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Search marketing Brisbane: the #1 way to get your business all that extra attention up for grabs. Show up where your customers are and charm them into loving you (and buying from you).
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What is search marketing Brisbane?

Search marketing, SEM, search engine marketing, whatever you’d like to call it, is a digital marketing channel we can use to make you bank. When you google a service-based term like “search marketing Brisbane” you’ll get a page full of organic results, right? But before you scroll to those organic results, you’re tempted by those ‘Ad’ results up top. These are Google Ads and they’re the most lucrative example of search marketing. Further though, search marketing is Google Ads, Google Shopping, and of course your paid advertising via Bing, Yahoo, and any other search engine.

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Why you –yes you– need search marketing Brisbane

Search marketing is pretty good for getting you sales, which, and we don’t want to blow your mind here, is what feeds your business. More specifically though, search marketing is really good for service-based businesses who want to target more specific enquiries. So, targeting your best money-making service to put your business front and centre for it. It’s really good for eCommerce too. Not only can you put all your products front and centre via Google Shopping, you can show up for category-based search terms and collection-based terms. 

Search marketing for big & small Brisbane businesses

Search marketing kind of presents itself as a big business-suited service. But it’s an easily scaled service that suits the smallest of businesses and can be tailored and created to easily scale up to a national or international enterprise. You get control over your search marketing budget and how much you’re willing to spend on those enquiries. So it’s a super flexible service.

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So, how does search marketing work?

Search marketing is basically a pay per click service. Your search marketing expert will do a bunch of keyword research, they’ll pop those keywords into clever groups, and then they’ll organise bids according to those groups. The bids are kind of like auctioning, so whoever is willing to pay the top dollar for the click will take out the top spot on the page. There’s definitely more to it than that but it’s the gist, okay.

💡 Fun Fact

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine

Google Ads

Google Ads, Adwords, Google’s own PPC platform, no matter the name it’s going by, it’s always an effective marketing method. The best pitch we could sell you to convince you of the power of Google Ads is tell you that you basically pay Google to be popped into that #1 spot on the page. Which is pretty effective, because, in case you haven’t heard, people are lazy. The truth is a lot goes into a successful Google Ads campaign, but you can leave it with us to get those results for you.

Google Shopping

An absolute game changer for search marketing, Google Shopping is like a product-based extension of Google Ads. It’s the exact same concept, bid to the Google gods to show up front and centre, pay per click you receive. Google says that Google Shopping, “Is based on a combination of advertiser bids and relevance, such as your current search terms and your activity.” Our search marketers can optimise your products to show up and earn you the dosh.

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Traditional SEO

Google Ads, PPC, and search marketing in general obviously work a treat. But, nothing beats organic rankings and so when we’re working with you on a paid search campaign, we’ll also be working with you to set up a suitable platform to start ranking organically. We’ll do it through clever, SEO copywriting, content marketing, and potentially a website redesign — as well as all those technical SEO tricks.

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74% of users are more likely to return to mobile-friendly websites

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Landing pages & search marketing go hand in hand

We love landing pages, and not just because they land your page on Google — get it… Anyway, whether it’s for your traditional SEO campaign or for your search marketing gig, landing pages are the go. Not only are they an amazing way to rank for a specific term, they also support the sales ~process~. They take the visitor down the page, educating them, sharing benefits, and then calling them to action. It’s the way to sell your business online.

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Becoming Brisbane’s Go-To Business Accountant

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With three locations across South East Queensland, Mobbs & Co wanted to rank in each location for a number of business accountant terms.

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Why work with Sonder?

We’re a tight-knit team with a bunch of knowledge and experience in digital marketing. It starts by matching strong strategy with our creativity and ends in seriously good results for your business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The core difference between the two services is that SEO is an organic effort and SEM a paid effort. As in, with SEO we complete a bunch of work that makes you show up on Google, but you don’t have to pay Google for it. Whereas with SEM there’s still a lot of work that goes into it but you pay a certain price per click. It sounds like SEO is the clear winner but there’s a better likelihood of getting clicked on with SEM.

Neither is better than the other, these two really do go hand in hand. Your organic results aid your paid results and work to boost them and support them. Your paid efforts ensure traffic is flowing through to your page which actively works to support your organic efforts. One may be slightly better suited to you and your business, depending on your industry and the competitiveness around it.

Local search marketing is basically anything you do search marketing-wise that promotes your business locally. Locally can mean your brick and mortar store’s locality. Or, it can be the suburbs surrounding your store. Or, it can be for a national brand who wants to show up in each of the nation’s capital cities. It’s all about showing up in the locations you want to show up in.

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