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Looking to rank higher, target more specifically, and just generally do better online? Do we have the solution for you. Our super duper targeted landing pages rank, perform, and most importantly, sell.

What is a landing page?

Landing pages are kind of like one page websites. They’re usually made for something specific. That might be a marketing campaign, a new season’s range of products, or a specific service, product, or problem. It’s a page that your customers land on, after finding the page through Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, those kinds of routes.

A website page will link off to many other pages and cover a lot of ground, like: this is who we are, what we do, what we sell, contact us here, and hey, see our past projects too. A landing page is different. It has a super clear goal. The goal? To sell the thing that got the user to click on the landing page link in the first place.

So, a landing page might introduce a topic and then tell you why the service or product is so good. It might get you educated on the offer, before outlining the offer’s process, the offer’s benefits, and all the information you might need to feel “qualified” to make a purchase. The landing page will only focus on that one offer though — no tangents allowed.

Not to get too meta for you here, but you’re on a landing page right now.

What’s so good about landing pages?

Okay so, like we said, a landing page targets one thing specifically. It means that when you use landing pages in your PPC campaign, Adwords campaign, or even your social media marketing, you’re directing them somewhere that’ll guide them to a purchase. You might be thinking, “sure, isn’t that what my website’s for?”

Yeah, sort of. But! If you direct users from your online ads to your website’s homepage, the path is unclear. There might be too many distractions. They might not make it to your product or service page. That’s where landing pages come in. They land exactly where they should be. Landing pages guide the user to buy the product or service on offer. Landing pages have higher CTRs (Click Through Rate), higher ROI, and a higher conversion rate.

Make the click count

Landing pages are amazing for SEO too. They rank really well for niche terms and they can rank higher than a web page. The page is clearer to Google, there’s less confusion with differing or unrelated keywords, and the page is focussed on this one topic. There’s one goal with landing pages. With one call to action, one product or service you’re trying to sell, and one clear, overall goal, landing pages make it all really obvious. You might use other outside resources and link off to separate pages, but the goal is always clear, and that’s the key.

Landing pages can support and sell a specific service or product, or, they can sell a broader range of services or products to specific locations. So, if you’re based in one region but cater to multiple cities or suburbs, landing pages can help you reach those areas outside of your headquarters. By targeting different cities or suburbs with landing pages, you can a) sell to them specifically and b) rank locally — a dream come true.

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landing page design

Copywriting for Landing Pages

A successful landing page is made up of so many different bits and pieces. There’s the design, the development, and whether or not it shows up on Google, or in people’s feeds. But, a super duper important factor of your landing page is the words, and whether or not they sell. We’ve written a whole bunch of landing pages and we know how to craft landing page copy that directs visitors on your page to get to that Call to Action. Copywriting is your landing page’s key to converting.

Web Design for Landing Pages

The design of your landing page is crucial as well. It should make you look professional and legit, and maybe a bit likeable too. The page should present the copy and your services neatly, and in a way that doesn’t scare the user off. It should make the visitors on your landing page want to interact with your content and it should direct them to that CTA. Your landing page should be easy to use. It should support your goals and your sales process.

Our designers know all of that. Landing pages are kind of our thing. We know how to design a landing page to get you the business or the sales you’re after.

landing page web design
landing page development

Landing Page Development

Once the designers have called all the shots on how your landing page should work and what it should look like, it’s time for our web developers to make it a reality. They’ll make sure it all loads nicely and quickly. They’ll make sure it works really well and that it works on all of the devices: laptops, desktops, phones, tablets. You’ll get a landing page that’s coded ‘best practice’. That means it’s built properly and you’re set up for growth — should you need to expand your landing page with a different developer.

Adwords PPC Landing Pages

We’re big on teaming up PPC campaigns with landing pages. PPC or Adwords are an amazing way to get traffic flowing to your website or to your landing pages. Well, especially your landing pages. It means you can create a landing page around a specific service or product, product line, or a solution. You can target those specific keywords in your paid advertising campaign. When your ad gets clicked, they land on this highly specific, targeted page that leads them to the solution they were searching for. Voila.

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landing pages for seo

SEO Landing Pages

Organic Google rankings are the bomb dot com. And landing pages are the best way to rank organically for those highly competitive terms. Are you a business offering your services or products to a region across a few different cities or suburbs? We’ll find the best cities or suburbs to target those areas. We can optimise your landing pages for their Click Through Rates (CTR) too. We’ll optimise how your pages appear on Google’s results page — so your pages entice clicks.

eCommerce Landing Pages

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Whether you’re selling one product and want to detail all of its specifications, features, uses, and the problems it solves, kind of like this. Or, you want to show off a whole line of products — landing pages are your online store’s best friend. Landing pages are perfect for a new season line or to demonstrate how amazing one product is. Creating a landing page makes it way easier to rank organically on Google for the product or products. It’s easier to coordinate an Adwords or social media campaign for the products too. Landing pages take care of the whole sale for you. You can leave it with them.

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Content Creation
Search and SEO
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