplicity, and give off a conversational tone. We’ll help describe the tone too. Is it kind? Is it edgy? You’ll receive full guidelines that explain to you how to use your tone of voice, fit with examples.

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Brand Message & Brand Identity Development

Again, you’ll need to work with us to work this one out. Because, ultimately, it’s your identity and your message. We’ll definitely help you work out what your brand message and brand identity is and we’ll work out how we can a) package it up for you and b) implement in your marketing to get the cash monies.

Like we said earlier, your brand message should imply the benefit of choosing you. It’s not as simple as the immediate, obvious benefit. Nike’s brand message is not that they sell shoes, or that you’ll always be dressed for exercise. Nike’s message is that everyone is an athlete. It’s communicated through their tagline “Just Do It”, their products, their branding, and particularly their mission statement… “Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world – *if you have a body, you are an athlete.”

Your brand message

By asking you a bunch of annoying questions, stepping into the shoes of your customers, and by researching a bunch of other brands in your industry, we’ll work out your brand message. We’ll define your brand’s story, your guiding values, your tagline — but most importantly, we’ll define your brand message and inject it into all of your other brand assets. A clear message makes your value clear to your audience. An audience that understands your brand and the value of it? New customers.

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