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What is Ad Copy?

Copy is the text or the words you see on websites, flyers, marketing emails, all those good things. Copy and words aren’t the same though. Copy is words that are designed and written specifically to market, advertise, or educate as part of a sale. There are different kinds of copy too. You’ve got website copy, radio copy, social media copy. We’re talking about ad copy specifically though.

Ad copy is the copy you see on ads. So, when you’re on a bus and there’s that big ad for cough medicine, when you pass a billboard, when you see the top results on your google search page, when you see an ad on the side of your Facebook homepage…. The words on those are ad copy. Advertising copy is what makes your ad sell.

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Why is copywriting in advertising so important?

Ad copy is what makes your ad sell. The copy tells them what to do next, shows empathy, and resonates with them. No one has ever made money from an ad because the colour selection was just superb. Nope, the small, baby animal on the ad isn’t the reason either. It’s the copy.

That’s a little vain of us to say. The truth is, it’s all these elements together. A good ad comes from a combination of amazing design, compelling copy, and an understanding of what consumers need.

But the ad copy? It can let the person seeing the ad know that you understand their struggle, it can show them that you get it, and better yet, it can communicate not just that you have a solution… But your solution is the cream of the crop.

Google Ads Copy

Google Ads is one of the most elite marketing avenues, but if your Google Ads link doesn’t get the click… what’s the point of it? Not a whole lot. Our advertising copywriters know how to create ad copy for Google Ads that gets you the clicks you want. Through clever copywriting for your title tags and your meta descriptions, we’ll increase your click through rate, increase your sales, and decrease your need for outbound marketing.

General Advertising Copy

Our ad copywriters know how to advertise. Need ad copy for something we haven’t mentioned? We can help! From billboards to website banner ads to radio ads — our copywriters will work with you to create ad copy that has your dream customer yelling about you (in a really good way).

Instagram & Facebook Ad Copy

It’s no longer even close to relevant to tell you how lucrative social media is. We all know. Instagram and Facebook ads are earning businesses some serious dosh without thaaaat much initial spend. We’re all into it. But, as a marketing avenue becomes more and more lucrative and therefore more and more popular, the competition rises. Our advertising copywriters will help you rise above the rest with our Instagram and Facebook ad copy.

We’ll help you target and relate to your target audience via their favourite place, social media. Our ad copy will grab their attention, get them excited about you, and make you more sales.

Print Ad Copy

Sonder may be run by a bunch of millennials, but even we agree that print isn’t dead. A bold piece of copy on your brochure, flyer, or postcard campaign can be the difference between a campaign falling flat and you earning the business you deserve.

Our copywriters know how to make your print media work for you. We’ll create words that fit onto your print media seamlessly while selling the heck out of you to your target audience. It’s never too salesy though and it always resonates.