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Copywriting is all about selling

Copywriting is all about connecting, then persuading… and then, ideally, selling. It’s tailoring words to your ideal customer. It’s reaching out to them and saying, “Hey, this is your problem. We really get it — and hey, here’s our solution too.”

Looking for some words?

We’re obsessed with words, sentence structures, punctuation (don’t bring up the Oxford comma in our office, honestly). More importantly though, we’re obsessed with creating copy that has a purpose. You know that kind of website copy you read that’s like, “We were established in 2010. Then we opened a new store. We supply these products.” We would genuinely never.

Everything we write is written with your ideal customer in mind. Every single word is tailored to resonate with them, vent with them, and help them find a solution*.

*Your product, duh.

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Informational Website Copywriting

We’re super experienced in writing copy for informational websites. People are selfish, we know that. We write benefits-based copy that has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with your ideal customer. User Experience (UX) copywriting is right up our alley too. Our writers don’t just churn out words and chuck them on your website. We obsess over every single button on your website, every menu item, every call to action.

eCommerce Website Copywriting

Online stores are kind of our thing too. Every word we write is written with sales in mind. Every word is designed and curated to make your visitors hit that glorious ‘Add to Basket’ button. We’ll even optimise your checkout with our clever copy. We get it’s not always about writing the most poetic or the most beautifully flowing copy. Sometimes —and espesh in online sales— it’s about making just two words really strong.

Proofreading Services

Sometimes you know exactly what you want to say, you just can’t quite get it onto paper. Sometimes, you can get it onto paper, you just need it tidied up, prettied up, that kind of thing. That’s where we come in. We translate your crazy-specific industry knowledge into digestible copy that sells.

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Brochure Copywriting

Whether it’s a capability statement to sell your contracting services to a government entity or a door knocking brochure to sell your recruitment services to SMEs — we’ve got you. Our copy follows the reader’s journey, directing them and feeding through information in the cleverest order. We write copy that makes absolutely sure to let the reader know what’s so special about you and why they should choose you — whether they’re the government or a business owner.

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Technical Writing

If you know and understand the super technical subject matter, chances are you won’t be able to communicate it effectively… no offence. We take your data, your findings, your incredibly complex and technical content and translate it. We translate your work into easy to digest content. Whether it’s a whitepaper, a scientific report, or a piece of sales material you need jazzed up — we’re here to help. Using metaphors and special storytelling techniques, we take your super duper specific industry knowledge and make it make sense, so people buy your services or your product.

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Advertising Copy

Billboards, social advertising, website banner ads, advertorial write ups — you name it honestly. We write compelling advertising copy that resonates with your target audience in a: “omg I need that” kind of a way. Our writers are also really good at toeing the fine, fine line between being a little too salesy and selling something really well.

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Brand Messaging & Brand Voice

Your brand voice: it’s how your brand would sound if it were a person. Your brand messaging on the other hand, is how you position your brand with words, how you sell yourself. Simply put, your message is your values and who you are, while your voice is your character. We’ll create a unique brand message and brand voice for your business. We create brand messages and voices that reflect you and your business… sort of. We actually tailor this to what your target audience wants to hear. In short, we’ll supply you with the right words to position yourself as the most reputable, or the smartest, or the coolest kid on the block — whatever you’re going for, really.

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Social Media Captions

Our agency is made up of a bunch of millennials. You know what that means? It means we get social media. Whether it’s mums on Facebook, teenage girls on the ‘Gram, or business-minded folk on LinkedIn — we know what to do. We’ll jazz up your social click through rate like nothing else.

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EDM Copy

Email marketing or EDMs: the holy grail of eCommerce. You have the opportunity to reach your customers directly. You get to put your piece of marketing material directly into your customer’s inbox. All you have to do is make it count. We devise clever sequences, clever subject lines, and even cleverer content… Making sure your customer gets the right email at the right time, opens it, and relates to the content inside.

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Think we might be a good fit?

We’re always excited to get to know new businesses. Think our copywriting services are just what you business needs? Book a meeting with us, call our office, or fill in the form and we’ll get back to you.

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Meet your new copywriting agency

We’re a team of writers, designers, digital marketers who love working with brands to create clever marketing and sales materials. Working across a super diverse range of industries we write copy for any business: from construction companies to beauty brands and anything in between. We’re based in Brisbane but we work with brands all across Australia.

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Don’t you wish you could Afterpay your copy?

We get that marketing can be exxy and it adds up quickly. That’s why we offer payment plans. We give our clients the freedom to put any of our services on a payment plan. So, you can pay in three instalments or monthly for 12 or 24 months. It makes us sound crazy generous but it’s actually just logical.

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Our payment plans are win-win

Usually, digital marketing agencies take payments in three instalments. The problem with this is that they don’t have constant cash flow. This means they run out of budget, cut corners, and deliver crap work. This offers our clients an easier, less stressful way to pay and it gives us steady cash flow — so we have the money we need to deliver the work you’re paying for. It’s a classic win-win.