So, you’re after more business

You’re probably here because the idea of landing more customers or clients is your ideal right now. As a business owner, you know exactly what to do in your own business and in your own industry — but it can be tricky to communicate with your audience and market yourself.

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Buuuut, you don’t quite have the time

Maintaining an online presence takes a lot of time that, frankly, business owners don’t have. From creating blog content that resonates to writing up a social post, and taking the time to respond and engage with online reviews or comments on social media… It’s a lot.

Sonder, a History

It all started when Tom and James were going through more doors than Sully and Mike Wazowski trying to sell printers.

Then they realised that businesses really didn’t need printers as much as they did good marketing. So, they decided to combine their technical knowledge with their knowledge of sales and open their own marketing agency.

When Sonder first started out, Tom and James took on all of those cost-effective, traditional marketing techniques that you do as a brand new business: door knocking and brochure/flyer dropping.

We’re not knocking flyers, brochures, or the art that is door knocking. These are cheap, effective ways to get that business ball rolling.

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But, we realised that there are way more enquiries to be had from Google and social media and that the enquiries usually had a better idea of what they wanted, a better attitude (because we didn’t pester them to be our client), and they had more cash to spend.

So, we hired a team

We hired a team that knew more than we did. Then, we recreated our website, established an online presence, and worked hard at creating blog content and landing pages that helped us show up on Google.

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We focused on SEO

We put more of a focus into SEO. We launched Google My Businesses to aid our local SEO rankings, we created landing pages to target specific services and their search terms, and we created blog content that upped the keywords, the authority, and the linkability of our website.

It sounds complex but basically, we took a multi-prong approach to showing up on Google. When Sonder first got that ball rolling we’d have at least three salespeople out each day working to get leads. We now operate fully off of an inbound model.

Getting to an inbound model was an investment of time, money, and resources — but the payoff is spectacular.

Give us a call or request one back.

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Give us a call or request one back.

Set yourself up to bounce back. Get in touch to find out more about our marketing packages and how they can get you started.

We’ll chat with you about:

  • The enquiries you’re chasing
  • What kinds of marketing you’ve tried (What worked? What didn’t?)
  • Whether or not Carole Baskin did it…

The Sonder Approach




We’ll customise a plan for you. It might be that we need to fix up your online presence before we sell it to the masses. Or, it might be boosting your searchability and the actual click-throughs to your website.

We’ll chat with you about your problems, your goals, and those little things, like who you’re targeting and which enquiries seem to be the best. From there, we’ll work out where you need to be, how we need to position you, and how we’re going to scale your marketing with your business.

Why you’ll love us:

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You can leave it with us

Like we said, you don’t have the time. You don’t want to go back and forth briefing your agency, and you don’t want weekly WIPs. You want to set, forget, and watch the results come in.

That’s what happens when you partner with us. We’re like your in-house marketing team, except we won’t bug you for input or constantly nag for a bigger budget. We’ll find the solutions for you, and work off of your monthly retainer.

We’re easy to deal with

We’re not super into industry jargon, colourful graphs, or pointless meetings. Our team will always communicate with you in an easy kind of way, we only schedule essential meetings, and honestly, we just get shit done and work efficiently.

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Our results-based approach

We don’t want to create something for you just to say we did and collect the invoice. We actually love seeing our clients thrive in their industries — there’s something special about knowing you seriously helped boost a business.

So, when we’re working with you to help build your business, we’ll find serious ways to generate more website traffic, enquiries, and actual business for you. It’s not a one size, or one service fits all approach. It’s about finding the right opportunities for you and capitalising on them.

Don’t just take our word for it though…

We’ve helped a bunch of Brisbane businesses tidy up their online presence and get more inbound enquiries. 

A couple of businesses we’re super proud of are LeMans Motors and Mobbs & Co Accountants. You can read about both down below. 

LeMans Motors came to us, wanting to generate more business through their website. They had two workshops and a bit of a shoddy website. By totally recreating their website, developing targeted landing pages, and content marketing, we seriously improved their rankings. They now rank within the top three positions on Google for 21 different suburb terms and Page One for 13 different car brand terms.

Have a look at the case studies to see all the results for both businesses and what we did to achieve them — we even included fancy graphs.