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Four Things Copywriting Shouldn’t Have… Please

04th Oct

Four Things Copywriting Shouldn’t Have… Please

Copywriting is like most things in the digital marketing world, you can do it on your own. A good rule for life but also marketing is: just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Copy can play a bigger role than you think. You might think no one cares about your ‘About Us’ page but when a potential customer is looking to make an investment, your ‘About Us’ page could mean the difference between a click and a conversion.

There’s a whole bunch of Dos and Don’ts in copywriting as well as content marketing, these are the four that grind our gears the worst.

Fancy pants language

I love a big, juicy word placed in the most perfect of contexts that it fits so snugly like the patty nestled in your favourite burger. I love a big, fancy word just on its own. A word so fancy you say it aloud and feel accomplished in the delivery of said word.

These words are more of a rarity in day to day life; you won’t see them on bus ads, you won’t read them in the newspaper, and honestly, you shouldn’t be reading them in web copy. They’re pretty, they can be eloquent but they rarely add much to your copy or content and very rarely do they actually fit well or make sense.

Buzzwords galore

Yeah, buzzwords are the worst. Especially when it comes to your website’s copy, don’t use buzzwords. When people are seeking your services it’s generally because they don’t work in your industry and they need your expertise. When it comes to things like buzzwords as well as jargon — they just don’t really mean anything or add any real value to your copy. The thing with jargon is that if someone is seeking your expertise… they probably have no idea what you’re talking about anyway… help them out!

Sad content design

Real, quality content is crucial to any performing website. Equally important is the content design. Content design can refer to lots of different quirky ways of displaying content, like interactive graphics or little quizzes that react to your answers. But what I’m talking about is how your content or copy is displayed on the page. Large blocks of text on a white web page can honestly look so sad.

Even without looking like a deserted town where the copy was the only one brave enough to stay, not even the nerdiest of us feel inclined to stick around and read that much copy on a product or brand we’ve only just heard of. Use smaller paragraphs with high quality photos, use columns that relate to clearly defined subtopics, or even use bullet points — just please no huge walls of text.

Credit: Giphy

Using the words wrong

Okay, so not even using them wrong, just incessantly overusing words, or using the words that are already overused. Copy where every sentence starts with the same word can become irritating or clunky pretty quickly… imagine a sea of words with scattered ‘We’s around, it’s not even subtle. Overused words can also become crazy frustrating, is ‘great’ the only word to describe to your product? While we’re on overused words… don’t fill your copy up with adjectives either. It can make the reader stumble and besides, it isn’t Year 10 English and you’re not trying to reach the word limit.

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Written By
Laura English

Laura English is Sonder's copy and content writer.