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Like the idea of getting more business but with less effort? Our online marketing agency can help you find more website traffic, more inbound inquiries, and create more efficient processes for your business.
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What is online marketing?

Online marketing is another term for digital marketing and it basically includes all of the different online marketing avenues. Online marketing will pretty much cover all the different ways you can use online channels to market your business and grow your customer base. Obviously it includes a little bit of creativity, a little bit of strategy, and a pretty good understanding of your audience and what they want to see and hear from you.

Online marketing will help your business...

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“They are incredibly efficient, deliver high-end results and were transparent and honest throughout the entire process.”

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How our online marketing agency grows businesses

Well, we know your audience pretty well along with what they want to see and hear from you. We also have a bunch of different experts across different fields. So, if you want to set up the best online presence in the world, our web designers can help out, but if you’re wanting to show up on Google, then our SEOs will give you a hand.

It's all in the approach

Combining all of our expertise, we create a variety of online marketing materials and develop a pretty strong online marketing campaign to get you started. It’s all about creating that online presence, showing up where your audience is and where they’re looking for you, directing them towards your products or services, and then selling them.

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Set up an online presence

Through web design and development we’ll create a website or an online store for your business. It’ll be totally customised to your business and all of the things that make it so good. So, if the sheer appearance of your business is part of its charm, we’ll have plenty of huge images to show that off. If it’s all in your process, we’ll show off your process in a special on-page element.


Your online presence doesn’t end with your website. You’ll need to be on Google My Business and the like. Think Google Maps, think those top Google Listings. We’ll optimise these so they look amazing and so the words work to sell. Then we’ll make sure your Google Listings are set up to either sell, or send traffic to your website to close the deal.

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Show up in the right spots

Search engines, particularly Google, are the place to be if you want more sales, enquiries, website traffic, or any of those things that grow business. Google is one of the most popular first steps to buying… well, just about anything. We’ll use technical SEO and search marketing techniques to help you rank organically on Google and get more traffic. But we’ll also pair it with a nice Google Ads campaign to help get traffic in those early days and just generally support your SEO campaign.

💡 Fun Fact

Google has several domains that cover the most common misspellings of its name

With the right techniques

Content marketing is another multi-beneficial route we might take. It can educate users, offer your business more authority, and help strengthen the quality of your website. There are a bunch of other more technical perks too, but simply put, content marketing is an amazing technique that supports your SEO generally, works to get your website more informational enquiries, and can also work to actually market and sell your business. 

Get traffic moving to your website

By optimising things like your headlines, your URLs, and the way your website links appear on the Google results page, we’ll increase the click throughs you’re getting from Google to your website. We’ll use clever content marketing campaigns to help you rank for informational queries and to also boost your SEO campaign. We might even create PPC campaigns in all the spots we know your customers will be and use some clever search marketing techniques to start boosting the traffic we send to your website.

🧠 Pro Tip

74% of users are more likely to return to mobile-friendly websites

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Help your customers buy (or enquire, at least)

We’ll create a website design that supports the user to sort of go through your website in the best way to support your sales process. Plus the website design will be attractive and appealing to the user while making you look super duper cool or ultra professional, or however you’d like your brand to be shaped. 


THEN, we’ll have a copywriter create copy (words) around the website that explains you and your business, what’s so good about it, how it’s exactly what your website’s visitors need, and basically frames your business in the holiest kind of light. Our copywriters know how to draw that mouse to the ‘Buy’ or the ‘Enquire Now’ buttons, trust us.

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Things we’ll talk about

Get your business out there with Google Ads & PPC

Like we’ve said (more times than you know tbh), it’s soooo important to exist on Google, otherwise people won’t know you do at all. And while our digital agency’s SEO services are QUITE good, you won’t rank on the first page of Google as soon as you pay one of our invoices (if we could change that… we would, promise). The truth is that it takes time for a new website to rank on Google and slapping a bandaid over your website in the form of content isn’t a solution either. The other truth? MOST SEO campaigns are supported by a Google Ads campaign. All the biggest players pay for Google Ads just like the rest of us — it’s why they’re the biggest players.

Why Sonder?

Our online marketing agency knows how to create the best kind of marketing materials that get you noticed, and more importantly, picked. We’re good to work with too — we’re the kind of agency that makes it easy to just leave it with us. We’re online marketing geniuses, but we’re also obsessed with working with Brisbane businesses to get better results. 


We wrote a whole page on how we work to get you more business. Check it out 👇

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Becoming Brisbane’s Go-To Business Accountant

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With three locations across South East Queensland, Mobbs & Co wanted to rank in each location for a number of business accountant terms.

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Why work with Sonder?

We’re a tight-knit team with a bunch of knowledge and experience in digital marketing. It starts by matching strong strategy with our creativity and ends in seriously good results for your business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a chance it’s answered here, but if not, email or call Tom.
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Have a question about websites, marketing, or why Tom’s dressed like a cat? Take a look.

Search engine optimisation is how we optimise websites to rank (show up) on search engines like Google, and even Bing and Yahoo if you’re into it. SEO is how we make your website show up in the listings when someone searches a key term for one of your services or for one of your service areas.

SEO covers a bunch of different techniques that all come together to create a strong, authoritative website for you that has a high chance of ranking on search engines. SEO covers keyword research, SEO copywriting, SEO auditing, link building, CTR optimisation, and a whole heap more.

Basically, to index (list) all the right results when we search a term, search engines need to crawl websites to work out what they’re about, and index them accordingly. 

They take in a number of factors, like the authority of your website, how much content you have, and a whole bunch more. This way when you’re searching for “directions to Chermside” you won’t just receive a bunch of pages like “chermside restaurants”, “chermside car parks”,  or even “directions to Gladstone”. 

So, SEO works by taking a multi-pronged approach to optimising your website so search engines can crawl it and index it properly. 


This includes making sure your website is built and organised logically and structured in the correct way. We’ll optimise each page’s URLs, we’ll look at the title of the page, the words on the page, the keyword density. Then we’ll make sure the images and their alt texts are optimised for SEO. And that’s just some of the on-page techniques.


Our SEOs also work to try and get links back to your website. This might involve some digital PR, some influencer marketing, or guest blogging (white hat only, of course). 


SEO works by putting together a whole series of techniques to help search engines find you. 

Honestly, strap in. SEO requires patience and consistency. For a brand new website, you’ll be looking at three months at the very minimum to begin ranking on Google. And, not to discourage you, but that’s to start ranking, not to rank #1 for ALL OF THE KEYWORDS. Trust us, we’re more bummed about this than you are.


Don’t feel discouraged though. The sooner you get on the small business SEO train, the further ahead of your competition you’ll be.

Let’s go!