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We love using a whole bunch of digital marketing services, techniques, and tactics to get our Sydney clients more of those sweet, sweet inbound enquiries.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is how you can use digital channels to get more people to know, recognise, and love who you are, encourage people to see the value of your business, and of course get more sales. Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of those individual services you can use to show up online and get more attention, enquiries, and sales. It includes SEO, local SEO, PPC and Google Ads, websites including their design and development, as well as copywriting, content marketing, email marketing and all those digital communications channels. Basically, digital marketing is the good stuff.

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Do I need Digital Marketing?

Yes. So, like obviously we’re a digital marketing agency, so of course we’re going to say this. Buuuut, yeah, every business needs digital marketing. You can get your brochures, your flyers, your postcards, you can pay through your nose for a radio ad, you could even get yourself a billboard. These aren’t ineffective, they do ~work~. But, not as well as digital marketing. All those examples we just listed? They all rely on the numbers game. The idea is that thousands and thousands of people will see the ad and of those thousands and thousands, yeah, a few people will probably be interested.

Digital marketing is there when you want it

This bit is key, especially in the age where people are avoiding ads and marketing. Streaming services don’t use ads, we use ad blockers, we throw those letterbox flyers straight in the bin. But when we want something? We’ll google it, we’ll click through a few social media pages, we’ll seek out a blog or a Youtube video on it. The thing is fewer people will see your digital marketing efforts but when they do find it, they were looking for it. They’re ready to be sold to, and you? You’re conveniently right there. Digital marketing is the bomb dot com – you’ll be convinced by the end of this page too.

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Local SEO: We’ll put you on the (Google) Map

Unless you’re in ecommerce, are a national or international brand, or you run your business mostly online. It’s fairly important that you’re getting noticed by and engaging with your local customers. There may be some industries where people are so obsessed or infatuated with a brand or the customer service they hear the brand has that they’ll travel to the other side of the city for it. But often, proximity is a biggie, so make sure people know you’re there with local SEO. We use Google My Business, landing pages, and traditional seo to help you show up locally on Google, in Google Listings like Google Maps, and through Google Ads.

SEO: You’ll be front and centre on Google

If you like website traffic, customers, sales, the things that pump money into your business and result in you getting paid, then SEO is for you. Showing up on Google is beyond essential. Our Sydney SEO and digital marketing agency can help you get better results from Google. We pair up a whole bunch of different techniques like technical SEO, content marketing, landing pages, and cleverly optimised copywriting. This way you can earn yourself more referrals through Google.

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PPC: Show up where you want to be

PPC and Google Ads are a super duper good way to earn yourself some more website traffic, enquiries, and business through Google or social media, while you’re waiting for those organic results. Our team of PPC and Google Ads experts love working with Sydney businesses to create clever campaigns that target your best products or services to earn you the big bucks.

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Web Design: An online presence to help you shine

Every digital marketing channel revolves around a website.  So it’s really important you have one that works well, looks good, and makes you look good. Your online presence is key. Showing up on Google or Google Maps or on social media is all well and good but that’s half the battle.  The next half is selling from your website, once the user clicks your ad or listing, they land on your website, so what will happen there? Using next level web design and web development techniques, we make super fancy websites. Our websites tick all the boxes. They’ll look really good, work really well, and guide the user where you need them to go. We can work with you to get nice photos, cool graphics, and of course engaging copywriting but we’re getting there.

Copywriting: Words to make you dreamier

Copywriting is essential to help you sound and act like your dream customer’s dream business. Copywriting can engage, it can tell a story, and it can mimic a personality that is exactly what your customers are looking for. It’ll guide the user too. Yeah, a good web design will lead the eye to the right part of the page. But copywriting is the words that tell them what’s next, why they need your product or service, and where to go next to get it.

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Content Marketing: Share the value, Get the value

Content marketing is a super duper valuable digital marketing service that’s wildly effective and produces a whole bunch of benefits – we love a diverse marketing tool. Content marketing is all about sharing the value. The idea is that you share value with your potential customers through blog posts, tutorial videos, or infographics, podcasts, that sort of thing. The value you share firstly gains trust from these users, it frames you as a genius, an authoritative source, and industry expert. And then, when the customer needs to make a purchase, they already trust you, they think you’re the neatest, they’re like yassss let’s buy, right?

But there’s a bunch of those other perks we mentioned. Content marketing is so wildly good for SEO, it helps you rank better than rewriting your website’s copy ever could (and that actually is really effective). It helps you connect with these customers. You can subtly market your own products in content marketing, and the shareability of this sort of content can help you seriously boost your brand recognition

Our Sydney Digital Marketing Agency

Our Sydney marketing agency is chock a block with experts who can’t wait to work with you to get better results, more business, and generally improve your business’ sales processes. Plus, we’re pretty good to work with. We only use those annoying marketing words when we absolutely have to. Aaand, we’re chill, we speak plain English and we love producing real results for you.

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