How You Can Make Use of Google My Business for Local Search

When I was doing keyword research for this blog, some of the most googled questions about Google My Business were: What is google my business? How do i get my business on Google Maps? And how to get my business on Google? 
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When I was doing keyword research for this blog, some of the most googled questions about Google My Business were: What is google my business? How do i get my business on Google Maps? And how to get my business on Google? 

So, it’s clear that business owners know that Google and Google My Business, and even Google Maps are all the places you want to be, where you want to show up. But did you know Google My Business is crazy effective for your local search results?

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool from Google. It helps you manage how your business appears on Google and Google Maps. It’s the best starting point for local SEO (ranking on Google locally). It has a lot of simple features like display of your opening hours and your website, you can add in and answer FAQs, and can upload your menu. There’s all these extra things you can do too, like uploading your products or your services with some copy. You can upload photos and videos to show off your business or your team too. You can also respond to customer reviews directly.


What is local SEO?

Local SEO is optimising for local search. So, optimising to rank locally, in your city or your suburb. If you’re a brick and mortar store or you work out of an office, this optimisation can be so that your customers can actually find you, or so people can find you if they’re looking for your product. But, it can also be optimising to find clients within your city, or if you’re eCommerce but your local traffic offers more “qualified” clicks, then local SEO is for you too. 

It’s easier to rank locally if you actually have an address where you’re trying to rank. This is because you can use your GMB listing, a Google Maps integration on your website, or your address listing on your website. These all let Google know exactly where you’re based so the search engine can index your website properly. The more of these you have will give you extra SEO points. So, Google My Business is good for local SEO, so is a Google Maps integration, and so is listing your address on your website. But each of these works best, when they’re all implemented together.  

So, local SEO gets a bit more tricky if you’re based in Sydney, but you really need that Brisbane traffic. At that point it becomes pretty reliant on quality content and quite a bit of it. 

Okay cool, so how will Google My Business help my local SEO?

Basically, listing your business on GMB and optimising it means you’ll increase your chances of showing up in local search queries. GMB helps you show up in Local Packs, Local Finder, and Google Maps. Plus, it helps with your organic ranking. 

So, here’s what you need to do:

Claim your GMB Listing

If you haven’t already, claim your Google My Business listing. Here, you’ll need to provide all the basic details about your business. Your business category, address, name, opening hours, your website, and all your contact details. 

Give as much information as possible

Provide as much information as you can. Upload your menu, your website, answer any questions that might’ve been asked on the platform. Head in and add some of the questions you know are frequently asked, and then answer them. 


Show what you’re offering

You can do a bunch of extra things in Google My Business too. Add in photos or videos of your business, your team, your products, food, or work. You can upload products and services too. Add in some benefits based copy for your target audience before they’ve even landed on your website. 


Make use of Offers and Posts

Give your blog posts more traffic and more traction. Post them on Google My Business. Post your client work and your company news too. Posting regularly on GMB seems to be really good for better results. You can post offers too. These could be discount codes, free shipping offers, or other creative voucher ideas. 

Google My Business gives you plenty of different ways to optimise the CTAs on your posts and offers too. 

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Manage Customer Relationships

By directly responding to customer reviews, you can better manage your customer relationships. It can be a really positive look as a business owner to respond to positive reviews by saying thank you or thanking them for choosing you. It’s an even better look if you can reply to your negative reviews and offer to make it right.





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