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Marketing agencies: what’s all the hype about?

There’s actually so much to be hyped about when it comes to the marketing agencies Brisbane has to offer. What about us specifically though? We’re pretty good, we’ll tell you all about it 👇

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Marketing Agencies Brisbane: Why every business needs one

Marketing agencies are basically the key to getting more business. Sure, you can hire a sales team, you can drop flyers in every letterbox in the suburb, and you can network with everyone, whatever that actually means. But, marketing agencies? We set you up for ongoing success and a healthy, sustainable stream of business.

Of all the marketing agencies Brisbane has to offer though, why Sonder?

That sustainable, healthy stream of customers travelling directly to your business sounds amazing, sure. Of all of the different Brisbane marketing agencies, across all the other tabs you have open right now, why us?

Well. We focus on actual results. Not those fluffy, wishy washy metrics. Obviously traffic, public sentiment, and rankings all matter plenty. At Sonder though? We’re more interested in how many really good, money-making enquiries you’re receiving. How many new customers you’re making is what matters most.

We love partnering with Brisbane businesses to deliver top notch campaigns

At Sonder, we love to get to know Brisbane businesses. We love partnering with these businesses to find out what they’re trying to do, what they’ve already done, and how we can help them get more of the best kind of results for them. We do it through clever campaigns tailored to your business, your industry, and the specific kind of customer you’re chasing.

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So, what services do marketing agencies offer?

It depends on the kind of marketing agency we’re talking about. Some marketing agencies have a focus on print — flyers, brochures, big signs and the like. Others love SEO and only offer alternative services that concern and support SEO. Us? We love digital marketing. Our team are digital wizards who love using these channels to create more online business for you. As well as that, we partner with creative agencies to ensure you have absolutely everything you need to thrive in the online space.

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We’ll chat with you about:

  • The enquiries you’re chasing
  • What kinds of marketing you’ve tried (What worked? What didn’t?)
  • Whether or not Carole Baskin did it…

Websites, marketing agencies LOVE websites

Your website is so important. Whether you’re going head first with an SEO campaign, spinning up some magic through a social media campaign, or taking on some kind guerilla marketing technique and throwing ominous posters up throughout the city, you need a website. It’s the next step. It’s where you direct the traffic once you’ve gained the attention. It’s where people learn about you. As well as that? It’s where people will be trying to find you if you are discovered by word of mouth, or, you know, any of these channels.

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We make really nice websites

Our websites are all about framing you really positively, obviously. But, they’re all about selling too. In the design of the website, the layout of the site, and the elements we use throughout — we’ll make sure your website is selling you and leading your customers to contact you, or get a free quote, or click ‘Add to Cart’.

Marketing agencies love copywriting too

Yeah we do… the copywriters especially. The most beautifully designed website, the most clever SEO campaign, or a stunning Google Ads campaign — none of these will succeed without words. Not just any words will do though. You need words that’ll tell the reader why you’re so good, why they’ll love you, and why they actually need your product right now. Our copywriters will deliver the goods words.

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Content marketing? Hell yeah.

Content marketing is a crazily effective marketing service. It can be fun, strategic, and sell your business all at the same time. Content marketing can beef up your social strategy, it directly supports and aids your SEO campaign, and it actually just stands on its own as a fully-fledged marketing strategy. Whether it’s a podcast, blog, or a full on whitepaper, content marketing is a hugely profitable business.

We’re huge on SEO & showing up on Google

When you want to buy something, chances are you’ll check Google first. When you’re after a service, you’ll probably check Google first. When you want the answer to a tricky question? Google. So, making sure your business’ website is showing up on Google? Essential. Our SEO team will use a combination of clever strategies to give your website what it needs to start snatching up those rankings on Google.

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But we love Google Ads & PPC in the meantime too

Okay, so ranking on Google really is the be all and end all. But while you’re waiting for those rankings to come in? Google Ads or a PPC campaign is the logical, sensible way to start feeding traffic on through to your website. Our PPC experts will work with you to target the right kind of customers for the right kinds of keywords and earn you more traffic and more customers.

No one marketing service works that well on its own though

All of these services are ones our marketing agency swears by. They’re our favourites and we’ll champion them for years to come, because of how amazingly effective they are. The truth is though, that when it comes to marketing, just making a website or just running an SEO campaign isn’t enough.

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Good marketing agencies know a clever campaign is the key

It’s all about coupling services together to create a clever campaign based on strategy to start getting the results you want. We’ll do a deep dive on you, your business, your industry, and the customers you reckon are the best, then we’ll tailor a strategic campaign to your goals.

Speaking of marketing agencies Brisbane, meet ours:

We’re Sonder, a Brisbane-based digital marketing agency obsessed with all things digital and of course, results. Made up of a team of experts in their fields, we have website obsessives, word nerds, SEOs, content marketers, and Google Ads wizards who each work together to create brilliant results for our clients. Our clients are super varied too. We’ve worked with barbers and mechanics, construction companies, dentists, accountants — you name it. Check out our case studies to get a feel for how we help grow your business.

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Marketing Agencies Brisbane: Your FAQs

The difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is the channels we use. The concept: marketing, is kind of the same — we want to get more interest and hype around your brand and turn it into customers. Traditional marketing might use flyers, a magazine write-up, a billboard, or a radio advertisement. Digital marketing is about those digital, or online channels. So, Google, social media, and the online space generally.

As involved as you’d like to be. You can leave it all with us entirely and entrust your marketing materials with our team. Or, you can review every word and bring forth your own ideas — whether they’re around content, link building, or the features on your website.

We love getting to work with niche, complex businesses to transform their business’ details into consumable, easy-to-understand digital marketing materials.

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