Why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Laura English

Laura English

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If you’re here, I’d hazard a guess that you’ve received a proposal from an agency, you’ve seen the cost and wondered, ‘is hiring a digital marketing agency worth it’ or ‘why should I hire them’. To put it simply, if you’ve thought about employing an agency’s help, or looked into it at all… chances are you need one. Digital marketing agencies have the expertise, the resources, and the measured, proven results — but we’ll get to that.

What does a digital marketing agency do?

Digital marketing agencies amalgamate a collection of services. Ranging from web design and development to content development and social media management. A digital marketing agency should typically offer a cohesive range of services that would help any business effectively promote themselves online. With a focus on increasing lead generation and ROI.

A digital marketing agency will typically take over each of a business’ marketing avenues and create new ones. They’ll perform and speak on behalf of the company and stay alert to opportunities in the client’s industry and around in the media. They also measure their success professionally and accurately and report back to the client, typically on a monthly basis.

Add some direction and strategy to your campaign

Unless you’re a large company with the budget to employ your own marketing team, you probably need an agency’s help to stay on top. A digital marketing agency will have a team of experts. Meaning there’s a Search Engine Marketer (SEM), a Social Media Manager (SMM), an SEO (Search Engine Optimist). Not to mention web designers, developers, and branding specialists.

Each member of the team will be an expert in their own field, so there should be fewer gaps in your marketing plan and opportunities should never go overlooked. The nature of a digital marketing team means they’ll pack in as much strategy as is needed so your company’s marketing strategy will come together in a collaborative and structured way.

This means your website’s content will be planned in a calendar, your brand’s strategy will be clear, and your website will be optimised for SEO and User Experience.

They’re experts… with tools

Like I said, they’re experts. They’ve either been to university or they’ve gained so much experience working in marketing that they know exactly what they’re doing. You won’t be their only client and you may not be their first client in your industry either. If you’re an engineering firm for example… a digital marketing agency will likely still know more about how to market your company than you, and they’ve probably done it successfully a few times before.

On top of that, they have the tools. Software is necessary to streamline marketing campaigns and agencies have software for just about everything. They have programs to coordinate, produce, and schedule content. They have programs to identify leads and Return on Investment (ROI). Plus keyword research, competitor analysis, and automation tools.

When you add up the cost of all the software or tools necessary to run an effective campaign it gets expensive and quickly.

Receive measured results

So because digital marketing agencies have all of these tools and specialist software, they can also measure their success. The most useful (and exciting) part of hiring an agency is seeing the results. Your agency will be able to show you which avenues are working the best and how they’re working. You’ll see where traffic to your website has increased and which channel that increase is from – or even a breakdown. For example, 40% of clicks were from SERP, 30% from Instagram, 30% from Facebook. You’ll see where you gained social media followers or extra engagements, and they’ll be able to tell why.

Pay less for better outcomes

A good way to view hiring a digital marketing agency is to consider how much you might spend for one ‘all-rounder, digital marketer’ in a year then consider how much hiring an agency might cost. Next, factor in how much the necessary tools and software may cost in monthly invoices. Now compare the price, how many hands would be on your campaign, and what the potential outcomes are.

Is there a clear winner? There should be.

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