Your website’s going to meet loads of new visitors.

Imagine if we made you a website as cute as pie but no one could find it. Wouldn’t that be grim? Our SEO and SEM team make loads of spreadsheets, graphs, and apparently they read the thousands of algorithm changes Google makes each year too.

Technical SEO

Websites optimised for Google and for humans

Ahh, technical SEO: the foundation of any good website and the nerdiest of all the SEO jobs. Luckily for you, our office is filled to the brim with nerds who are actually really keen to get into that backend and look at your site hierarchy, your page speed, and your internal link and backlink profiles. They’re even into penalty recovery. Even better though, they’re really good at it… Well, we showed up, didn’t we?

SEM, Search Engine Marketing, whatever you call it.

Get Google’s Attention

You know what they say… The best place to bury a body is page 2 of Google. From the solid stuff like keyword research and optimisation to finding niche opportunities. Like that guy who ranks #1 for his online tie store because he realised lots of people google how to tie a tie so he put an instructional video on his website. What a good idea. We’re full of those ideas too.
Using a bunch of SEO and SEM techniques and tools we work to get you sustained presence in organic search results. We can make those fancy graphs to prove we’ve done something each month too, no big deal. We’ll get Google to notice you in no time… and Bing too if you’re into that.

Content Marketing & Blog Writing

Smart content, smarter strategy

The cool guy of SEO, content marketing helps your website in a bunch of different ways. Content marketing comes in the form of blogs, videos, whitepapers, basically, if it counts as content you can probably market it. Just normally there’s a strategy to it too — we don’t just write you a blog for a laugh. The content is ~ strategic ~ it’s optimised and it has a plan to make you rank. It’s about getting those keywords in, upping that internal linking structure, and maybe (hopefully) getting a few backlinks, shares, or mentions while we’re there.

Pay Per Click (PPC) & Google Ads

Get the right kind of clicks

PPC is where you pay for your ad per click. PPC normally comes in the form of Google Ads or Facebook Advertising. It sells itself pretty well: get that Page One Status on Google by just paying for it. But it’s a bit trickier than that. We do loads of research, choose your keywords, and organise them into different ad groups to get you the right kind of clicks (that matters by the way) — we even organise the keywords in a spreadsheet, we’re that legit.

Sometimes we’ll set up a landing page that’s specially designed to get you sales or to get someone to enquire about your service… whatever you consider to be a conversion (sorry we were trying really hard to not sound like wanky marketing people but conversion really is the only word for that. We googled synonyms and ‘transformation’ came up but that’s not really it either is it?).