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HTML, JavaScript, CSS.
Whatever it is, our developers
will crack the code.

Web Development

When you think web development you probably think guys in hoodies typing furiously. Well, it is kind of like that except intermittently they open Youtube ‘cause they’re stuck. (Honestly, we asked the web developers to help us with this but they didn’t really give us anything… not a chatty bunch. Bear with us while we try and jazz it up.)

When you think web development you probably think guys in hoodies typing furiously. Well, it is kind of like that except intermittently they open Youtube ‘cause they’re stuck.

Build better with a
strong foundation

WordPress website developers

Our WordPress developers create a solid foundation for your new website by using ‘best practice coding’. That basically means they write the fancy code how it’s meant to be, not how’s easiest, so if you want to change your website, your next developer can do it easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Plus they’ll ‘minify’ the code, that means they make your website load really quickly — that gets you brownie points from both Google and your visitors (people hate waiting for things).

WordPress websites are super easy to manage and update — our Design Lead, Alex will even show you how to do it. You can wack integrations in there too: think PayPal, Mailchimp. Hey, by the way, how many Red Bulls does it take to run a web development team? (Told you web development was tough to make fun — we’re trying okay)

The place to be
for scalable
online stores

Magento websites developers

Magento is the king of eCommerce, it’s the place to be if you’re selling stacks of products online. Our Magento developer will build out your online store on this powerhouse of a CMS. Building on a Magento backend has a bunch of perks like: easily optimised loading times, tighter security than Crimsafe, and really neat integrations with third party apps.

Magento is perfect if you have a lot of products — we’re talking tens of thousands. It has a lot of eCommerce specific features too, like inventory control. Plus, there are heaps of Magento extensions designed and developed by people even smarter nerdier than us that mean your online store can do more woo.

The place to be for
baby online stores

WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin so if you don’t have too many products, this guy’s for you. It has all that good WordPress stuff we talked about above, especially the whole “updating on your own website” idea. WooCommerce is better than Magento if you have an online store but offer services too, or your online store is on the smaller side.

Don’t make them
download an app

Web App Development

Do you have a really cool app idea? Do you need an app and it’s not that cool but it’s probably necessary now? Either way, our app developers will make it for you. Our team of app designers will do all the UI/UX and wireframing whatever before our developers take over and start saying words like stickyness and react native. We make apps that look good, work better, and show up on Google — ace.

Make your website
do more

API Integrations

API integrations make your website able to do more. The developers explained this to me and now I’m going to explain it to you, so strap in. API stands for Application Program Interface and it can be integrated with other web platforms or applications. Which is an extraordinarily fancy way of saying that you can take stuff and integrate it into your app or your website. The stuff you can integrate? Things like Xero, Google Maps, payment systems.

Our developers will take these applications and integrate them into your website. They can make the integrations, manage them, secure them, you name it.