Web Development in 2018: What were the trends?

Laura English

Laura English

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Web development is one of the most frequently updating and changing industries. The trends come and go. Some are heavily heavily based on design, others depend on technology and complex coding. No matter the reason, they change a lot. With 2018 winding up we thought we’d talk about the trends we saw this year.


This year could be dubbed the year of the influx of chatbots. These were probably a better idea before users and consumers made the connection that these are literally programmed to respond appropriately. According to Aspect’s research, there’s definitely a market that doesn’t mind chatting to a bot. They found 70 per cent of respondents said they’d prefer to use a chatbot to interact with companies if the interaction was simple.

Chatbots aren’t a bad idea. They can streamline your business’ operations and they can take the monotonous tasks away from humans, cool. But they’re an automated FAQ honestly. There’s no human aspect to the interaction and it can quickly become clear to the consumer they’re speaking with a chatbot. If it isn’t clear, your business will appear cold or indifferent which typically results in the loss of a customer. We’re excited to see where these go in the years to come but personally they’re one of our least favourite trends in web development this year.

One page websites

The popularity of one page websites has exploded. Some of them are really well done and as an office of design nerds, we can appreciate when they’re done perfectly. As a content nerd too though… ouch your SEO strategy. If a web developer suggests a one pager for your business, it’ll probably work. These can be made long form and the design can be pretty neat. It can also become super simplistic for the user which is great. One pagers need a really good sense of visual hierarchy and the designer needs to be realistic and responsible.

Keyword planning gets tricky here, there’s complexity in attempting to rank for multiple keywords on one page. Try to structure your content really logically and section off your keywords, for everything else, there’s Moz.

Prominent Photo Content

We’re fiends for websites centred around photographs and visuals. High-resolution, professional photos featuring your business, employees, or products — amazing. Photos are really useful on websites to break up copy and content, making it more digestible and less overwhelming for the user. The best kind of photographs or visuals are the kind that showcase the individuality of your brand or convey useful insights for your users.

Poor quality, low-resolution images will deter potential leads from your website as will poorly crafted infographics or graphs (Excel graphs look super tacky).

Responsive Design

Responsive design was cemented as industry standard this year. This probably doesn’t come under ‘trend’ but it was a positive step for the web development industry in 2018. This means it became standard to design and develop websites so they would render across almost any device. The idea is for users to have an optimal viewing experience. This means being able to read through and navigate without resizing or scrolling from side to side.

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