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“Social may be sexy, but search still pays the bills”


Your Local Pay Per Click (PPC) Experts.


Pay Per Click (PPC) is an efficient and cost-effective form of paid advertising, which filters relevant traffic to a company’s website. This model allows for instant traffic, whereby advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is selected. For this to be sustainable, you must convert traffic into measurable goals, such as leads or subscribers. Setting up specific landing pages for your Brisbane Pay Per Click campaign and going through the process of conversion rate optimisation is essential for PPC success. At Sonder, our Brisbane PPC Management Team are experts in creating and maintaining result-driven Pay Per Click campaigns. We aim to channel new and existing visitors to your website, reaching potential customers and converting leads.

Search engine advertising, such as Google Adwords, is the most readily used platform for PPC. At Sonder Brisbane, we take advantage of search engine advertising to provide the most effective return on investment for our clients. We understand the complexity of Pay Per Click advertising and can structure a compelling and unique campaign to optimise your business’ online growth.

If you want the best PPC Brisbane Experts to kick-start your PPC campaign, take a deep dive with our Sonder team us to discuss your potential Pay Per Click success!

Sonder PPC Strategy

At Sonder Brisbane, we are driven to improve and maintain your business’ PPC success. Pay Per Click campaigns offer incredible opportunities for business growth. As a leading PPC Brisbane agency, we have developed a proven process, as well as key techniques, to ensure your PPC Campaign achieves an excellent return on investment.


To reach your target audience, we use keywords and persuasive copy to maintain viewers interest in your site. By understanding your business’s target audience and goals, we will create compelling written and visual content that resonates with potential and current customers, as well as strong calls-to-action to sufficiently convert clicks into sales.



Our PPC Brisbane Team are equipped with advanced performance analysis tools to suit all of your business’s needs. We set up different advertising variations and A/B split tests to continually discover the most effective combinations for your business. We are focussed on improving key metrics in your PPC advertising campaign by managing your click-through rates, quality score, conversions, cost per action and keyword bid price.

By focusing on benefits and unique differentiators, we ensure the content is timely and relevant to the key audience. Your local PPC Brisbane Team will continuously take steps to improve key metrics in your Pay Per Click advertising program. This includes quality score, click-through rates, conversion rates, cost per action and keyword bid price. With comprehensive testing, we optimise your messaging, advertising copy and calls-to-action to increase conversions and reduce costs.



Google Adwords allows for control over identifiable business online successes and failures. Adwords increases lead generation and website traffic. Sonder Brisbane will use Adwords to manage and track your Pay Per Click results to identify current problems and potential opportunities, and to take action to make appropriate adjustments to maximise your return on investment. Your local PPC Campaign Manager will actively share key insights and discuss progress over the ‘lifecycle’ of the campaign with you and your team. Pay Per Click advertising works best when there is a shared commitment to understanding the requirements of the campaign and to refine the strategies over prolonged periods.