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We’re obsessed with content marketing and content marketing campaigns. We’ll help you earn yourself more business with one of our brilliant campaigns.

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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is creating content with the goal of providing free value to your customers. The content? It might be a blog post, an email, video, landing page, even a post on LinkedIn. The content is then marketed. It might be shared on your socials, sent out in your newsletter, or just emailed directly to your customers. The whole idea is to offer customers and potential customers something for free, so you can earn their trust and some better credibility. You can also kind of market yourself with the content, but that’s not quite the point.

What is a content marketing campaign?

A content marketing campaign is a collection of content that works together to achieve a certain goal. Say you’re launching a new product. We might write a blog post on all the different uses there are for the product. We might create a video showing how to use it, like a tutorial. We could even create a podcast about the specific problems that inspired the creation of the product. On top of all that, we’d probably create a landing page for the product as well as an email marketing campaign. All of that would create a content marketing campaign. On the other hand, just writing a blog? That’s just creating content. Just posting on Instagram isn’t a content marketing campaign either.

A content marketing campaign is the combination of all these different kinds of content working together to achieve a goal. However, that doesn’t mean you need to create every single kind of content. You might just need a landing page and a few blog posts. You might need a video, a podcast, and a couple of blogs. It depends on the goal of your campaign, what we’re trying to achieve, and who we’re trying to reach.

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Content marketing campaigns

We offer a whole bunch of content marketing services. Our content team will bundle up the right bunch for you. We’ll create a content marketing strategy for you and then create all the content you need to get your product, service, or business noticed. We’re really good at thinking outside of the box and coming up with new solutions to unique issues in your industry.

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Blog writing

The core part of a content marketing campaign is your blog content. We’ll work with you to make sure your blogs are punch-packing and full of value. From how-tos to industry news and anything in between. We can help you come up with blog ideas, write blogs, and create any supporting content or images you need for them. Plus, we can help you get those blogs seen. Our blog writing will help you achieve your content goals. Whether you’re wanting to start more conversations with your customers, boost your social media engagement, or rank higher on Google. We’re your guys.

Digital PR

PR or public relations, is an amazing, multi-purpose marketing tool. You can use it for the traditional route; to earn better brand recognition. You can use it to get your name out there, get a few write-ups on your company and get seen by new audiences. Or, you can use PR to get your brand’s core service or product noticed. From gift guides around holiday time to an actual full write up on your genius idea. Digital PR is super neat for SEO too. You can use PR to earn backlinks (good SEO juice) by pitching stories to publications in the hopes of a link back to your website.

Whatever reason you fancy digital PR, we’ll work with you to create a PR campaign alongside your content marketing campaign. We’ll get your business more attention.

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Email marketing

Email marketing will fit into your content marketing campaign seamlessly. Email marketing is one of those marketing avenues that still has a lot of scepticism around it. The sceptics are wrong, jump on the wagon now. It’s not an eCommerce only gig. It’s a marketing avenue that can sell almost anything, as long as your customers have an email address. We know how to craft the perfect email to get your products or services sold.

Our email marketers can help out with collecting those email addresses too. Whether it’s just a form on your website or a full-on lead generator we need to create for you.

Landing Pages

Landing pages support your content marketing campaign. You can use your blog, email marketing, or socials to send your customers off to your landing page. We can handle all the design, copywriting, web development, and SEO for your landing page too. You just need to tell us what it is you’re after. Landing pages can support a line of products, a competition, or a specific service.

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Podcasts & Videos

Content marketing is about all about offering free value. So, podcasts and videos are amazing additions to your content marketing campaign. They’re both these brilliant ways to offer something jam-packed with value to your target audience. Teach them some of your knowledge, show them a new skill with a video, or bring them up to speed on a complex issue in your industry on a podcast. Use poddies and videos to seriously support your current content marketing campaign and use your content marketing campaign to support your poddies and videos.

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