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“For every lock, there is someone out there trying to pick it or break in.”


Safeguard Your Business.


Website hacking, malware and viruses are increasing threats to both individuals and businesses alike. Our websites provide businesses with greater online protection. Our security and maintenance practices are in place when creating and maintaining your digital project. As a business owner, an attack on your website can have extremely adverse effects and be costly to repair. Malware puts your customers at risk, potentially causing your website to be deleted or altered. It can also cause severe damage to SEO campaigns. Additionally, it can affect your reputation as an online competitor in your industry. Nowadays, protecting your website against hacking and malware is an essential business investment. Fortunately, Sonder Brisbane offers extensive protection solutions to protect your online brand.

Like securing your business with CCTV cameras, locks and security alarms, protecting your online presence is also critical. No security system is 100% effective. However, implementing various security mechanisms can discourage break-ins, and with a good insurance policy, you can reduce costs of damages should a break-in occur.

Sonder Brisbane ensure the following key elements to effective website security are implemented on your website.


WordPress releases over 20 core code updates per year, as well as updates to different plugins and extensions. These updates aim to counter known security threats. Sonder Brisbane will keep your website up-to-date, as this is an essential first method of defence.



Some attacks will occur in an attempt to hack your passwords, using phishing techniques or through embedding a virus on your local computer to infect your website when you log in. These attacks focus on your admin logins, FTP or cPanel access. Once the ‘attackers’ have access to your site, Malware is uploaded. This form of attack is similar to having your keys stolen, resulting in your business being broken into. Sonder Brisbane will advise you on ways in which you can prevent this form of hacking.



These attacks include the exploitation of weaknesses in the website code, distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) and search engine poisoning attacks (SEP). These attacks can be extremely varied.  Sonder Brisbane will ensure that methods are in place to avoid these external attacks.



Taking immediate action when you know your site has been attacked is essential. Sonder Brisbane security mechanisms include databases of known malware, which are updated daily, plus a range of other tools, to monitor your website 24/7 for any threats or attacks. This is similar to installing CCTV cameras and the latest alarm systems for your business.



When an attack is successful or in progress, your security defence is required to take control of the situation. This includes quarantining malware or damaged files, malware removal, suspending website access, site clean-ups, and website blacklist removal.  Similar to the police responding to a crime in progress at your workplace when security alarms are triggered, the crime can be stopped whilst taking place. Sonder Brisbane will be notified of an attack on your website and take measures to ensure that your website and business are back to normal as soon as possible.



In the event of a successful hack of your website, your core files can be infected and there can be hidden codes left to make for an easier ‘break in’ next time. Even with the best security system in place, this can occur. In these cases, repairing the code is prohibitively complex. The solution is to roll back to a website backup from 24-hours prior to the hack, so your site is completely clean. This is like replacing stolen or damaged items through a home and contents insurance scheme. Sonder Brisbane ensure that your website is continuously backed-up to ensure that your website is up and running within the shortest possible timeframe.