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Halloween Marketing For Social Media and E-Commerce

08th Oct

Halloween Marketing For Social Media and E-Commerce

Halloween’s popularity is on the rise in Australia and it’ll only go up from here. No matter how you feel about Halloween it can be a huge asset to your business no matter its size and you can make it super fun and super creative. Pumpkin season is upon us and it’s time to get creative and market-savvy across your social media, website, store — wherever!

Halloween has been huge internationally for pretty much ever now. It’s less intense in Australia and there are parts of our population that tend to reject the holiday from fear of the Americanisation of Australia. Regardless though, Australia does borrow and adopt a lot of trends from the US and we don’t think it’s necessarily always a bad thing — especially when it comes to Halloween Marketing. 

Social Media

Social media is the holy grail of Halloween marketing. It can be an opportunity to improve brand awareness simply by getting into the spirit — decorate your socials with Halloween themed banners and profile pictures or show some humour with some spooooky posts. Creating some quality shareable content can boost your social interactions and put your brand’s name in people’s minds.

Halloween can be an opportunity for you to humanise your team. According to Trinity Mirror Solutions (based in the UK but the point still stands) 42% of consumers distrust brands and this is largely because they associate them with ‘the establishment’. An effective way of combating this attitude is by showing that there really are humans behind your brand. Create some videos of your team members making halloween costumes or carving pumpkins — even a couple of members of the team collaborating on a How-To video can humanise the brand.

To boost brand awareness and social engagement, run a Halloween contest. Facebook and Instagram are usually the go-tos for social competitions but be sure to check out the rules for social competitions before you start! Understand your target audience; create a competition that caters to their interests and provide something they’d want to win — there’s no real point if you’re attracting the wrong kind of people to discover your brand. Things like spooky stories, biggest screams, or pumpkin carving competitions are sweet ideas.

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Halloween marks the start of the ‘buying’ season. It’s the last holiday before Christmas and it’s a cool opportunity for your online sales — especially considering the Halloween market isn’t so big in Australia. Depending on what it is you sell, this can be an opportunity to create some themed products; there’s novelty items like your product shaped like a pumpkin, printing a black cat or a ghost on your products, or creating something new – but still relevant – for the holiday.

Create some positive word-of-mouth by including stickers, free gifts, or goodie bags with online purchases. Have the stickers or bags made up with a Halloween theme but include your brand’s logo to increase awareness.  

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Written By
Laura English

Laura English is Sonder's copy and content writer.