Better blog writing for Brisbane

Blog Writing Brisbane

Better blog writing for Brisbane

Blog writing. It’s not just spilling a yarn or throwing all of your knowledge out there. It’s creating engaging and valuable content that serves a purpose to you and your customers.

Blog Writing Brisbane

After blog writing Brisbane? You’ve come to the right place. Industry news, How To pieces, analysis pieces — we got you. Heck, we can write up case studies, educational articles, we’ll even write thought leadership posts for your LinkedIn so you look like a baller.

What are blogs?
How do blogs work?

A blog is like an online publication. Maybe more so like a mini, specialised online publication particular to the brand’s website it’s hosted on. Your blog is where you can post about your company updates, industry news, big announcements, that kind of thing. But! It can be utilised for way more. You can develop unique and interesting blog content that your existing or potential customers will actually want to read… Look, no offence, but no one cares that you hired a new CFO. Give them How-Tos, tutorials, answer their questions. Blogs work for companies because they encourage trust and authority from their target audience, they boost your SEO efforts, and they kind of just generally make you seem more legitimate.

What are the benefits
of blog writing?

Blogs can encourage conversations with clients and boost your engagement with them. They can boost social engagement too. In turn, it’ll up your brand awareness along with the trust and authority others place in you. Plus it’s a chance to educate your clients on your products or services and give them knowledge that’ll help them choose you. Good blog writing will help you establish a voice in your industry and give you that coveted edge on your competitors. But above all? SEO baby.

Your blog will work as part of your content strategy, so it’ll do all the good things we mentioned above about your authority and status and whatever. But it’ll also up your keyword count and you’ll naturally develop better internal and external linking profiles. So blogs just generally improve the SEO on your website. Plus, using social media to direct traffic to your blog, then directs traffic to your website. Traffic directed to your website equals even more SEO points.

Blog writing for SEO

Like we said, blogs? Sooo good for SEO. You’re chucking more keywords into your website, you’re upping your internal and external linking profiles, and the authority of your website is set to soar. There’s a reason everyone in marketing likes to tell you about how content is king.

Keyword Research

We’ll make up a full keyword list. This will let us know what your customers are looking for and what they’re searching to find it. But it’ll also let us know what their questions are… What they want to know about your product or your industry. From there, it helps us work out what content we should be making to help you and your customers. The keyword list will help to inform the content we’re creating and then we’ll optimise the content around those words.

Competitive Analysis

Before we get on with the blog writing, we’ll do some research. Not just on the blog topic either. Competitive analysis is where we go and find the top websites or pages ranking for the blog topic or keywords we’re trying to rank for. We’ll look at elements like the word count, the media used, the keyword density, that kind of thing. It’s how we work out what we need to do to outrank the existing content. Obviously though, that’s not all that counts. There are all these other variables like the content’s backlink count and the quality of the domains referring to your website.

Blog Writing for Content Marketing

Content marketing is huge right now and it’s probably not going to stop growing any time soon. It encompasses so many different kinds of content outside of blogs. Think newsletters, EDMs, podcasts, video marketing, landing pages — if it’s content it can probably be marketed. We’re really good at developing content strategies and defining blog topics from there, based on your goals. Or, you can come to us with your own content plan and let us know which gaps we need to fill. OR you can even just throw your blog topics at us, we’re pretty agreeable.

Blogs & Newsletters

Blogs team up with newsletters really nicely and together, they can make a really nice content strategy. Stuff your monthly or quarterly newsletter full of that period’s blogs. It’ll direct more traffic to your blog (SEO points) and provide your customers with better value — win-win. We’ll work with you to generate an email list full of qualified leads people who are on their way to buying. Once the email list is ready to go, we’ll write up and develop your newsletter. We can make more content for it if you need it as well; guides, downloads, whatever.

technical director and project manager collaborating with videographer using camera support tool

Blogs & Video Marketing

So versatile… Blogs also team up nicely with video. Videos are really good and not just because millennials are obsessed with them. Videos help you make people stay on your page and spend more time there… which helps out with your SEO. If you don’t have video in your blog post, you’re relying on people to spend five minutes actually reading your words. The problem with that is that people are lazy. So, they’ll skim and only read the bits that really stand out to them.

Videos are also really good for helping explain visual components that even the best blog writing just can’t. Videos cater to those who want to learn about the content in your blog but aren’t that big on reading. If all of that wasn’t enough, search engines actually rank blogs with video content higher than those without. To Google, a blog with a video embedded in it is probably a richer piece of content than one without. And Google’s right. Including a video in your blog can only make it stronger.

Why Sonder for Blog Writing?

Our blog writing services are packed full of strategy, always based on data and evidence, and use a bunch of creativity to separate you from the rest of your industry. The blog writers at Sonder help brands rank higher on Google and connect better with their audience.