Logo Inspiration: Digital Marketing Logos We Love

Digital marketing logos have a lot riding on them. Digital marketers constantly talk about marketing materials and just how important they are. Marketers always talk about maintaining quality and consistent marketing materials to maintain a totally cohesive brand in every aspect. 
tourists taking photo of mona lisa except it's been replaced by the Sonder logo

Sick of reading about and not doing anything?

Digital marketing logos have a lot riding on them. Digital marketers are constantly talking about marketing materials and just how important they are. 


They talk about maintaining quality and consistent marketing materials and how important that is for maintaining a brand that’s consistent in every aspect.


That totally cohesive brand starts with your logo. And having a quality logo that says all the right things about your brand? That’s a really big deal for digital marketing agencies


These agencies don’t quite face the same pressure as branding and graphic design agencies will, but the pressure is still there and so is a huge need for authority. 


Consumers are becoming more and more distrusting — especially in the digital marketing space. So, we need to look professional while still standing out. 


Digital marketing logos need to enhance your brand, represent it in its best sense, and say, “we got this.”


Digital Marketing Logo Design: Why It Matters


Digital marketing logos build authority, trust, and even relationships. Your logo is what your agency is recognised by and what you’re associated with. It’s what you’re judged by too. 


Your brand is essentially your business’ personality. It’s what you’re putting out there and what you’re trying to sell. 


So, you need a logo that’s designed really, really well — duh.


It needs to be professional. It needs to be cleverly designed, easily recognisable, and able to be translated across a range of platforms. 


Your digital marketing logo should sit snugly on your website, your print media assets, and across your social media channels. 


And obviously, your logo will need to tie in well with your brand as a whole, to set your business up for ultimate brand recognition and growth. 


As well as your professional image, your logo tells subtle stories about your business. It implies what kind of agency you are. 


A digital marketing logo that looks like it’s written in crayon by a child with a rainbow would be crazy confusing. Is it a digital agency or is it a childcare centre?

sonder digital marketing written in rainbow crayon

A more corporate, paid advertising agency might opt for a more corporate-style logo. A digital agency leaning in on the creative side of things might have a more abstract, creative logo. 


Digital Marketing Logo Inspiration: Our Tips



That doesn’t mean the concept needs to be dull and simple. What it means is that the shapes and typography used needs to be easy to look at and easy to recognise — whether that’s on a website, a billboard, or a business card. 


Get the colours right

Your digital marketing logo should have your brand colours working together cohesively but it should work in black and white as well — ready to go on a black or white background. 

It’s all in the positioning

The most amazing logo design can be brought down by bad positioning. It should have breathing space, it should offer a nice contrast in its design. Aaand it should offer structure and be well-aligned. 


Borrow from your competitors, but don’t copy


The aesthetic and ~vibe~ of your logo says a lot about your business. So, it’s important to have a look at what your competitors are putting out there.


If you look around at the industry you might see a lot of the agencies marketing themselves as more “creative” are offering rounded brand assets and round shapes in their logos. While the more corporate brands are serving up the opposite.


You might find the same with creative agencies opting for lighter, pastel colours versus bright, strong colours.


You can find your niche and find inspiration in their concepts, colour schemes, and ~vibes~.


There are a few different kinds of logos: 

  • The wordmark logo — where the logo is simply the company’s name (eBay)
  • The pictorial logo — where the logo is a symbol or image (Apple)
  • The lettermark logo — where the logo is the company’s acronym (IBM)
  • The emblem logo — where the logo is a combination, the name is inside a symbol or image (Mastercard)
  • The combo logo — where both the name and pictorial logo form one logo (Xbox)
  • The abstract logo — where the logo is pictorial, but it’s not a recognisable shape (Nike, Spotify)
  • The mascot logo — where a mascot is the logo (Pringles, Penguin Publishing)


Which logo type should you opt for? 

The one that suits your company’s brand, personality, and niche. Obviously there’s more and less suitable kinds. The lettermark logo is really useful for companies with longer names that need to be condensed. It could work for a company with a name like “founder” to be condensed to FNDR too. 


The mascot logo has seen a bunch of success with brands like KFC, Pringles, and Cheetos. 


To be translated into a digital marketing logo, it would need to be sleek, professional, and cleverly designed though. 


These mascot logos work so well because they’re representing foods that are typically geared towards children — but that doesn’t mean it can’t be adopted into a digital marketing setting. 


Our Favourite Digital Marketing Logos

So, what are some examples of digital marketing logos? We’ve rounded up some of our favourites below. 



black and white logo with sonic symbols


Brandthem is a music branding agency helping brands stand out through music.


Its founder, Dene Menzel says the logo, “was designed to reflect not only what we do, but our own sonic soundbite which is a ‘beep beep’ sound and when we animate our logo on our media the sound goes hand in hand with the visual which amplifies our brand recognition.”




white and orange logo that says agency 51

Agency51 is a York-based digital marketing agency. Their logo is modern, simplistic, and encapsulates “less is more”.

Designer Andy Jones explains he opted for a modern, bolder typeface and, “was able to eliminate the need for spaces and additional font weights with an intelligent blend of filled and keyline type to separate ‘Agency’ and ’51’.”


Vovi Studio

black and white logo that shows the spaced out letters v o v i within a circle


Vovi Studio is a London-based agency living by that “helps brands that do good look good.”


The logo’s circle element shows the brand’s differentiation — that they work with brands doing good things.


Alex Rook says “We love the loop symbolism for another reason — we never want to put a campaign out that isn’t measurable, traceable and scaleable so that there is always a closed loop and we see what comes back from what we put out there.”


Let’s go!