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eCommerce Marketing

From ranking for those big ticket products to upping that conversion rate, we know eCommerce and we know marketing. We’ll help you boost the visitors to your online store while encouraging them to buy. Let’s go.

What is eCommerce marketing? How does it work?

eCommerce marketing is driving traffic and interest to online stores using marketing techniques and platforms. To be running any sort of eCommerce operation, you’ll already have an online store. But eCommerce marketing might involve a redesign of your website to make it friendlier. eCommerce marketing is using all the different avenues, platforms, and techniques we can to boost your website traffic, the buzz around your brand, and your actual sales. 

It works by positioning you as a go-to, a must-have, the answer to your customer’s questions. eCommerce marketing actively encourages people to buy from you and it works around the clock. Because when it comes to eCommerce it really is essential that you’re running an inbound model — it means all of your sales are coming from people finding you independently.

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How will eCommerce marketing help me make more $$$?

Firstly, by getting you more sales. That’s the big, obvious point. By showing up on Google, in engaging content, by engaging through email, you can obviously boost website traffic. Then there’s the converting side, where we redesign your website, rewrite the words on your site, so they sell, and then we create landing pages to sell those big-ticket individual items or lines of products. 

But, eCommerce marketing makes you money in other ways. It allows you to sport lower overheads because you’re not supporting these brick and mortar stores. Then clever integrations for shipping, inventory management, CRM software, that sort of thing will streamline your business. Automation boosts sales, lowers running costs, and makes your life so much easier.

We have a bunch of eCommerce marketing geniuses

Our team is pretty good. With expert SEOs, clever copywriters, and committed web designers, we create these clever systems that set you up for eCommerce success. It means that when we work together, everything is accounted for. The copywriters have worked with the web designers, our content marketers and SEOs have collaborated, and together, we’ve created a fool proof eCommerce marketing strategy.

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Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

The very first step to eCommerce success is getting people to visit your website. To do that, it needs to be easy to find and of course, by the right people. Our eCommerce marketing team knows exactly how to show up where your customers are looking. You want to be on social media, you want to answer the right questions, and you want to take every opportunity you can to showcase your products and selllll.

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eCommerce SEO Agency
& Google Ads

We take eCommerce marketing seriously and that means SEO and general Google wizardry is essential. If you’re working in eCommerce, we shouldn’t need to tell you that Google is your best friend. It’s where people who are just shopping around will find you, it’s where people looking for a solution can find you, and it’s where people who are ready to buy will find you. We utilise Google Ads, Google Shopping, and traditional SEO so you show up where you need to.

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eCommerce Content Marketing

Content marketing works in a bunch of different ways. For eCommerce, content marketing can help you rank on Google — in case you’ve missed it, Google froths a good bit of content. But the individual content piece can rank and it can also sell your product. So, say you sell plants online, and someone googles something like “why do my indoor plants keep dying?”. You might write up a blog that targets that question by listing the best indoor plants and how to care for them. Then, your post will show up for them. While reading, you can call them to action to buy your best picks for indoor plants. Genius.

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Email marketing for eCommerce

If Google is eCommerce’s best friend, then email marketing should be the one you have a giant crush on. Swoon. In all seriousness, we all get a bunch of emails from our favourite online stores pretty much every day. But there’s more to email marketing than just sending out emails like, “Please, buy the products, buy them.” You can remind customers of abandoned carts, you can suggest refills, accompanying products, or you can offer them free shipping if they buy within 24 hours.

Convince & convert them on arrival

So, you’re showing up for your dream customers, what’s next? Your website needs to support that goal of uh, actually selling your products. We probably don’t need to tell the owner of an online store this, but there are a bunch of opportunities for things to go wrong. It might be not finding the add to basket button, it might be that they had 15 tabs open and yours wasn’t memorable, it might be that your checkout process is too long, or it could be that you’re charging for shipping. Shipping?! In this economy?

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Web Design for Online Stores

Obviously, the design of your online store is a biggie. eCommerce has more pressure than other business’ websites. In eCommerce, you’re asking for credit card details and that really does up the stakes. Your website needs to look neat AF, it needs to look legit, you cannot risk looking even slightly outdated otherwise, it might be perceived as scammy. Our web designers make you look really, really good and the most legit. We also design websites that guide your visitor to buy. The checkouts are optimised for the human attention span, the add to basket button is exactly where it should be, every single detail will be perfect.

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Copywriting that sells

Obviously a copywriter is going to say this, but copywriting? It’s important. Our words will communicate more than just the features of your products. We’ll highlight the very real benefits of you and the products you’re selling. We’ll use storytelling, writing techniques, and a benefits-first approach to engage your audience and make them really interested in you. Even better, we’ll communicate to your customers why your product is a necessity.

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eCommerce Landing Pages

We bloody love landing pages. Especially for our eCommerce clients. Landing pages have a bunch of benefits: they help you rank for specific key search terms, they can display and sell a specific product or line really well, and they offer better conversion rates. On a normal category page or product page, there’s a top menu, blog suggestions, and other product selections. A landing page supports the sale of one product or one line of products. It means the user isn’t even given the opportunity to leave the page.

Our eCommerce Marketing Agency

We love partnering with eCommerce clients to guide you to more sales. As a team of digital marketing geniuses, we’re pretty good with technology. It means we don’t just assist you with getting more business, sales, and dosh. It means we can make your life easier too. Clever integrated shipping processes, automating your processes, and helping you generally capitalise on how bloody good it can be to own an online store.

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