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Laura English

Laura English

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Small business owners are connected by one thing: they’re busy. As a small business or SME owner, making sure everything’s running right can take up a huge chunk of your time. It can be hard to keep on top of what’s current in your own industry… let alone what you should be doing marketing-wise. We’ve gone through the stats and trends and compiled them into a three minute read so you can stay on top of it.

How Socials Are Being Used

Only half of teenagers using social media are on Facebook now and there are increasingly fewer adults using the social giant. Instagram is overtaking Facebook and new social channels are on the rise.

Facebook is coming under some scrutiny too. With 51 per cent of adult users saying they’re not totally comfortable with the platform maintaining data on their personal preferences and traits. In saying that, the users that are still on Facebook are loving the Facebook Messenger feature from businesses.

With Instagram taking the lead in the social media race, users are appreciating advertising content in the form of stories and story highlights. Instagram stories are less ‘in your face’, but can be hugely personalised and really effective CTAs can be popped in. You can prompt your followers to enquire or book, take a quiz, or read your latest blog post within the frame.

User Generated Content is still going well too. Companies are getting better and better at creating new ways to pull off UGC and making it appear more natural, you can read about UGC here.

You’re Not Just Optimising For Traditional Search

Google has been favouring video content for a while now and the trend isn’t going anywhere. Videos are increasingly ranking better and better. Now, Google is going to start indexing podcasts on Google, so audio will show up on the Google results page. This means when a user googles a question, audio snippets taken from podcasts will be included. It also means that podcasts are no longer relying on social media or word of mouth to get out there — which is exciting. Ultimately though, if you’ve been on the podcast train for a while but haven’t been transcribing them: now is the time.

Voice search is still steadily on the increase too. Statisticians reckon by 2020, 50 per cent of all queries will come from voice search and currently stats are telling us that 20 per cent of all mobile queries are voice search.

Along with voice search, content marketing is still on the up. A significant 89 per cent of all B2B businesses are doing content marketing. That same study found that content marketing generates three times as many leads as outbound marketing but costs 62 per cent less.

You Don’t Need A Helping Hand, But You Should Want One

We’ve said it before but online reviews are essential. 67 per cent of consumers say they read up to six online reviews before making a purchase. Meaning integrated Google ratings and reviews on your website are becoming one of the most prominent marketing tools.

Collaborations between businesses have always glowed, but collabs between small businesses are becoming more popular. Giveaways or competitions, social challenges, special packaging, events, and even content can become extra special when small businesses get together. Collaborating is all about creating a mutually beneficial partnership.

What Our Designers Are Loving On SMB Websites

Our designers are super into colour gradients at the moment. Gradients are an effective UX tool that prompt users to continue scrolling on web pages. We’re also loving illustrations in web design. For websites where photos might not cut it for the visual component, like complex industries such as tech, illustrations are a huge asset. Live chat is still growing in popularity too. According to Smart Insights, the demands for live chat on websites has grown 8.3 per cent.

Read about small business and word of mouth here.

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