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“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic”


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Here at Sonder Brisbane, we understand that first impressions count: your business card, brochure or magazine is often the initial impression that your business may have on a valuable client, customer or stakeholder. There is so much more that goes into impactful print media than meets the eye. Sonder Brisbane are here to ensure every aspect is playing in your company’s favour.

Although we are entering a predominantly digital age, print media holds its value as a powerful, geographically-targeted marketing tool. It is an essential method of spreading awareness in a local area and having on-hand information for your prospective and existing customers. A well-written and designed magazine, brochure or business card builds trust that simply cannot be conveyed through technology. Here at Sonder Brisbane, we are print media experts and are able to maximise this marketing advantage for your company.

Research has found paper-based reading is associated with strong transfer to long-term memory, recall, and overall comprehension. Thus, it is an integral part and key driver of any business’ marketing campaign. Adding print to the media mix complements a digital effort by helping to increase engagement and purchase interest. Our Brisbane Print Media Team can make your information, services and products stand out more than ever before through the use of this powerful marketing medium. We create effective copy and use impeccable design tools to capture the attention of your target audience across all ranges of print media.

Business Cards

Some methods of business will never date and your company’s business card is a roadmap to opportunity. It provides tangible information to others and can “put a face to a business”. They are used as an important introductory technique and facilitate potential business connections and prospects.

Here at Sonder Brisbane, we take the fundamentals of print media very seriously. Having an innovative, clean and unique design consistent with your branding is what makes for the perfect business introduction. Our Print Media team at Sonder is devoted to ensuring every inch of your card creates the perfect impression of you and your company.


Brochures are much like your ‘elevator pitch’ – they may be the first impression a prospective client has of your company. Brochures are amongst the most versatile tools you can use to inform customers of your products or services and are an integral aspect of your branding. Brochures tell your business’ story over the course of the layout, ending with a strong call-to-action, to entice the reader into finding out more about your product or service. Sonder Brisbane’s Print Media team believe a well-designed, well-written brochure, tailored to your target audience will help to promote your identity and encourage business growth.