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There are a bunch of components that go into a successful online store. It starts with a secure backend allowing your store to load fast and work well. Then there’s the User Experience design that makes sure users can find what they want, when they want it. The design’s supported by copywriting that’s designed to sell. We’re an eCommerce design agency with the perfect formula for online stores and making sure they sell.

We’re an eCommerce Design Agency in Brisbane

And we love helping you sell your products. With a bunch of designers, developers (Magento developers and everything), and clever writers, we engineer online stores to get you more sales. We’ll get your products more traction. Our SEOs will make sure you show up on Google. Our content marketers will make sure people think you’re legit. And our social media marketers will mostly just share stuff that’ll make your ideal customer’s bestie tag them on your posts being like, “you’d love this omg.” But that’ll help too.

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eCommerce Web Design

Our eCommerce web designers always make really pretty websites, but we’re always making sure they’re more than that. We design with User Experience in mind. We’ll make sure every button is exactly where your customer expects it to be. We’ll make sure their basket’s accessible, the checkout process is simple, and they’re guiding to each logical next step.

Basically, our designers will draw a really neat path throughout your website so your customers buy your products.

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Your new eCommerce Development Company

The beyond-brilliant eCommerce web design counts for nothing if the developer cuts corners though. Our developers never cut corners because your online store working just as it should, is their biggest priority. So, we build really strong, really secure websites that are optimised for all the good stuff (fast load times, effective animations).

Our eCommerce web developers make sure you’re armed with all the best integrations too. Payment gateways and efficient checkouts, shipping integrations, CRMs, email marketing platforms, analytics. You name it.

Mobile Shopping

It’s pretty important for your online store to work well on phones too, because, in case you’ve been living under a rock, most people are shopping on their phones. We make sure every online store we design or build is responsive. That means the website will respond and adapt to different screen sizes: phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. It means you’ll never suffer the pain of losing sales from an unresponsive website.

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eCommerce Marketing

Online stores, no matter the industry, have a lot of competition. It’s not slowing down either, as technology keeps progressing, so will online stores. Stand out from all of your eCommerce competitors with our eCommerce marketing. We know how to get online stores noticed by the right people, too.

Salesy copywriting that actually sells

Whether it’s UX copywriting for a complicated sale experience or charismatic copy to get you sales, our eCommerce writers have got your back. Our writers optimise every button, menu item, product description, every word for sales. We know long paragraphs of copy don’t sell on online stores. Our writers have mastered the art of sparking the need to buy in a three word slogan. Or in a one-sentence product description, a menu button, a category’s name.

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Give us a call or request one back.

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Clever eCommerce social media campaigns

Online stores, no matter the industry, have a lot of competition. It’s not slowing down either, as technology keeps progressing, so will online stores. Stand out from all of your eCommerce competitors with our eCommerce marketing. We know how to get online stores noticed by the right people, too.

eCommerce Content Marketing

Inbound marketing for eCommerce and content marketing are two avenues that are known for raking in online sales. We’re geniuses when it comes to a good content marketing campaign. SEO, blogs, video content, IGTV videos, How-Tos, tutorials, you name it. Content marketing and the inbound marketing model are all about getting you better authority and encouraging your audience to trust your brand.

These marketing avenues thrive in eCommerce because that’s where you need that authority and need to encourage trust the most. Your customers can’t find out your business is legit by walking into it. So, you need to help them out, otherwise why should they trust you with their card details?

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Content creation to help you relate

So, you know you need good content to compete in eCommerce, but you don’t know where to start. That’s where we come in. From Youtube tutorials and IGTV content to long-form blog posts and Facebook ads — we know good content. We know how to make sure your content gets noticed, is engaged with, and ultimately, serves a purpose. Whether the purpose is getting your customer to trust you, to encourage a purchase, or directing more traffic to your online store.

Email marketing: it was basically invented for eCommerce

Email marketing is huge in eCommerce at the moment. Lead nurturing campaigns, abandoned cart reminders, “we’re having a sale” emails are all amazing ways to pull potential customers off the fence and encourage them to buy something. Company updates, relevant, value-packed newsletters, and new arrival announcements are the perfect way to keep your brand in your customers’ minds, even if they don’t need something from you right now. Email marketing is a really diverse and flexible platform. You can set yourself apart from your competitors and other online stores with re-engagement campaigns, review request emails, and personalised birthday offerings.

Our email marketers are obsessed with eCommerce, so they’re good at all that sequencing, flow creation, and perfect timing work. We’ll write amazing impossible to resist subject lines and back them up with even amazinger email body copy. Basically, we’ll automate your entire customer relationship process.

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Landing pages make selling products online easier

Landing pages are easier to rank on Google and easier to coordinate with a Google Ads campaign. They can also be the perfect sales tool. Your customers would usually have to navigate through your website and find the product they’re looking for… That’s a lot of room for something to go wrong. A landing page means everything’s on the one page. Whether they came from Google, an ad on Instagram, or a clever company email, they’ll land exactly where they want to be. Landing pages can support almost anything. You could have a ‘Women’s New Arrivals’ landing page. A ‘Christmas Gifts for Him’ landing page. A ‘Get the Festival Look’ landing page. Our eCommerce web designers are geniuses in curating the perfect landing page.

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Our SEO Brisbane agency is chock-a-block with digital marketing experts. So your project is never a one-man-show. You’ll get a full suite of geniuses in their fields working together to string together the strongest SEO strategy possible. We love helping Brisbane businesses see better SEO results — get in touch today.

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