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Our Brisbane SEO agency uses technical SEO, content marketing, clever digital marketing tactics, and a sprinkle of pizazz to help you show up on Google.

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What is an SEO Agency? What do you do?

An SEO agency helps you show up on Google for terms that your customers are looking for. There’s a little more to it though. SEO agencies have an intimate knowledge of all of Google’s rules and what it wants us to do to be rewarded with those sweet, sweet rankings. So, that means we might rebuild and rewrite your website to make sure it ticks those boxes. We might launch a huge content marketing campaign and we might roll out landing pages targeting your big ticket keywords. We’ll tailor a clever, strategy-backed SEO campaign to your business.

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Do I need SEO or Marketing?

Yes! Word of mouth and your reputation are both totally important parts of your business, but they shouldn’t be what it’s relying on. SEO and digital marketing set your business up for success. They get the business and customer ball rolling, so you have a constant flow of business coming through to you. It eliminates cold calling and expensive salespersons, and it establishes you as a go-to in your industry — a business they’re lucky to work with.

SEO Agency Brisbane: Our Services

When you partner with an SEO agency, you’re not just signing up for rankings. We’ll take a big, comprehensive approach to creating a website that’s designed to rank.  That means making sure it has a logical design and layout, it’s developed properly, and that the content hosted on it does everything Google asks of it. As well as that? We make it sell. Ranking is all well and good, but if you’re #1 and no one wants to buy your products… Is there any point? Not really. We’ll create a design that guides the user to buy and copy that convinces them.

Technical SEO: Links, Coding & Keywords

Technical SEO is the backbone of your SEO campaign. It lays down the foundations, it builds your website up and makes sure it’s in its very best health. The healthier the website? The higher the rankings. It’s all about building authority. So, we’ll build links to your website. Good, healthy links that signal your website is a bit of an authority. We’ll make sure all the code is optimised and communicating with Google perfectly. Then, we’ll write keyword-optimised copy that helps you show up on Google.

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Local SEO: Show Up Locally

If you need the most attention from local customers, then local SEO is for you. Local SEO is also for national companies that need to rank within specific cities. As you could probably work out, local SEO is about ranking locally or for a location. We have a few different techniques to help you show up in your preferred city. One of them is Google My Business — which we’ll get to in the next section. Then, there’s optimised location pages on your website, landing pages targeting local keywords, and getting you featured in local directories with smart anchor text.

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Google My Business Setup & Optimisation

Google My Business is a surefire way to get ahead in your city. It feeds the data directly to Google and by optimising your listing with our fancy techniques, we can help you dominate the businesses in this space. Google My Business basically helps you show up in those Google Listings. These are often the first place people will be searching and it’s an amazing way to get traffic before your organic rankings come through.

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Google Ads & PPC: An SEO Pillar

Google Ads is all about paying Google for the top spot. Okay, so it’s a little more complicated than that. Google Ads experts will get a bunch of keywords and group them together and then bid for them. You pay per click, so it’s pretty important the click counts. But that’s where our web designers and copywriters come in.

CTR Optimisation: Get More Clicks for Your Buck

So, you’re ranking organically on Google, courtesy of your SEO agency in Sonder. What you really, really need now, is people to click your listing on the page. What good are rankings if no one clicks through and buys from you? Pretty much none, we agree. So, we’ll do clever things that make your listing look a little more appealing, so Googlers can’t resist clicking on you.

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Drive SEO with Content Marketing

SEO and content marketing go together like macaroni and cheese. What’s the point of one without the other? There is none. Okay, that’s not totally true for either example but you get the point. Content marketing is really good for driving traffic, giving Google some more context on your website, and also creating fans of your business.

SEO Copywriting: Rank On Google, Earn More Biz

Okay, ranking on Google is really, really good. The whole reason you want to do that though? It’s so you can earn yourself more business. That’s where copywriting comes into the mix. Words position your business, highlight all the good bits and pieces, and most importantly, the benefit of working with you. Words frame you as a go-to — the company your target market needs. So, naturally words are responsible for making your website convert.

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Landing Pages: An SEO Agency’s Best Friend

Landing pages are our specialty and the pages we create are kind of a big deal. They’re keyword-optimised and an SEO dream. More than that though, we’re all about producing quality content. That means the copy our writers produce, the design of the landing page, and we partner with another creative industry so the imagery we’ll use throughout is to die for.

Web Design & Web Development: The Foundations

Obviously, the foundation of SEO is your website. Your website plays host to all that keyword-optimised content, your alt-text-rich images, and everything else that builds your site’s authority. So, your website is pretty important. Our web designers and developers don’t take the job lightly. We’ll make sure everything about your website is setting you up for SEO success.

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SEO Agency Brisbane: The Team

Our Brisbane SEO agency is filled with content experts, web designers and developers, and SEOs. By forging expertise, we create a super duper thorough SEO campaign that helps you rank, while ensuring you’re set up to sell as well. Want to see for yourself? Take a looksie at our case studies.

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SEO Agency Brisbane FAQs

SEO, or search engine optimisation is where we optimise your website so it shows up on Google. (Or Bing, Yahoo, and those other search engines too.)

Content marketing sees SEOs or digital marketers use content, like blogs, podcasts, or educational videos, to market your business. Content marketing is really good for your SEO too though. Especially your blog content. It helps offer context and authority to Google.

By partnering with us 😉 In all seriousness, there’s a whole bunch, a seriously long list of things you can do that will improve your SEO. We’d say start here.

SEO for eCommerce works a bit differently to SEO for informational websites. Usually, SEO techniques are based on content and all the words around your website. But it’s not that big a thing to fill your eCommerce site with content. It’s all about clever content marketing and optimised product and category pages.

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